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3 3573 00050 0485 

Raynham Pub* JJ 
Raynham. MA I 






Bridgewater - Raynham 
Regional High School 

166 Mount Prospect Street 
Bridgewater, MA 02324 
(508) 697-6902 
www. bridge-rayn. org 
Volume 40 




As our high school years come to an end, we glance 

back at our childhood memories. The 

countless days of Mall Madness and 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will never 

be forgotten. We roller skated, 

overcame stage fright, and celebrated 

Halloween with fanciful costumes. New 

Kids on the Block and Vanilla Ice were 

our favorite groups. Oh, and who could 

forget our Friday nights with Urkel? Remember our 

first day without recess? We thought we would 

never survive. Eighth grade graduation came, and 

we were on our way to B-R. On our first day of 

freshman year, we discovered new friendships and 

looked forward to our future high school years. 

From pep rallies and football games, to semis and 

our Junior prom, we will never forget these special 

memories. Now we will look towards the future and 

a new beginning. Reflecting back on all of our high 

school memories, we realize that the past four years 

have been the times of our lives... 

1. Sarah Carr, Kelly Hayes, Danielle Jones, Brad 
Cole, Anne McLaughlin, Pat Sullivan, Greg Dillon, 
Sean McGovern, and Greg Yelle goof off during 
study hall. 

2. Matt Badiali enjoys his chicken wings a little too 

3. With butterflies in their stomachs, Pam Carbone, 
Courtney Keane, and Lindsey Sullivan anxiously 
await the beginning of their dance recital. 

4. During their rollerskating 
journey, Julie Lewis, Amanda 
Smith, and Krista Smith stop 
and take a break. 

5. After a hard day of playing 
in the snow, Katie Ellis and 
Laura Churchill anticipate 
their hot chocolate. 

6. Alyson Irvnocenzi and Laura King make 
plans for the day. 

7. L. Lortie, P. Rabouin, C. Hall, C. Triolo, 
H. Graham, K. McGovern, E. Lipus, A. 
Bossi, J. Pittman, K. D'Ambh , L. Yule, M. 
Sargeant, J. Isenor, M. Gill, S. Porto, J. 
Ferreira,M. Badiali,P. DeOHm,W. Eburn, 
D. McGuire, and A. Puelo have their 
kindergarten picture taken. 

8. Showing off their Halloween spirit, 
BrendanCasey, Dave Stelmach, Matt Day, 
Greg Hiltz, and Brad Cole wait for the 
party to begin. 

9. Nick Smith, Kassandra Grant, Shannon 
Smith, and Liz Hardy prepare to give 
their Thanksgiving dav presentation. 

10. Julie Caputo and Nicole Martorana 

loved their second grade Halloween part] 

11. Kerri McGovern and I i^-a Porier hit the stage during the 50's and 60's show at 
LaLiberte Jr. High School. 

12. After their 6th grade graduation, Brett Barry, |eff Bowen, fon O'Donrtell, Andy 
Hamilton, and Dc\\v Noone show their pride. 



Friendships are the foundation of our lives. 

Most friends come and go, the few that we 

hold onto are the ones that have been with 

us even' step of the way. Through good 

times and bad, through laughter and tears, 

through love and hate we can always turn 

to them. We will always have friends that 

will pick us up when we fall and guide us 

through life. We'll always remember the 

times we spent with our friends, and the 

experiences we shared. These are the 

people who will always hold a special place in 

our hearts. When we look back on all of our 

high school memories, we realize our friends 

made it the times of our lives.... 

1 . Kaitlin Campbell, Kerri McGovern, Liz Hardy, 
and Laura Churchill smile before leaving the pep 

2. Jennifer Flannery and Rebekah Hunt show 
how close they really are. 

3. Diana Kostas, Nicole Wilde, and Sophia Barros 
pose for a quick picture before class. 

4. Ellen Sanderson, Anne McLaughlin, and Pam 
Rabouin kick back on Cape Cod. 

5. Sarah Carr and Merry Carney soak up some 
ravs in Florida. 

6. Heather Connolly and John Kenney share a 
hug between classes. 

7. Girls just wanna have fun: J. Asack, M. 
Connertv, M. Daily, A. Erbeck, K. Daniels, M. 
Callahan, M. Lawton, N. Pincolini, M. Jones, A. 
Wright, K. Silvia, and S. James. 

8. Enjoying a night out are S. Mulholland, J. 

Measor, G. Maloney, C. 
Smith, and Kelly Thomas. 

9. Kristen Cassidv, Pam 

IjCarbone, Alison Paul, Allison Ciullo, and Chrissy Hall hold onto 
t the friends they treasure. 

'lO. Entering the Great American Pub are Jeff Bowen, Melissa 
Boudreau, Brian Lyman, Rob Mastria, Nicole Martorana and Lisa 


1 1 . Cheering the Trojans at the Superbowl 

are Pam Rabouin, Merry Carney, and Ryan Schleicher. 

12. Jimmy Buffet fans Holly Cruise, Colleen Dever, and Renee Benoit enjoy themselves 
at the concert. 

13. Hadley Hanson, Laura King, Jess Rawlins, and Katie Barber get ready for a girls' 
night out. 




Sports activities taught us commitment, 

teamwork, and sportsmanship. These 

qualities have brought us closer 

together and have created memories 

that will last a lifetime. As student 

athletes at B-R, sports have played an 

important part in our lives. Whether 

watching football game, a tennis 

match, or a track meet, these sporting 

events were times of laughter, 

friendship and excitement. Despite the final 

score, these events enhanced our character. 

Whether one was rooting the Trojans on from 

the stands, or on the field, we were are all part 

of the team. As we look back at the memories, 

we realize that these truly were the best times 

of our lives.. 

1. The Girls' Tennis Team crowds around for a 
picture while waiting for the bus. 

2. In the dugout, Peter Moynihan, Paul Oliari, and 
Dennis Rodrigues share a laugh in between innings. 

3. 800 meter star runners swarm the runway. 

4. Ryan Schleicher fights for position in the O.C.L. 
title game. 

5. Brendan Casey chips onto the green. 

6. Mike McGoogan follows through on his blast to 
center field. 

7. After a hard fought game, the B-R softball team 
gathers to record the event. 

8. Tim Killea intensely listens in as Coach Buron 
fires up the Trojans for another game. 



Mr 1 «W 







MM^ttlJ " 

Wk ~ '^M 


w* V 


**■!■*- ^ 

■^■r^ ^ 

9. The Girls' 

Field Hockey 

Team defends 

their goal. 

10. Members of the Girls' Field 

Hockey Team 

cheer on the 

rest of their squad. 

11. Mike Anderson leads the 

Trojans with a long distance javelon toss. 

12. After picking up the signs from the catcher, Craig Audette winds up foranothei 

13. After a bad call, Peter DeOlim, Jon Neil, and Brett Wright stare down the referee 



I ■ I ■— — I 

- I 

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*V *J" 

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4 ^^H' ^^^H^^^^^^^^^^H 










^L — *■ 


* ^^_— ** ^— 




Throughout our years at B-R, the majority of 

our time is spent in the classrooms. 

Whether it's our favorite class or least 

favorite, our teachers always try their 

best to help us learn As seniors at B-R 

we struggle through the first two terms 

to make our grades perfect for college. 

Unfortunately Senioritis starts to 

quickly kick in. Nevertheless, the 

teachers at Bridgewater- Raynham 

provide us with an education that at this time 

in our lives will become the basis of who we are 

in the future. 

1 . Enjoying the fall sunshine, Anne McLaughlin 
and Renee Benoit work on their outdoor sketches. 

2. Chris Dempsev catches some zzz's! 

3. Ms. Murphy lends a helping hand to Joesph 

4. Mr. Ferulio watches closely over Stephen 

5. Mr. Moscardelli explains the problem to Josh 
Linhorst, while Rachel Dacey does her work 

6. Caitlin O' Connor carefullv highlights her 

7 Anthony Puleo, Amanda Snow, Brianna 
Thielker, and Keri Shunstrom enjoy their 
chocotolate mousse pie in culinary arts. 
8. Sean Mulligan, Brigit Dailey, and Kristen 
Follett work hard while Matt Munise smirks. 

9. Lindsey Sullivan, 
Nicole Martorana, and 
Brian Lyman enter their 
physics data into the 

1 ' 

s#,» ^^8 

w <^v 


H sS 


/► 1 

1 Wt\-- ~*~ a 


H i^fc~ ii 



I O.Bob Liao gets serious about keyboarding. 

11. Looking at the Unitas 2000, exchange student Chris Klump gets some ideas 
for captions. 

12. Jackie Sly reads A Clockwork Orange with great concentration. 

13. Dan Cahill concentrates on his chemistry lab. 



Special moments are like shooting stars; they 

happen when you least expect them. 

Some are exciting, others unforgettable, 

and at that moment everything falls 

into place. We cherish these moments 

with the perfect people in special 

places. Throughout the years, there 

have been many special memories that 

we have shared with friends. We will 

always remember our proms, the 

semi's, pep rallys, and sporting events. Special 

moments can be anything: going out for 

dinner, movies, or even just hanging out. The 

reason they make an impact on our lives is the 

special people we spend them with. We will 

never forget these moments or these people 

who have made a huge impact on our lives. 

When we are older we will always remember 

the times of our lives at Bridgewater- 


1. Varsity cheerleaders Renee Benoit, Krystal Kelley, Jenn 
Halon, and Irene Gouveia enjoy the cheerleading banquet. 

2. Ryan Schleicher is taken away by Mike Anderson. 

3. Showing off their Hawaiian spirit are Anne Bruckman, 
Jennifer Iamele, Kaitlyn Daniels, Staci James, and Meghann 

4. Before the semi, Ryan Schleicher, Greg Hiltz, Sean Cahill, 
Craig Audette, Bob Sharland, Dan McKinnon, Matt Badiali, 
Greg Dillon, Pete Johnson, Joe Cantelli, and Matt Colombo 
show off their smiles. 

5. Looking like princesses, Jessica Rosen, Jessica Golden, 
and Dawn Wheeler have a picture taken before going to their 

junior prom. 

6. Jillena Furr and Shawna Chaf fe 
sing "Margaritaville" after the 
Jimmy Buffet concert. 

7. Sisters and friends for life, 
Johanna Isenor and Gretchen 
Isenor enjoy themselves at Cape 

Melissa Lincoln, Shannon Moynihan, Jen Young, Pam Ring, Katie 
i /lonahan, Katie Schavrein, Tiffany Baillie and Andrea Gagne show off 

their 98 degrees tattoos at a concert in Boston. 

9. Mike Haggerty, Sean Sullivan, Kassandra Grant, Dave Ware, Jeff 

Bowen, Umar Chaudhary, Tony Martin, 

Melissa Boudreau, Auna Lundin, Lindsey Sullivan and Jen Flannery enjoy the morning after the 

10. Kristi Berg, Lisa Emery, Kristen Claiborne, Stefanie Lusky, and Kristi O'Brien share a snack 
while on a whale watch field trip. 

11. Best friends Lindsey Desgrosseilliers and Erin Donahue smile before their junior prom. 

12. Before the concert began Arthur Pashalopoulos, Shawna Chaffee, and Pat Sullivan wait for 
the excitement to begin. 

13. Brett Barry and Pete DeOlim finally figured out how to put up the tent. 



Student life is filled with more than just 

studies and homework. It's juggling 

work, school, and a social life at once. 

Its like being on a roller coaster. 

Through ups, downs, triumphs and 

defeats; it's filled with memories, both 

good and bad. Our days here at 

Bridgewater-Raynham will not be 

forgotten. The pep rallys, football 

games, proms, along with our life 

outside of school, going to the movies, or 

concerts with friends, and just hanging out. 

No matter what happens in life we do not 

truly appreciate the moment until the ride is 

over, and we reflect on all the fun we have had... 

1. No one enjoys U.S. F.I.R.S.T. more than Angela 
Berghaus, Michelle Holmes, Rob Mastria, and Pete 

2. Deena Zackary and Liz Hardy kick back on the 
last day of school. 

3. Jess Mantia, Heather Osta, Lia Macrina, Mike 
Haggerty, Katie Barber, Marta Ceresa, and Jess 
Rawlins celebrate Chaucer in English class. 

4. Joseph McGaughey, Wendy Warnimont, 
Kimberly Weeks, Nicholas Silvia, and Andy 
Maynard make our school a beautiful place. 

5. At the pep rally, Kerri Jacques and Bob Sharland 
show their school spirit. 

6. Danielle Jones and Anne McLaughlin help dig 

up the time capsule at the Sullivan School. 

7. Mark DiBenedetto works on his SAT preparation in the Reading 

8. On the last day of summer , Chris Brown, Adam Lucia, Matt 
Moseley, and Rob Cautillo remember their fun summer. 

9. Mr. Ferris checks the passes of Nick Silvia and Jenn 
Halon in the hall. 

10. Mrs. Casabian shows her bin 

11. Christina Riccardi heads off to class. 

12. Lindsey Desgrosseilliers,Courtne\ Keane, and Karen Masefield show their 
spirit at the Thanksgiving day football game. 

13. Jason Baillie and Sean McCoy keep out of trouble by passing out attendance 
lists . 

Providing a variety of 
activities for all students, 
B-R is always a busy 
place. From the popular 
Renaissance program to 
star studded perfor- 
mances on the stage, B-R 
will forever be the setting 
for the times of our lives.... 

1 . Lia Macrina practices her 
dance moves for the pro- 
duction of "Crazy for You". 

2. With great concentration, Craig 
Audette and Shawn Brown discuss 
the plans for the sports pages of the 

3. Even on assignment, Lindsey 
Desgrosseilliers and Erin Donahue 
are still the best of friends. 

4. Members of the art club give a 
preview of the craft fair at Parent's 

5. Before heading on the stage, 
Stephanie Heavey and Nicole Price 
fix their make up. 

6. Kyle Marden, Emily Morey, Kate 
Krappe and Jess Rawlins collect the 
donations for the food drive. 

7. The B-R marching band entertains the fans at half-time. 

8. Ms. Norman's biology class takes a quick break during their hard work at 
Bridgewater State College. 


Dedication: Mr. Paul Folan 

The class of 2001 would like to recognize Mr. Paul Folan 
or all the support he has given them. Bridgewater-Raynham 
s definitely fortunate to have Mr. Folan as a member of its 

Students and faculty alike acknowledge him for his 
ntelligence, dedication and friendly manner. No matter what 
he occasion was, he always managed to help out the students. 
Filling in as Senior class advisor this year, he quickly took action, 
helping to plan the senior pep rally, as well as the holiday party, 

Mr. Paul Folan 


vhich included rounding up various prizes and gift donations from a number of area 

businesses. He was also pivotal in planning both 
~ -y^ ^" ^~\ the senior banquet and prom, which are monstrous 

and difficult undertakings. Team TJ 2 is also fortu- 
nate enough to have had Mr. Folan on as an 
administrator since 1996. 

This year, Mr. Folan introduced a brand- 
new class to the B-R curriculum, Archaeo-Geology. 
Even with proper materials in short supply, he 
managed to teach an informative, interesting, and 
rewarding course. 

Mr. Folan has been an invaluable as- 
set to our class and school, and we are sure he will 
continue on that note for many classes and years to 

In Memorium 

Mr. Pat Connolly passed away last year. He had been the Bridgewater-Raynham school 

photographer for many years. Looking back a previous issues of the Unitas you will see 

thousands of Mr. Connelly's pictures. 

Mr. Connelly leaves a wife, Shirley, who took many of the pictures in this yearbook. He 

had a special relationship with his oldest daughter Heather who is a member of the senior 

class this year. Heidi and Holly are in the seventh grade this year. 

We will all miss him. 

Mr. Pat Connelly 

Mr. Connelly and daughter Heather 


On Wednesday morning, September 3, 1997, we entered high 
school thinking graduation was so far away. Four years seemed like 
an awfully long time. However, as the years gradually passed by, we 
learned new and useful skills. The faculty helped us in countless ways. 

Who would have ever thought that we would be able to speak 
Spanish, calculate molar mass, or even type without looking at the 
keys? This appreciated faculty wanted us to be comfortable and made 
sure that we worked diligently by completing our homework assign- 
ments. If we didn't quite understand something, they were always 
willing to help us. While we were learning, our guidance counselors 
assisted us by preparing us for our future. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Regional had a diverse faculty. 
Some teachers were more lenient than others. However, it seemed 
that they all had our best interests at heart. Sure, they cared about the 
grade we recieved in their class, but more importantly, they wanted us 
to learn. After all, knowledge is power. So, where we would be without 
the those who helped us at B-R? Definitely not where we are right now. 

Arriving late for second period, Christie Lopes receives a pass from 
Mrs. Brown. 

2. Officers Bois and Zanaletto are always on duty. 

3. Mr. Buron teaches history in a unique way. 

4. Mr. Ferris, Mr. Harris, Mr. Mastria and Mr. Sypher at their best. 

5. "Free knowledge," cries Mr. Casabian as he wheels the squeaking book cart 
through the English department. 

6. The cafeteria staff prepares to feed the Regional. 

7. Taking time to go over a test, Mr. Moscardelli yells out the answers. 

8. Mr. deCastro and Mr. Morrison partake in a civil conversation. 

9. Mrs. Brown articulately teaches her craft to Lindsey Atkins. 

10. Mr. Dillon helps Jarod Chown out on a math problem. 

1 1 . It's almost lunch time, and B-R is hungry. 

12. Mr Peabody and Mr. Costa are about to clean up a spill in the cafe. 

13. Mr. Barber guides Kayleena Tunewicz down the information super 

14. Mr. Barber and Mrs. Holt stand their ground. 


Ms. Lee Berry 

Ms. Linda Blocker 

Ms. Anne Botelho (Hall) 

Ms. Bette Bridges 


| Kor- r**!! 


Mr. Robert Brogna 

Dr. Linda Brouillette 

Ms. Joanne Brown 

Ms. Shirley Brown 

Mr. Donald Burke 

Ms. Marie Burke 

1r. Daniel Buron 

Ms. Carol Burton 


Ms. Mary Benigni 

Ms. Cathy Brogna 


' 'V- •" 

V. ■ ' 




:.. It's the day before the big game and 

■3; Burning the mfdriigrtf oil, Mr: Lennon 


A 4. "It was.the best of times..," in English- 

M rJKSmvni il n sKtfrail iJTrstt*J WiTTsIii R 

•5'. Mr. Burpn and Andy Furey. show off 

Mr. Phillip Capen 

Ms. Melissa Cardone 

Ms. Yvonne Chadwick 

Ms. Lucero Berlin 

Ms. Charlotte Cloutier Ms. Tracy Collins 

Mr. William Crane 

Ms. Kathleen Cribben 

Mr. Gerald Cunniff 

Mr. Alan Cushing 

Ms. Sharon Davis 

Mr. Manuel deCastro 

Mr. Emiliano Diaz 

Mr. John Dillon 


Ms. Lorraine Castro 

'■>'-, ■ 
■■■,: . 

' ■ 

1 1 

•c ■» | 

Ms. Marsha Dinneen 

even tho u g£i it is : stilV flrs^pe r i od . . . , v 
^£^g^f^Si^^A fearns somettiing new 

everyday from MK Pha^fi- \ 
; ;3.pListpdians GaryCosta'and Tom Kilgore 
; . p^pvfertfiat they can fix anything. 

4. "Attention teachers' and students: Would 


1s. Marcia Gill-Bass 


1 A -- 

MY * J k 


^^^4 ■* J>; 

Mr. James Harrington 

Ms. Jacqueline Gonyer 

Ms. Cindy Good 

Mr. Ralph Goslin 

Ms. Louise Home 

/* « ; « • * k A * « * %* 

FAjS I * . h i .• ,. * aim a 

Mr. Wayne Horton 

Mr. Gary Hyman 

Mr. James Jackson 


Mr. Larry Fisher 

Ms. Lee Ann Gannon 

Ms. Diane Guilbault 

Ms. Donna Holt 







Ms. Lorna Kane 

1 Ms. Hjckey explatng. to her Spanish -■ 
students howto connate irregular verbs. - 

,'!Z, Mr. Horton always angers ^ny ques- 
trons Simon teles might have, 
3. Mf ; . Phaneuf shows his keen insight. • 
4. ' Mr. Coughlin thoroughly discusses con- 

\ tinentai drift tp his : Earth. Science class. , 
5 ; Ms.Giir-feass happMy looks up inform^- 



Ms. Sheryl O'Donoghue 

Ms. Eileen LaFleur 

■*- --,*>• 

Ms. Linda Martin 



Ms. Mary-Ann Mozzone 

Ms. Laura O'Brien 



' ' •■•■'" ' .■ / ■ 


'•*/'/- L.^ 



. 1'. Both: Mr. Machado and Mr. fic^^iri 
not believe th^ it. is^^ 

£^$1^ doing 

extensive resear6hortt^'w6b. / 
3.;.Ms. Brown whi'sttes wrfllershe works on- 
the dairy attendance' srteet. 

v 4. Jn the reading center witn Ms\ Ferioli; 
Jen Galderone works on a practice S.A.T 
5. Making th0rno«t of his time/ Mr.Gonroy' 
corrects: biology Imid-year exams v < 

:.■> . 


, Mima 

Ms. Maureen Papparazzo Mr. Kevin Pare 

Ms. Dolores Paterna 

Mr. David Patrick 

Mr. Jack Phaneuf 

Mr. Edward Porter 

Willi 1 1 

Mr. John Powers 

Ms. Sally Reid 

Ms. Angela Watson 

Ms. Heather Welch 


Mr. Robert Peterson 

Ms. Mary Ellen Sargent 

Ms. Janet Smith 

Ms. Joanne Smith 

Ms. Priscilla Smith 

Ms. Tammie Stone 

Mr. Richard Sypher 

Ms. Margie Tufts 

Mr. Nicholas Vardack Ms. Linda Ventura-Clements 


^HMrf J 





Ms. Christina Weston 

Ms. Lisa White 

Ms. Natalie Winsor 

Officer George Zanelleto 



The past four years at B-R have come and gone. It 
seems like yesterday we were walking into the school for the 
first time, as freshman completely terrified. But soon after, 
friendships begin to form and two different towns joined as 
one. We will never forget the good times: our Super Bowl 
victories and OCL wins, school activites, and hanging-out in 
the hallways. We will always remember the semi-formals 
and proms and all of the friendships we have made 
throughout the years. Now the future is approaching us 
quickly, we will be going our separate ways and living 
different lives. But we will always have one thing in common. . . 

1. Senior Holiday Party winners for best costumes. 

2. Angela Berghaus, Mike Murphy, and Christina Powers work on their 
Physics Lab. 

3. B-R's wrestling captains Dan Doherty, Dave Gilrein, and Ian Carlson wait 
for the meet to begin. 

4. Lindsey Sullivan works on a chemistry lab. 


N IOR 5» 



e n i o r s 

5. Briana Thielker, Erin Leary, Kristen Gorman, and Kerri McGovern share a 
joke at lunch. 

6. Singing their hearts out, Lia Macrina and Joanna Cahill give Ms. McGuire a 
preview of the holiday concert. 

7. Bethany Sousa and Jamie Chipman show off their senior spirit. 

8. Peter Dinapoli and John Perry discuss what they are going to do this 

9. Shannon Moynihan and Melissa Lincoln awaiting the pep rally. 

10. Kaitlyn Kerrigan and Heather Connolly share a laugh on their way to 
English class. 

11. Renee Bumpus, Heather Costa, Holly Cruise, and Lynsey Meaney bake a 
pie in culinary arts. 

12. Johanna Isenor and Kim Dzialo go over their lines in Drama class. 

13. Chantal Haviland, Kristen Bainton, Nicole Federico, Jess Mantia, and Tori 
Furtado share the latest gossip at lunch. 

14. Andy Hamilton, Dan McKinnon, Peter DeOlim, and Chris Klump line up 
on the field. 




Anne Anacki 

"Anna Banana, Anna" 

139 Union Street. (B) 

GT + GFw/M.T.,J.F.,A.A., 
A.G., J.K., A.K., YKWYA; 
IWNF M.T. + J.F., Where's 
the cream filling? A.G., 
T.B., B.T., Gym class, Take 
an Amy or Anne; S.J. + that 
funny feeling; K.S., mon- 
keys; K.M., Jemima; IWMY; 
ILY Mom, Dad, Andy, Alex 
+ Austin. 

Lindsay Arrighi 
155 Deerfield Drive (B) 
4; GT w/ Girls Nights, GL, 
IWNFY; Skiing w/ Danni, 
Meg, + Kara; Nsync; JP @ 
Had's; Motown Philly w/ 
D.J., L.K., C.H., H.H., + 
E.S.; UNH w/A.C. + D.J.; 
TY, Mom + Dad, ILY; GL 
Chris + Emily. 


Kelli Marie Ahearn 

53 Mary Lane (B) 

3 Stooges; GT @ Mer's, 
C.L.'s, + Lau's; Ruby's; 
Dew; Runs w/ Sue; Dances 
Mer + Sa; Beach w/ Jenn + 
Pam; DM, Girl Nights; ILY, 
Joe, MBF 6/5/98; TY + ILY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, Bill; GL, 

Sarah Al-Obaidi 

"Susu, Sarah Al" 

70 Foxhill Drive (B) 

VB; YB; PM; GT w/ GF, 
YKWYA; MBF'S: B.J. ,M.N., 
P.R., E.B.; Where my girls 
at: S.C. + A.B., ILY + 
IWNFY; J.B., my sweetie, 
ILY; Summer '98 w/ Sue, 
J.B., Bren, Karr + Y.O.; 
Backstreet Boys + Dance 
@ Studio 4 YKWYA; ILY 
all; Mom + Dad, TY + ILY; 
GL, Gus. 

Michael Kane Anderson 

"Asian-Sensation, Hoover" 
472 Conant Street (B) 

Golf; BB 1-4; STr 1-4; 
GT+GF w/ DV, Casey, B- 
Dawg, D-Hi; Pane, Umar, 
Dobb, Pittsburgh; GT in the 
Boat; Half + Half Connec- 
tion; Quick Pick; Sports w/ 
Rayn. boys; Iwo Jima; 
Knights; Am-Champ. 
Wrestling; ILY, family; GL 
to us; I got Crazy Steez. 

Erik Andrutis 
47 White Street (R) 

ne Anderson 
7 Leslie Lane (B) 

j|^V- |^nk 


Craig Audette 


84 Sherwood Lane (R) 

FB 1; CC3; NHS 3-4; Se- 
nior class Sec.;YB 4; 
Penpenny; JP @ Had's; GT 
@ Brett's; GT @ Mobil; MV 
'00 w/ K.M., M.B., M.C., 
A.H., B.W.; Lazer Tag; 
Chases w/ M.C. + S.B.; 
IWNF you guys; IWNFY, 
R.B.;ILY, Mom + Dad;GL, 


imee B. Ayers 
"Ben, Aimpita, Nadia 
577 Oak Street (B) 

Gym, Capt; DR; Pasta Day! 
Summer 2000: BBall, The 
Matrix w/ J.C., M.B., H.S., 
CJ; River Rave; L.D. + M.H. 
= ET! LM. = YKW forever! 
J.C. = Cows! Friends for- 
ever; C.G. = GT + GL! Nadia 
Movie forever; No! I want to 
be a champion! 

Matthew Badiali 


62 Walter Drive (R) 

BB 1-4; Pen-Penny; Spa- 
ghetti Slurpin' Italians w/ 
Spincta; B.W. "99"; M.V. 
2000 K.M., B.W., A.H., 
M.C., C.A.; R.I. P. Regal + 
400; Safety Escorts Rule!, 
Rickey! TY, Mom + Dad. 

Kristen Bainton 


1 Blueberry Knoll (B) 

GT w/ J.D. just driving + 2/ 
16/98 + 6 Flags, TY+ILY; 
K.E., ILY high 5,the skittle, 
NH 2000, KFC + Merit; C.H. 
ILY, Scream 3; DD;J.D. + 
R.B., Logan -t-studios; TY 2 
all of my family for being 
there for everything, ILY all. 

Katherine Barber 

"Katie, KT" 

119 Elizabeth Drive. (R) 

BB + SOC1-4 Capt;GT@ 
Girls Nights; J.B. we're fun; 
S.C., IWNFY; C.T., ILY; 
MBF L.K. + K.C.; MD w/ 
K.C.; Limerock w/ C.T. + 
J.W.;L.A.,A.I.,LK. woods 
after N*sync; TY, Dad, 
Mom, Glenn; GL, Keith, 
Rob, Carly, Kris, Ash, ILYG. 

Matt Barnsley 

"Fatty Matty McGee" 

20 Robin Road. (B) 

Good Luck: A.J.L, R.C., 
B.B., C.C., Nelson, J. Ken, 
Athan, Umar, Mose, Jules 
+ J. K.; Thank you, Ma + Pa, 
B.B..ILYA! GT+GF:151in 
Bermuda! NYE 2000 w/ 
Jules; Local summer! Carv- 
ers Pond! "Under the 
Bridge" w/ J+C; camping 
Massasoit; TY, ILYA 
YKWYA, ILY! Bye! Skunk! 

Tiffany A. Baillie 

"Tiff, T, Tip" 

314 Elm Street, West (R) 

MBF's: Kate, Amy, ILY; 
K.M., GT @ Puerto Rico, 
Nsync,+ 3DD; Ames, the 
stupid things we did; K.S., 
Jemima;GT@ S&S; Mom, 
Dad + Just, ILY; "To the 
world you may be just one 
person, but to one person 
you may be the world." GL, 

Brett Barry 


66 Roberts Road (B) 

GT+GFw/A.D., C.B..DJ, 
L.D., C.K.; Derosier's crib; 
summer '99; JP; Boston + 
Onset; FB + BB games w/ 
my boys, Riverside; Half + 
Half Connection; IWNF 8/ 
5/99, I Love You, Erin; TY 
Mom, Dad + Brendon, ILY. 



Renee Marie Benoit 


506 Vernon Street. (B) 

CL 2-4; Fab 4; GT w/ Ca, 
Ker. Kim, S.C., S.M., J.F., 
H.C., Matt, Grub, Em, Lau, 
the guys, YKWYA; GT @ 
Buffet + Bran's; Billy's; 
K.L.'s; Prom; Bonus night; 
Hot cocoa; Sunday River 
w/ Shel + Coley; ILY Ca; 
ILY Mom, Dad, Dicky, Jen. 

Matthew Jason Black 


145 Legge Street (B) 

Ski; NHS; MT; Jazz Band; 

FLC- Mexico; Pasta Day: 

The Matrix: B-Ball Games; 

CJ Neverwins; 6 Flags; Lost 

to Beach; Study Groups; AP 

Chem; GT + GF w/ J.C., 

A.A.. A.C., + YKWYA; ILY, 

Julie-you are the best; TY, 

Mom + Dad; GL, Andy + 





s . 

I 34 

■ ■ 

^VanKflMn /ff?^ffff%Tf*J3 

' 1 m 


D.J. Bearse 


10 Sarah Drive (B) 

Dr. 4; YB 4; RS 4; Ski 4; 
The Cape, Derosier's, + 
Eric's; MBF Eric Hill, 
IWNFY; The Crew: B-Dawg, 
+ The Girls; TY, J.B. + B.S.; 
TY, Mom, Kevin, Dad, + 
Patty, ILY; To all my friends, 

Edmund Bennett 
1492 South Street (B) 


Angela Marie Berghaus 

26 Marianne Drive (B) 

SB 1, 4; VB 2-4; Ski 1-4; 
HD! 1;MB2-4;CB2-4;PL 
4; FL 4/99 + 4/00; JP 5/00; 
River Rave w/ L.P.; GW w/ 
K.M.; Sleepovers @ 
Shan's; GT + GF @ pool 
parties; J.D. in timeouts; 
Gimpy + Oompa; K.B., 
IWNFY; Mom + Dad, ILY. 

Melissa Joan Biltcliffe 

"Missa. Madeline" 
420 Spruce Street (B) 

I love you, Mom, Dad, 
Kristen, Jimmy, Gramsbear, 
Gigi, and Shadow! Thank 
you so much for everything! 

Kristie Berg 
"Ducky, Shorty, Jiffy" 
94 Chickering Road (R) 

CL 1 -4; GT+ GF w/ YKYWA; 
K.C., High Hello + D.B.; 
K.C., J.A., Blue 42, J.A 

A.D.; MBFS: ILY both, TY 
for everything; Ms. Gill 
K.O., + K.K..GL;GLJoey, 
behave, ILY; Mom, Dad, + 
Jen. TY+ILY;Bye, B-R. 

Helen Blanchard 
80 College Road (B) 

Adrienne Bossi 

"A, Agerin" 

344 Elm Street East (R) 

Oy P.F.R. GT!; Spain! Acci- 
dents! Sea Squirrels, Ahh! 
Alligators @ 7:30! Sol 
Rosenburg; ILY, E.S. + 
W.B.; Do-op! "We are so 
bad"; Yes Miss! Qins, y + n!; 
River Rave '99; " teach 
me how to say goodbye to 
those I love so much." 

Melissa Boudreau 
125 Walnut Street (B) 

"Do not go where the path 
may lead, go instead where 
there is no path and leave a 
trail." -R. Emerson. 

Jeffrey M. Bowen 

50 Tommi Ann Terrace (B) 

SKI 1-4; AC 1-4; Red Hot 
Chili Peppers W/ P.B. + 
B.R.; JP in the convertible; 
Frisbee; PCC; NYE 
R.M.'s; McD's; 1st Car 
Cape '99; Concerts '98-'00 
TY, Mom + Dad; GL to all 
my friends. 

Ryan Brady 

441 Prospect Hill Street (R) 

Ozzfestw/S.C, Mary, Gary, 
A.D.; Ashteadw/thePettey 
Gang; IWNF S.C., D.C., 
A.S., M.H., J.P., S.P., A.D. 
+ G.W.; Greg's house: Pink 
Floyd, w/ Gary + A.D.; 
Thanks for saving my life; 
Train w/ the boys; Mom, 
Dad, Bro + Sis, ILY. 

Stephen Broide 
575 Curve Street (B) 

Christopher A. Brown 

1062 Pleasant Street (B) 

Shop w/ Moe + Chev 1-4; 
It Last + The Dedication; 
BMX; GT in Boston-The 
Max + The Newb.; 10/17/ 
99 Ten Yard Fight-Karma; 
Edge; Operation Pat's 
Field; Summer 2000 w/ 
MBF's the 42 Crew + the 
Girls; Thanks to my family, 
I Love You. 

Jessica Lyn Brown 

130 Briarcliff (R) 
M.R., J.A., + D.P.; MBF: 
M.H., K.F., M.L., + K.W.; 
IWNFY, K.W., J.A., K.F., 
J.N.; TY to my family for 
having faith in me; ILY, 
Mom, Steve, Nathan + Kelly; 
GT + GF;GL. 2001! 

Renee Bumpus 

"Bump, NayNay" 

261 South Street (B) 

U-turns in E.B. w/ Sam; 
Corsica; Chases; Super 8; 
Portugese Fiesta; "Wild 
Thing" w/ S.D. + P.D.; Sa- 
lem w/ S.C. + R.B.; NYE 
'00; Plymouth; GT w/ Sam 
+ Holly; Finn w/ S.C; ILY 
Batman; TY, Mom + Dad; 
IWMY, Mema, ILY; GT @ 
Jean's house. 

Michelle Byers 


2127 Pleasant Street (B) 

3 + 4; MBF: A.P.; The Rat; 
windows w/K.M.; A. B., ROL; 
Lu-Greek Pizza; Dave 
Matthews Band w/Tina; Sa, 
Dennis-Yarmouth Pole; 
C.H., beep! N.G., #5; FH 
10/3/00, YKWYA; River 
Rave; Prom Dance; Iwo; JP 
+ M. V. w/Francis, ILY; Mom, 
TY + ILY. 

Shawn Brown 


110 Bayberry Circle (B) 

4;U.C.'sw/S.M. + J.C.;JP 
@ Merry's; GT @ Brett's. 
Craig's 9/00; Crane St. ; Car 
Chases w/ M.C. + C.A.; 4x4 
@ NIP; GT @ Chuck's; 
Mobil; Pearl Jam w/ A.H., 
D.M., S.D.; Safety Escorts 
Rule!; Bruins '99; Red Sox 
w/B.W.; Rickey!; TY, Mom, 
Dad + Danielle. 


Jill Buckley 


35 Deerfield Drive (B) 

Soc 3+4; W+STr 1-4; girls 
night crew, ILY; FAB 4, 
IWNFY; JP @ H.H.; A.I. 
Capt. + Yukon; IWNF 
Craig's backto school party! 
+ "The Guys", ILY! TY for 
GT; Kell, MBF, best memo- 
ries! Mom, Dad, Bob, Ted + 
Kel (my sis), TY + ILY! GL, 
Ted, Meg + Carlene. 

Casey Burch 


350 Plymouth Street (B) 

Soc, AC, Ski, YB, RS; My 
crew: DV, D-Hi, B-Dawg, 
Asian, Dobb, DJ, Pane, Pak- 
Power, J. P. + Rayn-boys; 
IWNFThe Girls; Am-Champ 
wrestling; GT @ Iwo Jima; 
GT in the boat; QuickPick; 
TY, Mom + Dad. 

Pat Burt 
19 Willis Road (B) 

Thank you Mom and Dad, 
ILY; Brian-my friend, my 
brother, ILY, IWMY; Jen, 
ILY, IWNFY + always re- 
memberthe book; GLtothe 
guys; GL + TY to the group; 
"Nothing is the same but we 
keep moving". 

othy Bumpus II 
395 Broadway (R) 

Mom + Dad, TY+ ILY; Hippy 
best bud; Baby Jenny, ILY 
and always will; FB 1 -3; WR 
1-2: BBL1; IWNF JP; GL 
J.S., P.R., + J.Y.; Never 
forget frosh FB + Ponde- 
rosa; "Look to the sky and 
there you will find true peace 
and adventure!" 


Joanna Marie Cahill 

CH 1-4; DR1-4; CC 1-2; 
MM+SC 2-3; No one knows 
me = ); Lovin it up P@MH!! 
Memories, Lil Christina, 
Laurie, Cath, all my other 
buds-ILY!! Erica, I'll always 
remember you; it's over! 
From today I feel my yes- 

Sean Cahill 


Meadow Lane (B) 

GT + GF; Y2K;311, River 
Rave, Korn; Yelle's House, 
Chuck's, The Cape; Thanks 
Arty, Dave, Dill, Ian, Daly, 
Bran; K.B., IWNFY; GL, 
J.B.,S.P.,N.D.,M.M. I D.M. ) 
P.S.; TY + ILY, Dad and 

Andrew Scott Campbell 

126 Dean Street (R) 

Band 1-4; Jazz 2-4; T.M.- 
"Teddy"; Everyone-'The 
Attacker" + "Santa Dance"; 
Stone Forge; Study groups! 
M.B.-"lt's the same, only 
it's different"; TY, Mum + 
Dad, ILY; GL, Chris, Nick, 
+ Seth; TY, Jesus! 

Kaitlin Campbell 


20 Harriet Drive (B) 

GT @ Water Wizz + Cape; 
Camping; IWNF Jasper's; 
Rave '00; Ladies Lounge; 
Cancun; Prom; Karaoke 
Riv; New guys! Mike, 
IWNFY; GL Girls, BF's for- 
ever; TY, Mom, You're the 
best + ILY; Good Luck, 

seph Cantelli 
"Joe, Spincta" 
1510 High Street (B) 

River Rave '00; 4x4 @ 
Nip; Safety Escorts Rule! 
B.W. '99 + C.A. "00; JP w/ 
Pam; Spaghetti Slurpin' Ital- 
ians w/ Baad; Hawaii w/ 
+ B.P.;TY, Mom, Dad, Rick, 
+ Martha. 

Julie Marie Caputo 

"Caputsky, Julie5, 

Half-pint, Jules" 

55 Shady Lane (R) 

Mu; J.C., A.A., N.C.-horses; 
M.L.- smores; VB, Hobbit + 
Pasta Parties; DM; Harbor 
Seal Jen, LP., B.S., C.H., 
L.W., A.M.: Larry's Girls; 
Matt, ILY; Yawns; Tiramisu; 
MBF's N.M. + L.P., IWNF 
GT; TY, Mom + Dad. 

Pamela Carbone 
14 Bobwhite Lane (B) 

Capt. CC, Wtr , Str; Mon, 
K.C., C.H., MBF NF GT 
NYE; Trips w/ Chew; Mon- 
TY for being my sis; K.C. 
Build a bridge! C.H. -Just let 
it go! GL, Molly; Geoffrey, 
ILY + IWMY; Mom, Dad, 
John, ILY + TY; Smile, life is 
too short for grumpy days! 

Ian Carlson 

145 Elm Street (B) 

Wr 1-4 Capt.; FLtrip;GT + 
GF: IWNFGT® Nip, Korn 
w/ my buds, River Rave, 
STP, boxing w/ Pat, + hang- 
ing out on Crane St. w/ Arty 
Ghost Town w/ M.M. 
Bethany, TY + ILY; JP 
Getting lost; Jetty + Onset 
Rob, MBF, TY; GL 
YKWYA; TY to my family 
Mom + Dad, ILY. 

Meredith P. Carney 


189 Darrington Drive (R) 

Ten 1-4; FH1; MBF's, ILY. 
Pam, Sa, Sue, Ca; Naples; 
Honey Dew; GT @ L.M.'s; 
'98 w/ Sa + Kel; 90 nites; 
July 4th @ Cape; Skiing w/ 
Sa + Audie; Up In Smoke; 
Roadtrips; Fairbanks; GT 
w/ B.M., S.C. + CM.; TY. 
Mom, Dad + Bren, ILY. 


Sarah Rose Carr 


547 N.Main Street (R) 

Soc 1-4; STr 1-3; MBF, 
YKWYA; "The 5 of us"; GT 
w/ GF @ M.C.'s; NYE '98; 
Naples w/the girls; The Dew 
Crew; JPw/M.B.; Skiing w/ 
Autie; Thefrosh mobile; The 
Buick; TY, Mom, Dad, Art + 
Ren; ILY, Ben 1/14/00; GL 
to all my friends. 

Brendan Casey 


71 Scott Drive (R) 

Varsity Ten. 1-4; Varsity 
Golf 1-4; Since 72; Club 
Throws; FLC 1-4: Ski 1-4; 
Superbowls, R.S.. C.A., 
G.D..M.B.; Down the street 
in Nantucket w/H.H.. D.J.; 
Chew, unconditional; TY. 
om. Dad + Coach P. 

Kristen M. Cassidy 

108 Atkinson Drive (B) 

WTr 1-3: STr 1-4; MBF: 
@ girls' nights: NYE w/ my 
girls. YKWYA; GTinN.Y.w/ 
L.K., J.R.. A.I.; Summer 00 
w/P.C M.P.. C.H.: End of 
summer party @ C.A. 9/4/ 
00; JP: Tim + Faith; GT w/ 
B.W.:TY, Mom + Dad. ILY: 
GL, Mol. 

Maria Ceresa 
20 Stephanie Lane (B) 

Italian Exchange Student; 
GT + GF; FLC + Ski; Thanks 
Mommy + Dad; Thanks, 
Tina + Marcello; TY + GL, 


Shawna Chaffee 


655 Cross Street (B) 

H.C.; GT w/ G.B., Mary, 
Pat + AT, Grub, Em, R.B., 
C.S., K.L.; IWNFY; Ryan, 
B.E., Joe. F.M.; GT @ 
Saquish. Vern, + S.M.'s; 
TY M + D for putting up w/ 
me; Too many wild times to 
ever fit; It's been real; GL, 

Allison Chandler 
75 Redwing Drive (B) 

CC 2+3: Gym 1-4 Str 1-3; 
IWNF Fab 4; MBF: E.P. . 
K.D.. + S.L, IWNFY; GT @ 
the Cape w/ Kate + Jill, talk- 
ing cat; Steph, so many 
memories! P.S.TY. IWNFY; 
Adam now + forever you 
are my one and only, ILY! 
TY. Mom + Dad. ILY; GL, 



Robert J. Cautillo 


55 Wildwood Place (B) 

CB 1-4; MB 1-3; MWA + 
GTw/ Harvard Model UN! 
IWNF The Boys: A.L., 
M.M., B.B., J.K.; Summer 
of "00" W/ GF, YKWYA; 
GT in NH w/ A.L, J.K.; 
Baldies's + emotional say 
itall!TY + GL;TY ! Mom + 
Dad ILY. "Don't ever com- 
promise what you believe." 

Umar Chaudhary 
15 Redwing Drive (B) 

Top Gun jams in BR lot; 
IWNF Z Football; movies® 
Z's-G-Fresh! Nomar rules; 
PontiacF-Bird; divide + con- 
quer, Jimmy; GT w/ Rayn. 
Boys + the group; Iwo; 
Deep; GT w/ Scotty; Pak- 
Power wrestling; IWNF my 
friends, thanks for 4 fun 





• ■ 

Danielle Chiappini 
150 Hayward Place (B) 

GTw/S.C.,LM.,J.W.,R + 
R, R.B., D.C., G.W., S.C., 
M.G.,D.H.,K.H.,J.A. I S.H. 1 
S.L, LM.,; B.P., Prom w/ 
Ryan; Steve Miller w/ ev- 
eryone; Summer at 
doggie's; The mallod, a ro- 
mantic place, ILY, Danny 
;TY, Mom, Dad, Bros, Sis, 
G.M..G.P., K.K. 

Jamie Chipman 


39 Meadow Lane (B) 

Wr2;GTw/GFE.T., R.F., 
NT., MBFS.C; My Babies, 
RF + Jazz; IWNF Steph's 
house; NYE '99; N.T.'s 
Swedish race car; Firebush; 
Josh, you'll always live in 
my heart; TY, Mom + Dad, 
ILY; Thanks B-R! 

Jared Chown 

611 South Main Street. (R) 

Soc 1-2; The Sox-Yanks 
games w/ ST.; The "Y" w/ 
M.M., + W.J.;BBw/Wayne; 
MBF, E.L., Friendly's w/ 
T.B.,W.J., + S.M.;Chemll 
w/ YKWYA; I want to say 
"what's up" to B.S., H.B., 
S.B., C.S., M.L., + I.R.; 
IWMY B-R; TY, Mom, Dad 
+ Nan, ILY; GL, Ashley; 
Peace, El. 

Geoff Churchill 
120 Laurie Lane (B) 

STr 1-4; B.W.'s house in 
'99; Fishing trip '00 + GT w/ 
TY for the good times + GL 
nextyear,ILY+IWMY; Mom, 
Dad, + Lee TY, IWMY + ILY 

Kristen Claiborne 

544 Broadway (R) 

IWNFY K.B., S.L., K.O., 
NYE '99; K.B.-High Hello; 
B-Ball; Hocus Pocus, 
YKWYA; Blue-42, J.A. + 
K.B.;A.D., Breakfast; ILY + 
GL, Friends; TY, Mom, 
Gram, Gramp, + Tim. 

Laura Churchill 


346 Pine Street (B) 

CI 2-4; STr 1-4; GT + GF: 
YKWYA; Proms; River 
Rave; Nik + Lau = double 
trouble; NYE '00; Ladies 
Lounge; Kim, zip; Party 
Express; Lisa dates; GT @ 
Water Wiz w/ Kaits; My 
house; New Guys ! Cancun! 
Summer '00; MBF Kait, 
ILY; ILY, Mom + Dad. 

Allison Ciullo 


24 Dartmouth Road (B) 

Soc; SB; NHS; WAC; 
BRISC; GT + GF; A.P., 2 
L's; Boston/CFO w/Pam; 
The Dome w/ L.A.; D.J., 
"Faded"; B.C., uncondi- 
tional; K.J., S.M., Double 
Time; NYE w/ my girls; JP 
@H.H.;lwoJima;TY + ILY, 
Mom, Dad, Karen; GL, Matt, 
Nick, AN. 

Nicole Marie Clapp 


635 Auburn Street (B) 

HD!Cind.;CFY Folly Girls! 
AC NHS; Stuck in Foxboro 
DMB concert w/ T.B., 
H.S.. + CJ; IWNF: NH, ran- 
dom trips to Boston, bowl- 
ing, minigolfing, Six Flags 
w/ everyone. Shakespeare 
in the park, concerts + ev- 
erything else; GT + GF; TY, 
Mom + Dad. 


Brad Cole 
602 Park Place (R) 

GT with B-R Friends; play- 
ing basketball with the boys; 
Bridgewater vs. Raynham; 
talking with T.W. about the 
Blazer + the system; Thank 
you, Mom, Mike, Travis, 
Dad, + Mari, ILY; GL to all 
my friends. 

Heather Costa 
288 Oak Street (R) 

Gym 1-4; NYE; IWNF 
K.C.;R.I.P. , A.M., IWNFY; 
Mom + Dad, TY; ILY; Josh, 
I love you; JP IWNF; to my 
nice Bryanna I LY, XOXO; 
TY, J.D. + J.F. for being 
there, ILY + IWNFY, XOXO. 

Sarah Clifford 

"Sa, Cliff" 

318 Robinson Street (R) 

FH 1-4 10/3/00; GT + GF; 
IWNF Ladies Lounge, New 
Guys, Summer "00", Prom; 
Kait, River Rave "00"; K.S., 
Urks; M.B., D-Y Pole; Lu, 
N*SYNC; T.P., 80s ring; 
Nick, IWNFY, 11/21/98; 
Jess + FH; TY, Mom, Dad, 
N. ILY. 

Emerald Cohen 

Matt Colombo 


951 North Main Street (R) 

FB 1 ; BBL 2-4; MV 2000 
K.M. C.A. B.W. A.H. Baad 
4x4 @ Nip; GT @ Mobil 
Chucks; Prom Night M.L. 
Car Chases; Crane St.; The 
Rumors; Ridders; Double 
Teamed @ Steph's S.L. 
A.C.; Pre-games; my 
friends, BFF Kell; TY, Mom 
+ Dad. 

Jill Coleman 

"Jilly, Bobo, #7" 

45 Stephanie Lane (B) 

Band; Ski; Dr; BB games; 
Prom dances w/ Lisa; River 
Rave '00 w/ H.S. +A. A. : 
Voodoo; N*SYNC; Boston 
trips; Pasta Day; BNL+DMB 
concerts; Truro; MBF, 
Aimee;GTw/M. B.,CJ,C. 
G., L. M.; TY, N.C.; ILY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, Amy. 

Heather Joan Connolly 

48 Saddle Drive (B) 

GT + GF'00;ToallMBF's, 
K.O., A.C., L.M., K.K., + 
IWNFY; Liz no slippin'; 
Amber TY for every thing, 
ILY; fires @ J.K's; H.G. 
we're invincible! TY, Mom, 
ILY so much; IMY, Dad + 
IWNFY, I'll always be your 
little girl. 


Julie Craig 

"Jul, Juls" 

74 Martin Drive (R) 

FH 1-3; Ski; GT + GF 
YKWYA; Us 5 good times; 
GW 98 + 00! NSYNC + 
Dave; NYE Aerosmith; 
Summer of 2000 w/ E.M. + 
L.G. IWNF all the memo- 
ries. 3/25/00 @ UMASS. GL 
IMY R.B.; TY + ILY, Dan; 
TY, Mom + Dad. 


Holly Cruise 


65 Appletree Circle (B) 

GT @ S.M.'sw/ The Crew; 
GTw/C.J. in the celeb.; TY, 
A.P.; Sully's 5-12-00; 218 
w/S.C, S.O., B.F.; Bonnie 
+ Clyde-ILY Ben; TY Mom + 
Dad ILY; GL Girls; Freebird's 

Jen Cunningham 
"Wallygirl, Harbor Seal" 
74 Suzanne Drive (R) 

TY, Dad: My hero, ILY; TY, 
Greg: ILY, MBFF, My 
Wonderwall, GT 97-?, 
M.S. P., Cepsi forever; DM- 
J5, An, Cris, Lu, Jen, Beck, 
La: Dancin w/ Machines; 
Bertucci's w/ Lisa, BFF; 
Dawson's, ILY, TY; TY D, 
B, Rob "chuckles"; AP 
Chem; GL, everyone, 

John Daly 


110 Brookside Drive (B) 

Hoc 1 -4 Capt; Summer Jam 
w/C.P., M.M., G.C., G.D.; 
Cape Cod w/ S.C., M.M., 
B.M., I.R.; GT @ JP; GT @ 
Dunks w/ YKWYA; NYE 
2000 @ Brandon's, "Y2K"; 
GL to all my friends; TY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, J., M., C. 

Daniel Cummings 

25 Quequechan Circle ( R) 

GT w/ the freestylers; gotta 
love the Mandarin; lazy hur- 
dlers; thanks, Doug; GT w/ 
Gordon @ Iwo Jima; 
UMASS trips w/ the boys; 
BR top 5, M.B., E.S., P.C., 
A.M., A.S.; Zolga football 
league 1998-2000; ILY 

Nicholas Daniels 

1262 Vernon Street (B) 

Mark DaSilva 
369 Elm Street, East (R) 

Patrick Cushing 

1435 Old Pleasant Street (B) 

T Y, Mom, Dad, Kerri, Tom; 
GL Matt, Dan. Ski w/ A.H., 
R.R., Yeah hurdlers! GT w/ 
Gordon @ Iwo; GT @ Nip; 
GT w/ S.K., M.D., N.G., 
S.M.,A.H.,R.R.,U.C. I D.C, 
M.Z.,J.G.,M.L.,C.G., E.M. 
thanks for all the good 
memories, IWNFY. 

Kathleen M. Delgado 


15 Vera Drive (B) 

Soc States w/ Peb, Buck 
Had; Blondie enough said 
GT@CCw/Buck + AI;A.H 
Studies; MBFJen,TY + ILY 
Ryan, TY; Kel, C.G. + GF 
YKWYA; TY + ILY, Mom, 
Dad, Jim, Mike; GL, Amy. 



76 Plain Street (B) 

Best years of my life. Capt 
Golf. Ski, Phat BB+FB 
games. The crew: B.B., 
KC. DJ, M.D., M.A.. E.D., 
up! GT @ ACW + IWO. 
Snoogans. MBF's: you're a 
big part of my life and I WMY; 
Mom and Dad ,TY. ILY. 



"Linds, Desgro" 

121 Mary Lane (B) 

GT w/ Erin, Ka, Court, Lia + 
the guys, I WMY; Road Trips 
Exit 7; Parties; Legion w/ 
MBFs, ILY; Potato Sacl< 
Races; Apollo 13; JP; On- 
set; Girls nights; UFO; 
SMACK; Hockey Babes; 
snowball fights; Pete ILY, 
IWNFY; TY, Mom + Dad, 
GL, Steve, ILY. 

Samantha Desmond 

215 Summer Street (B) 

U-Turns in E.B.. w/ Bump; 
Corsica; Chases; Super-8; 
Fiesta; wild thing w/ R.B., 
P.D., S.M.'s house; NYE- 
00; 8/1 3/00; Plymouth; stan- 
dard; GT w/ Renee + Holly; 
Rose's house; ILY, Zach, 
TY, Mom + John. 

Nicholas DeJoseph 

"NAD, Nick" 

79 Highview Terrace (B) 

STr. 3-4;WTr. 4; GT w/ T. 
T., M.M., M.C.. D.B.; fun 
working w/S.M., S.N. : good 
fun @ PCC '97 + '98; "the 
buck stops here." "Hey, 
Mike. TWO!" word Z the 
Edgewood crew - YKWYA: 
TY, Mom and Dad, ILY, GL 
to Anthony; I'm going to 

Lisa DeLorenzo 
"'Lil Lisa" 

160 Deerfield Drive (B) 
"When we look back at it 
all... you + me wide eyed... 
will we really remember how 
it feels to be this alive?" 
mundo de Spooky; JP; 
bowling and coffee shop 
trips; Phish + Cure '00; M.H.. 
2 L.M.'s. H.B., RBCrew, + 
US1. IWNFY; ILY, Mom + 
Dad: GL. lil sis. 

Peter DeOlim 
46 Stony Brook Road 


Soc 1-4; Dr. Scarano, TY; 
GT w/ Lindsey, Adam, 
Courtney, Brett, Erin, 
Casey, Karen, Asian, Lia, 
DJ: GT @ Onset beach 
playing wiffle ball; Scotland 
trip; JP; Tent fights + Potato 
sack races; Mom + Dad, 
TY; Lindsey, IWNFY, ILY. 


Mark P. Devincentis 


55 Old Forge Road (B) 

My Buds: S.M., J.M., D.D., 
M.B.;WWFw/ M.D., C.B., 
A.D., J. P.; Iwo Jima Sum- 
mer2000w/ Nick and Cush; 
Z's; The Nip; 138 Quick 
Picks; 104-A: D.D., A.C., 
C.H.;Mom + Dad,TY+ILY. 

Greg Dillon 

"Big Dill" 

202 Darrington Drive (R) 

BB, CC, ten capt (1-4); GT 
w/ class of '01; Irish Pride w/ 
IWNFY; JP @ Had's; NYE; 
Chuck's, + GW; Mom + Dad, 
TY; Biff, GL. 

Mark W. DiBenedetto 

216 Overlook Drive (R) 

1, 2, + 3 Soc; 3 + 4 SO; 4 
US! 1 Ski; GT + GF; TY, 
Mom + Dad, ILY; GT 
Holiday parties, IWNF; I will 
miss MBFs, YKWYA; TY + 
GL to all in accomplishing 
your goals 

Lisa DiCrescentis 
478 Forest Street (B) 

A.R., N.Y., K.S., S.C.; 
Bertucci's w/ Jen; IWNF 
dates w/ Lau; Swing w/ Kait; 
Steve Miller w/ Ash; Some- 
times you got to say? Sum- 
mer '0 

Peter DiNapoli 
40 Edward Road (R) 

Cancun;GT + GF, IWNFY; 
Stef's house; Camping w/ 
S.L + L.M.; tubing w/ J. P., 
C.B., + K.S.; JP w/ OK.; 
GL.Kel; Wild Thing w/S.D. 
+ R.B.; Hot night + Eminem; 
OK. you're MBF, IWNFY; 
TY, Mom, Jim, Chrissy, 
Mike, + BO; GL, Tony 

Michael Dobson 

"Dobb, D.O.P.O.D" 

10 Fox Hill Drive (B) 

Ten.; YB; GT @ WWF PPV 
parties; Driving around w/ 
my sick driving skills; Ama- 
teur Championship Wres- 
tling (ACW); KC, Adam, 
Asian, Umar, Pane, DJ, JP, 
Deve, B-Dawg, PG, + JG; 
Pirate Man Forever... Justi- 
fiably so. 

Daniel Doherty 


197 Park Ave. (B) 

Wr 1, 3-4, MT 2-4, NHS, 
US1; SC; A.A.U.; Florida; 
O.C.L. Champs '98 + '00! 
Roche Bros. w/M.D., + A.S.; 
GT @ Stonehill w/ N.G., 
M.B. + A.P.; 104-A w/M.D., 
OH. + A.O; TY, Mom + 
Dad; GL, S.D. + CD. 


Erin Donahue 

"EJ, E" 

50 Holly Lane (B) 

SB 1-3; YB 4; GTw/LD., 
LM..K.M., C.K.,K.H.,B.B., 
A.D.,P.D.,C.B. I M.A., 
IWNFY; Summer '99; 
Apollo 13; JP; Onset; Lost 
in Boston; The girls- ILYG; 
UFO's; Riverside; Brett- 
MBF, I love you; 8/5/99; TY, 
Mom, Dad, Amy, + Sean, 

Ashley Ann Duckworth 
1213 Plymouth Street (B) 

It's finally over!; Remember 
breakfast at Friendly's K.C.; 
"Baby I'm amazed by you" 
Jon, ILY; Our table fell in 
(JP)J.M., K.G., OS., K.M.; 
GT in English K.D., H.B.; I 
hope you have the time of 
your life; TY, Mom and Dad 

Kimberly Ann Dzialo 


76 Carl Road (R) 

All good things come to an 
back; H.B. Phones ringing; 
A.J. our JP; GT+GF: L.H., 
J.I..YKWYA; Phil, ILY, you 
live in me 12/20/99; TY to 
my angels: Mom, Dad, 
Keith, Kris, Phil + Shef, ILY; 
Divas FLY, Bye. 

Teresa Elfman 

60 Sarah Drive (B) 

MBF's: Dawn, Colleen, + 
Kerry; ILY; TY Jose ILY + 
IWNFY; Trip to N.Y.C. with 
ZE, Dawn + 40; GT + GF 
Ian, C.F., H.C., + Tyisha; 
Dawn @ Stars; Colleen Hit 
it! Kerry's Trunk; Busta, 
IWNFY; GL, Joel, Drew, + 
Fab- 4; TY, Mom , Dad + 
Charlie, ILY 1. 

John William Dowd Jr. 


9 Anna Mayer (B) 

FB1-4Capt; WP 1-4Capt; 
Cruise in the Big Blue 
Beastw/Higgy; NASCAR w/ 
Hammy; MBF Sep; High 
Pond w/ H Hammy; JP w/ 
SEP; All you can eat w/ FB; 
TY, Mr. Buron; Korn w/ Ian 
+ Dave; TY + ILY Mom + 
Dad; ILY, Sep; GL, Lil P. 


William Eburn 

963 North Main Street (R) 

Haha, Geary; "Excuse me, 
aliens" - Doofy; Eburn Grind; 
Bios; Full contact basket- 
ball; "If you get a warning, 
ignore it" -Dr. P.; K.T.; Mall 
Manson; D.P. -shot; M.F. - 
Ariel; OF. , space ship; 
Bond- a- thon; No. 

Stephen Durso 
65 Aspen Drive (B) 


Katie Ellis 

1474 Old Pleasant Street (B) 

GT + GF w/Juan, Hubble; 
Wrench @ Plymouth; Nip; 
Power lines; Bond fires; Off 
roading w/ Heather, Jacqui 
+ Ray in the muddy Jeep 
"Bad girls go off roading." 
MBF + ILY John 9/99; 
Thank you, Mom, Dad + 
Jess; Good grief, its over! 

Adam Faria 
109 Crapo Street (B) 

Nicole Federico 


50 Charles Street (B) 

H.O..MBF; The Barn, NYE, 
sleepovers, N.C., Mr. Bean, 
clubbing, GT;M.L, K.F., for 
the love; N.G., driving 
around, IWNF; JP; to my 
friends, IWMY; Mom + Dad, 

Christopher Fernandes 

125 Robin Road (B) 

GT + GF; Cape! Bran's; GT 
@ Yelle's; GF, B.M., S.C., 
I.R., G.Y., Grub, Kim, S.P., 
M.C., John, CD., Desi; 
Worchester w/lan + John; 
TY, Buds; TY, Proctors; 
IWNF the memories; TY, 
Mom Dad, Carmen, ILY. 

Kristin Fortier 
37 South Street (B) 

Jennifer Ann Flannery 

115 Springhill Avenue (B) 

NHS 3-4; AC 1-2; SC 1-2; 
GT + GF Summer of 2000, 
YKWYA; Trucchi's; IWNF 
Studygroups, IWMYA! 
Dancing; JP w/ P.B.; PCC 
'97 + '98; Driving w/ R.H.; 
I'm so blonde! ILY, Mom + 
Dad. GL, Jay + Bri! :) 

Patti Follett 
191 Tearall Road (R) 

NHS 3-4, FLC 1-4 Trips to 
Italy + Mexico; Gym Class 
w/ C.F. + C.P.; IWNF 
Sleepovers + Minigolf w/ 
"Lobsta, Lobsta, Lobsta"; 
A.S. "Ducky"; S.M. Remem- 
berto "Read the sign"; Mom 
+ Dad, ILY; Bye, B-R! 


oat /D\ 

Matthew Ferreir 
399 South MainStreet (R) 

NHS; Golf 1-2; Dungeon, 
Library + Deep Space w/ 
Dr. P.; CS101 w/ Torben; 
Doffy @ BK; TY, Mom + 
Grandma; No.; MBF, D.P. + 
B.E.; No. 


Jillena Furr 


30 Twinbrook Drive (B) 

FB4L,S.C.,H.C. f S.M.;GT 
w/ M.B., L.G., E.M.. C.S.. 
K.L.. + R.B.; 'The Crew"; 
Saquish; VT; IWNF 4/2/00 
celeb w/ C.J.: 5-12-00 w/ 
H.C.,R.S., + B.F.;GLJ.C., 
TY + ILY,Mom + Dad;GL + 
ILY, Franklin; "Let the GT 

Catherine Furtado 

105 Hale Street (B) 

PL 1-4; FLC 2+4; Chorus 2- 
4; GT + GF @ Disney '99; 
The Daily Grind w/ C.P. + 
golf; Halloween '98; 
Sleepovers w/ C.P., S.S., 
P.F.,C.M.;The Exorcist w/ 
IWNFY; ILY, Mom + Dad, 

Peter Georgantas 

1163 Summer Street (B) 

Some birds aren't meant to 
be caged, their feathers are 
just too bright. But, when 
they fly away, part of you 
does rejoice. Still, you feel 
that much more empty that 
they're gone. I guess I'll 
just miss my friends. 

Michael Gill 


324 Bridge Street (R) 

Thanks to my family; Bob 
S. + Michelle G. the best 
friends ever; great times @ 
theD.M. Yes!... Scotty Ma. 
Rides w/ Jeffy B.; Moe ru 
Shaney Baby!! Mad Props 
to "Deah" A.R. 
Delgadas, + Brento; I'll love 
you always, Elise. 

David Gilrein 
56 Gem Circle (R) 

Amy Glavin 
"Ame, Lou" 

167 Pleasant Street (R) 

To MBF: Tiff . TY for always 
being there: We had a lot of 
GT together. ILY + IWMY; 
Also, to Anne + the Katies, 
IWMY. I love ya'll:River 
Rave '01; Flow! Bird: 
Jemima: TY. Mom. Dad. 
Nikki. and Si, ILY. 

Michelle George 
928 Judson Street 

Soc 1-2; Late Nights 
D.M.; Backyard, B.S.,M.( 
no problem any time + lots 
of fun, K.C.; GT w/ N.G. 
L.C.; M.G., lots of sun; 
to all my friends ; B.S., 
for everything, ILY; TY.Mor 
+ Dad + Pups. 

Jessica Amy Golden 

"Jess, Goldy" 
55 Partridge Trail (B) 

FH 1-4; AC 1-4; "The best 
thing about a picture is that 
it never changes, even 
when the people in it do." 
IWNF 10/3; True friends 
know the value of simple 
memories." , Dawn, Mel, 
Jess, + Meg; TY, Mom + 
Dad.lLY;GL,Amy + Kelley. 


Nicholas Gorga 

"Nick, Pitt" 

55 Cindi's Way (B) 

Ski;GT + GF-signsw/A.P. 
+ M. B. (your hero), Rl w/ 
Had (I'll pay); C + C's w/ 
Cush; Iwo (set up) concerts; 
FBw/Franny(G + F = TD); 
JPw/LW.;IWNFY, Sarah, 
IWMY, TY, Mom + Dad; 
GL, K. 

Jeffrey Gonsalves 
280 Church Street (R) 

Adam Gortyea 
60 Stonybrook Drive (B) 

GT + GF; Karate 1 -4; Y2K; 
Fleet w/ Daniels; River 
Rave; Deer Hollow; 
Dutchland; R.O.B.; The 
Spot; Dunks; JP; ILY ,Mom, 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Audrey, 
+ GL;TY,G.W.,S.G.,C.B.; 
C-Ya, Guys + GL. 

Irene Marie Gouveia 

10 Birch Hill Road (R) 

CL 1-4 Capt.; MBF Jenn, 
ILY; 3 Stooges, Ruby's, 
Beach; Kel, Dance Partner; 
Dre; NYE Y2K; The Dew; 
JP @ Merry's; Craig's; 
IWNF GT w/ FAB 4, Gills + 
Mike; Joe 1/22/00 ILY, "You 
are my everything"; TY, 
Mom, Dad, D, E, D + G, ILY 


David Govonlu 

Christopher P. Graham 

18 East Elm Street (R) 

HOC 1-3; FB 1-3; 

reestylers; GT + GF w/ 

C, C.H., K.C., P.D.; Gra- 

lam Chants- YKWYA; JV 
apt. 4-Life; The Nation; 
wo; J. P. 200; Dirty Gird- 
3.M.; Truckboarding; ILY, 
Monica- 1/26/99. 

Kristin Gorman 


93 South Street (B) 

VB2-4; STM-3; WTr2; 
IWNFY, C.S., A.D., J.C., 
NT. + D.Z., ILY w/ all my 
heart; J.D. '00 VB, who let 
the dogs out? C.S. J.I. A.M. 
JPTablebreakinglL.H. Re- 
member the semi! 2/25/99 
B.R. I. L.Y.; 2001 Class, ILY 
+ IWMY; ILY + TY, Mom, 
Dad, + Jen! 


•ad (R) 


Hilary Graham 
116Temi Road (R) 

C.G., E.M.,K.K.,C.L,A.G., 
M.S., and everyone else I 
missed, Thank you for all 
your love and support, with- 
out which I never would've 
made it this far. I Love you 
all. "Blink and you miss a 
beat." Incubus 


Nicole Grosso 

103 Ramblewood Drive (R) 

Dr. 1-4; CG 1; YB4; IWNF 
Summer; "New Guys"; 
Chilly Peppers Clepto! Nik 
+ Lau = Double Trouble; 
Trips to Boston w/ N.F.; GT 
+ GF @ JP; Cape w/ S.L. 
together24-7; Kim, MBFfor- 
ever; Much luv to my girls, 
IWNFY; TY, Mom + Dad! 

Jennifer Halon 


2 Arrowhead Lane (R) 

CL; FH; MBF, Irene, ILY; 
NYE Y2K; concert '00; GT 
@ Mer's; Croc Hunter w/ 
Kel + Pam; 3 Stooges for- 
ever, MBFS, ILY, Beach, 
Ruby's; JP; Dew Crew; GT 
@ C.A. '00; TY, Mom + 
Dad; ILY, Kim; Bye, B-R! 

Kassandra Erin Grant 
424 Hall Street (R) 

YB 4; NHS; Dr. + Mu. @ 
CSPA; To all my friends - 
ILY + IWNFY; T.M. - 128 
mmk? M.H. + L.P. - Dusty 
was called down? GT + GF 
@ JP; L.P.'s before every 
dance; redhead @ TC; 
Voices of America ! GT @ 
Falmouth; To my Family - 
TY + ILY. 

James Edward Gray 

28 Elizabeth Drive (R) 

4; Taxi + Lanchpad; GT @ 
Paker w/ Dave, Big Hitter; 
Divide + Conquer, Umar; 
baby blue wagon; IWNFGT 
WV Hurdlers; NAM Hat; GL 
to all my friends; GT w/ 
Scotty; Gym Hoops; 
Dreamshake + Skyhook; 
TY, Mom + Dad. 

Michael Haggerty 


105 Legge Street (B) 

IWNF: 3/29/98 @ the Fleet, 
WWFPPVS, 8/27/00, CC 4, 
Tr3+4, 1/19/01, N64.PSX, 
DVD nights with the guys, 
RTGP, US1 in NJ + FL, 
R.S., J.V., CL, P.P., T.M., 
J.T.,A.W., + A.L;TY, Mom 
+ Dad; GL, Keith. 

Christine M. Hall 

"Chrissy, Hallah" 

73 Suzanne Drive (R) 

4 Capt.; M.B., Pennies; 
Girl's Nights; FH 10/3/00; 
MD w/ Goya; MBF K.C., 
P.C., M.P., IWNFY; A.H., 
B.W., D.M., K.C., Faith + 
Tim; Jax, Headlines; 
Turtles; The Maid; Mom + 
Dad, ILY + TY; Tim, GL. 

Laurie Grublin 


450 Hayward Street (B) 

FH 1-3; GT+GF; Summer 
'00w/Em + Juls, ILY Guys, 
Ca, Ney, Matt, J.F., S.c|, 
Kim, Ian, K.K., C.F., Lau, 
C.P., K.L, Bran + A.P.; 
Dunks, River Rave '00 4 
am; IWNF the GT! TY 
Mom, Dad, Lane, Don, 
Paul, ILY. 



ndrew Hamilton 
30 Sarah Drive (B) 

1-4; GT+GF: Danny Mac's 
house, Craig 's; Pearl Jam; 
D.M.,S.D.; Fishing w/Dave 
B.F.C.; Saturday nights w/ 
Craig, NHS, concerts; Mobil 
crew + Ashley IWNFY; 
Edge tattoo. Thanks, Mom 
+ Dad ILY, GL, Chris, M.V., 



Hadley A.F. Hanson 

561 Walnut Street (B) 

Soc 1-4; 5 Proms; ILY Girls 
Night Crew, MBF; Motown 
Philly w/Lau, Lind, El, Hall, 
Dani; ACK w/ B.C., AKA 
Slick + Dani; Craig + Brett; 
FL w/Ange; NSYNC park- 
ing; Kell AKA Babes, ILY, 
IWMY;TY,Mom + Dad;GL, 
Alex, GL, '01. 

Elizabeth K. Hardy 
"Liz, Lizzie" 

253 Ramblewood Drive (R) 

GT w/ MBF, YKWYA: Jo- 
NSync, McGraw, antique, 
Matt, J.H.; Ker- ven 
conmigo, rides, M.H., Cape! 
JP@ M.M.;Ali-navy, M.C.; 
Shel + Kate- Leo; Pam, Ka, 
guys; Kim MBF, GL; GT w/ 
the Angels + HOCKEY! 10/ 
21/00; D.Z.;TY, Mom, Dad, 

Andy Harrington 


52 Overlook Drive (R) 

Soc; STr w/ lazy hurdlers; 
NHS; Ski w/ P.C.; I WO w/ 
the boys; Cruisin in the 
GoKart; ZFL Superstars; 
BF2k all day; Metallica con- 
cert; Good times w/ BRISC; 
trips to Braintree w/ J.E. to 
see J.D. and C.E.; WC w/ 

Alan Hawkins 
53 Morris Drive (B) 

Kelly Hayes 

410 South Main Street (R) 

JPw/K.D.;K.O.; Fun times 
Dunks; C.H., GT; S.B., 
GL; KB., TY Foreverything; 
Johnny, TY, you will always 
be in my heart, ILY; Mom + 
Dad, ILY,TY, IWNFY;Jen, 

Kelly Hess 


195 Bradley Lane (B) 

3Tw/GF; Girls, GL, IWMY 
)P @ H.H.; Nysnc + Kiss 
d.C. + C.A. ILY + IWNFY 
H.H. Babes ILY +IWMY 
).B. MBF, ILY, TY for ev- 
erything; Mike ILY 1/29/00; 
L, Meg + Carlene ILY; Dad 
Mom.TY, ILY; Papa, ILY, 

Chantal M. Haviland 

"Chan, Tilly" 

41 Starr Road (B) 

'97 Sleepover; Nip Parties; 
1 2/1 2/98; GT+GF, YKWYA; 
K.B. ILY; D.C. + S.C. GL + 
IWMY; J.M.=4; K.H. GL + 
IWNFY; Nick, TY for always 
being there. ILY + IWNFY; 
GL, together forever; GL, 
Tim;TY, Mom + Dad, ILY + 
IWNFY; GL, Megan; J.L.B.; 

Eric Hill 
"E-Z-E, E-Man" 

1258 Plymouth Street (B) 
RS4, YB4, JP3 + 4; MBF: 
A.B.,Tim, N.F.,B.E.,A.G., 
T.B., K.W.; 12/4/99 ©Toy 
Story 2 + Food court w/ 
Ashleigh @ 8:37; 2- hour 
sleep @ Eastham; ILY, 
others YKWYA; GL all. 


Alex Hoyo 
576 Vernon Street (B) 

Mom and Dad, ILY+TY; S. 
R. K. L. V. IWMY; Risa, ILY 
IWNF 1/2/00, 2/22/00,+ JP; 
GT+GF: D-Man,Tyler,Mike, 
you are MBFS, IWMY; 
GT@BK; S.K., D.R., P.T., 
T.M., J.J., Becky, you guys 
rock; Loriann, TY, IWMY; 
Def Leapard w/ Jesse, 
Dave, + Lori; Hi Alexis; TY, 

Ashlee Johnson 
275 Overlook Drive (R) 

Gregory O. Hiltz 


49 Martin Drive (R) 

BB1-4;FB1-2;STr1;GT + 
GF: YKWYA, GT @ B.W.'s 
+ C.A.'s, S.B. '98, F.C. '99, 
GTw/AUUbuds + GL, GL 
to all my GF, to MBF: 
R.S.,M.B.,C.A. + G.D., GL, 
guys ; Katie, IWMY, Mom + 
Dad, TY + ILY + IWNFY. 

Johanna Catherine Isenor 

457 King Philip Street (R) 

GT + GF, YKWYA; Fun 
times w/ Beth and Kim; 
NSYNC w/ Liz,Kerri,Kim + 
Brie; 7/24/99 @ GW; 
McGraw + Hill; 2/99 @NC; 
Fast food w/McG; Culinary 
w/Erin; GT in Salem; Gym 
To my friends- IWNFY; GL, 
Sis; TY, Mom, Dad, GG, + 
Family, ILY. 

Michele M. Holmes 

"Holmesy, Chele" 

293 Cross Street (B) 

Dr.;GT + GF: YKWYA; KG. 
kettles + plants; M.B., L.D., 
A. A., + J.C. prison drive + 
Roches; R.M. + K.G. 3C's; 
J.Y. snowboarding; Nsync 
w/ J.Y. + K.C.; GT @ 
Spooky World 2000; 
DC+girls' nights; TY, Mom 
+Dad, ILY. 

Kerri Jacques 

6 Althea Street (R) 

SB 1-4Capt.; BB 1-4: Soc 
1-2; Double Timew/S.M.,+ 
A.C.; M-F Macgyver; GTw/ 
D.J. IWMY; GT+GF w/ J. E. 
+ A.H. IWNF; Buffet '00; 
C.H. -Headlines! Iwo; Cliff! 
ILY, Mom, Dad, + Steve- 
TYforeverything! GL, Batta, 


Alyson Marie Innocenz 

"Al, Ally" 
591 South Street (B) 

Soc1-4,Capt.;B.B. 1;Girl 
Nights, ILY + IWNFY; MBF 
Jess, IWNFY; J. P. @ H.H 
River Rave, + Kiss; N.Y. v\ 
L.K., K.C. + J.R.; Fab 
IWNFY; Capt. Yukon w 
J.B.; Summer '99; Monke 
Bread! D.F. IWNFY; TV 
Mom + Dad; GL, Amy, Juli 

Peter Johnson 


410 Auburn Street (B) 

Soc 1-2; Hoc 2-4 JV 
Nip YKWYA; In Plymouth; 
Walmart Carts; B.W.'99; 
C.A.'OO; L.J. w/ Joe + 
Brown; Fourth of July 
YKWYA; Ya, Ricky! C.U. 
YKWYA; TY, Jennay, 
Mom + Pete. 

Amy Kangiser 

"A, Kanga" 

38 Michael Road (R) 

DR 3,4; Chorus 4; GT + GF 
in DR; IWNFY Ground 
Round, Drive Me Crazy; 
IWNFY; To my family ILY, 
TY For Guiding me along; 
H.T., MBF, ILY, TY; AT., 
T.L, L.L, ILY; Bye B-R, 
IWMY, TY! Love always! 

Wayne Johnson 

213 South Street East (R) 

What Up! Much love to the 
42 crew YKWYA. TYtothe 
people who believed in me 
from day one. Special TY 
to my boys from CM, 
YKWYA + the peeps from 
B.R., K.K., B.S.; GT + GF. 
Last but not least to Becky 
ILY, TY. BBdaysw/J.C, 
E.I.!! Peace! 

Danielle Jones 

"Danni, Dee" 

25 Lounsbury Drive (R) 

Ten 1-4; Girls Nights; Ker, 
M-FMacGyver,GL, IWMY; 
Skiing w/girls; Lind, Road 
Trips; Had, NYE '98 +'99; 
Chew + Ker, Faded; Buffet; 
Anne, Eggs; Iwo Jima, 
Summer '00; UNH w/Chew 
+Lind;TY, Mom + Dad;GL, 
Meg, Matt, Ka, + Marky. 

Juliette Keay 

"Julie, Jules" 

22 Temi Road (R) 

Kim, Kelly, Laurie , Maria + 
Amanda; I love you, Jo, 
Jen, Jim, Tom, Mom + Dad; 
Katie, you are forever + 
always in my heart! Good 
luck, Kelly and Kate. 

James Kelleher 


1335 Summer Street (B) 

Ski 1-4; CB 1-4 ; MB 1-3 ; 
JB1-3; PB 1-3; WAC; JP 
w/ the boys ; N.H. w/ A.L. , 
R.C.; GT @ NYE + River 
Rave '00; Dicing w/ the 
crew; Just cruising; Sum- 
mer '00, 7/1 3/00; TY, Mom 
+ Dad , GL to my boys and 
everyone; T.W., ILY. 


Courtney Keane 


115Auburn Street. (B) 

GT w/ Linds, Erin, Ka, Lia, 
Pete, Brett, Adam, Pete, 
Casey, IWMY; JP; Hockey 
Babes; Road Trips Exit 7; 
Girls Nights; Legion w/ 
MBF'S ILY; NYE; Kool-Aid; 
UFO's; Peaceful Meadows; 
TY, Mrs. Buckley IWMY; 
TY, Mom+Dad. 

Krystal Kelley 

171 Ramblewood Drive (R) 
CL1-4;GT + GF;S.L,K.C., 
K.B., GL, IWMY; Pink 
YKWYA; JP Night To 
Remember; NYE, IWNF; 
The Group; Hole in One; 
N.P., GL; 8/26/00; Party's 
TY For the memories, GL 
TY, Mom + Dad, Karen, ILY 



Megan O. Kenealy 

"Megan Dear" 
145 Boxwood Lane (B) 

FH1 -4,10/3; Wr 2-4; Parties 
@ M.K.'s - girl talk; Jenna - 
MBF; R.M.-Best JP date 
PCC-Frisbee; B.B., IWNFY 
Goldy -IWMY; Volvacious 
BTV Weenies; J.B., IWNFY 
K.M., honk! GT+GF 
YKWYA; TY + ILY, Mom + 

John Kenney, Jr. 

Tim Killea 


400 Walnut Street (B) 

FB 1-4; Wr 1-2; BBL 1-2 
GT @ JP w/ J.R. + Friends 
MBF:B.M.,D.N. + M.L;GT 
w/FBTeam @ PapaGino's 
TY, Mom, Dad + Family 
TY, C.C. + S.C.; GT @ 
March Madness @ B.W. 
TY Teens, ILY, South; K.M 
w/ gas 2 bonfire; ILY, Bro. 

Tara Kenney 

"Lil One" , "T" 

198 Comfort Street 


GT + GF: YKWYA; 7/4/98; 
GT @ Brans; Sleepovers; 
River Rave '00; Day Trips; 
JPw/D.G.;GL, L.G., E.M., 
J.C., L.M., M.M., C.P., 
IWMY; ILY, Dave, TY for 
everything; TY + ILY, Mom 
+ Dad; GL, Kristin + Mikayla. 

Laura Jane King 

"LJ, King" 

55 Ashford Lane (B) 

Soc + BB 1-4, Capt; NHS; 
GT + GF, YKWYA; GT w/ 
NYSNC; KISS Concerts; 
Pearl Jam; BRISC; GT @ 
J.R.; Greg, MBF, IWNFY, 
Mom, Dad, ILY, TY; TY, 
Paul, Yam. 

Katherine Louise Krappe 

305 Hayward Street (B) 

FH1-4;S + WTr1-3; VP2- 
4; GT + GF: YKWYA; GT @ 
Bran's, Lau's, Mer's, JP @ 
Mer's; Y2K @ Pam's; Lau - 
MBF TY;FH Gals -10/3/00; 
El - Talks; E.M. TY, GL; 
L.G. - IWMY GL; Kev - 
Mom + Dad; GL, M + M. 



Kaitlyn Kerrigan 
931 King Street (R) 

"We are all angels with bu 
one wing; only by embrac- 
ing can we fly." TY to my 
family + teachers, YKWYA 
IWNFY, H.G., G.V., S.L 
B.W., D.G., P.P.; C.L-4/3 
99- ILY; "You are the tea 
that hangs inside my sou 


Stephanie Ladue 


90 Whitman Street (B) 

GT w/ GF, YKWYA; My 
house; camping w/ P.D. + 
L.M.; Rome w/ Keri; SMB 
@ GW; Hot Night; Cancun; 
NYE; Montreal; K.S., Soph 
Semi; M.W., Pigeons; GL, 
Kel + Gike;D.C.,GLw/Tori; 
Rich, ILY + IWNFY; Good 
Luck, Alicia and Brian. 

Kerry Lane 
5 Turban Road (B) 

Erin Leary 

369 North Main Street (R) 
GL to all my friends YKWYA 
+ TY for all the memories, 
IWNFY;B.T. + A.B. we are 
so bad. 

Maureen Lee 


31 Sully Road (R) 

STr + WTr1-4;FH1;CG4; 
Band 1-3; ILY, Dunks + 
Brighams's crew; NYE @ 
Jen's; Bus rides; Paulie's 
house; Disney '99; Prom; 
GT + GF + MBF: A.K.; 
Football @ Jen's- J.Y..J.C, 
C.F., L.L., + anyone else; 
ILY, Mom, Dad, Pat + Joey. 

Laurie Lenahan 


100-2 Mary Lane (B) 

MB 1-3; Chorus 3-4; Mu. 1- 
4; L.M., J.K., J.S., T.B., 
A.C., IWNF The Chicken; 
Fla. trip; C.P., we =happy! 
K.B. , I wish you were here + 
ILY-8/22/99; TY to my 
family. ..ILY; J.K., Ro- 
chester! C-ya ! 


Lauren Lentini 

And so the story goes 
the little piece traveled near 
and far only to discover, 
am myself!" 

Pezzettino by Leo Lionni 

Julie Lewis 


478 Vernon Street (B ) 

To my friends A. S., A.D., 
L.D., L.P., + K.W.;TYvery 
much, GL, L.D., to A.S., + 
inside jokes like men + we 
all called Paul; To my Mom 
+ Dad, TY for everything; 
To Jonathan, TY, ILY; GL + 
TY to everyone. 

Michael LeClair 

40 Holly Lane (B) 

B 1 -4 Capt. 4; Motorcycles 

nI AL; GL, Friends; 

vlasterbaker @ Dew; Cape 

od w/ Lisa + Family; 11/ 

1 7/98- Lisa, TY for all your 

ove + support, ILY; TY, 

|!I i/lom , Dad , Renee, family + 

* Bod for all you have done. 

Melissa Lincoln 

"Melitt, CPK" 
5 Jaclyn Way (B) 

GT + GF:MBFs: J.Y.,S.M., 
GT@ JP; The Mazda; Holy 
Handle; you smiling for me? 
Sweet J; For The Love! TY 
for everything, YKWYA; ILY 
Mom, John, Mimi 
Grandpa; GL, Lindsay, ILY; 


Stephanie Looney 
861 Pine Street (R) 

Adam J. Lucia 
135 Legge Street (B) 

MWA2-4; Ski 1-4; Band 1- 
3; TY + GL to The Boys: 
M.B.; GT + GF @ Mock 
Trial; GT in N.H. w/ R.C., 
J.K., + O.M.J. ; TY, J.L, + 
R.C., GL; TY, N.V.; TY, 
Mom +Dad; GT+GF Sum- 
mer '00, YKWYA; "Stay 
Gold, Ponyboy!" 

Jonathan Lindberg 
1643 South Street (B) 

Best times w/ GF 
yoofgroop; ruxben limits; 8- 
1 2 w/R.R.; Mr. V's Spanish 
coolboarders! eye of the ti- 
ger; tues. night studies; TY 
+ ILYMom + Dad;GLMel,+ 
Chris w/ the biz; our God is 
an awesome God, later. 

Erik Lipus 

Marlyn Lopez 


120 Briarcliff Road, 

Apt. 7 (R) 

VB 2; Str 2-3; Wtr 2-3; YB; 
GT+GF in French class, 
YKWYA; IWNF all of my 
friends; To M.N. + S.M., 
IWNF English class + 
Gracias por su amistad! 
IWNF 8/5/00 @ Six Flags; 
ILY, Mom + Dad; TY, forthe 
GT+GF BR! GL, 2001! 

Chris Lovell 

"Dr. Love" 

55 Conant Street (B) 

BB; FB Div.; Str; Lovell aka 
Dr. Love, in the house.; GT 
+ GF w/ Mike L. + Jeff T.; 
TY all my teachers + GF; 
ILY, Mom + Dad;BR-BBall 
the way; The Ladies Man. 


Meghan Lynch 

Katelyn MacMillan 

"Kate, Goose" 
30 Virginia Drive (B) 

■IHS 3-4; I WNF study 
roups w/S.M., J.F., DP., 
1.N., + LP.;ToMBF'sMatt 
Dan, thanks for always 
eing there for me, I love 
ou! Hey to the True Value 
:rew: M.C., J.E., + N.P.; 
hanks for everything, Mom 
Dad, I love you !!! 


Stefanie Lusky 

109 Bay berry Road. (R) 
GT @ JP + River Rave. GL 
J.F. I A.S.,J.O.,D.C. 1 +LM. 
TY,D.S.,P.C., + C.S.IWNF: 
C.S. + M.G.;TY + ILY, Ma, 
Dad, Greg, + family. TY for 
the GT + memories, 
YKWYA: Pleasant Field 
Boys. ILY, Peter. 

Brian Lyman 
123 Green Street (B) 

It took a little while, but I 
have done a lot of growing 
up in my years here; So I 
guess I feel good about my 
overall accomplishment; 
But I couldn't have done it 
without Nicole; I love you; 
Thanks for being there. 

Daniel MacKinnon 
35 Lantern Lane (B) 

w/ A.H., S.D., G.D., S.B.; 
GT @ JP w/ everyone; 
B.W.'s house, '99; C.A.'s 
summer '00; GT in FL w/ 
J.C.; The Bend Crew, J.C., 
D.M..K.M.; Tim + Faith '00; 
TY, Mom, Dad, and my bros. 

Shannon C. Mackinnon 

20 Alexander Drive (B) 

GT + GF: S.C., H.C., J.F., 
M.L, M.B., J.M., J.O.; 1+2 
GT w/ The Crew ,YKWYA 
GT @ J.M.; Tedeschi's w/ 
H.C., J.F., S.C.; So many 
memories; GT @ N.P.; G.A. 
IWNFY; Study Sessions @ 
S.C.; TY, Mom, Dad, Julie, 
+ Chris-T, ILY; GL, T.S., 
J.C., J.S., J.R., K.O. I will 
get by. 

Lia Macrina 

50 College Road (B) 

MU 1-4; SB 1-4; GT w/ 
Eddie; A.C., GL; GT w/ 
Linds, Erin, Ka, Corka, Brett, 
Adam, Pete, Casey, 
Blowella; Legion, IWNFY; 
P.D., TY; JP; Smack! On- 
set; The Movie Game @ the 
canal; MBF, ILY; "Isn't that 
Exit 5?" "Smile"; TY,Mom , 
Dad + Marc. 

Jessica Mantia 


455 Forest Street (B) 

GT + GF; MBF: B.M..C.H. 
M.R. + S.P. Pleasant field 
C.H. + D.C, Salem; B.M.+ 
J.C., IWNFY; Dance, M.N., 
A.K., H.L, GL; Scott, ILY + 
IWNFY; Keep Smiling! Mom 
+ Dad, TY + ILY. 

Anthony A. Martin 

294 Flagg Street (B) 

GT+GF @ BR; Mexico 4/00 
- Burning is bad! FLC, "Y 
that?" NHS 3-4; YB & RS; 
Fria B. 128 mmk? K.G.; 
She's coming in for a land- 
ing, A. L; Voices of America; 
To all my friends, YKWYA, 
Thank you for four great 
years! Fish + Chips. 

Derek Maheux 
20 Amherst Avenue (B) 

Yeah Club B.N.; J. P.; 
Craigs house; Bretts 
house; Dolphin; GT w/ 
my boys, S.D., A.H., 
G.D., IWMY; Buck, be 
lost w/o you; Riverbend 
Crew; TY Mom, Dad, 
Amanda, ILY; IWMY K.H. 

Jill Marinella 
502 Plymouth Street (B) 

Brandon Maltby 

2035 Pleassant Street (B) 

GT + GF: Utah + Montreal; 
Ian + Matt; Y2K; KoRn, River 
Rave, Greg's House 
Chuck's @ Cape + NH, 
Swiss Ville, JR Prom, Fish- 
ing Trips: YKWYA; Ian, G.Y., 
Matt, Sean, Scott, Kerri, 
A.S., TY for the GT's; TY, 
Mom, Dad, Erik, Missy, 
Lauren, ILY. 

Scott M. Marr 

"Scotty Marr" 

395 Cherry St. (B) 

AC 1-4; MBF's: P.J., A.R. 
ever; New Kid Group '96, 
C.S.; Sanitarium '00, A.R. 
X2;GT + GFw/J.N., M.L., 
D.N.; Sledding accident w/ 
ILY Mom, Dad + Amanda. 

Kyle Marden 
30 Ashtead Road (B) 

Champs X3; M.V '00 m 
BAAD; Safety Escort 
Rule; Summers @ M.V; Ski 
Trips w/B.W.; JPw/A.M 
11,53,74;TY,Mom + Dad 
GL, Lora. 


Nicole Martorana 


169 Judson Street (R) 

Pasta Parties! S Tr w/ B.S., 
L.S., S.G., J.C.; I love 
smores, L.S.; Full Moon 
L.P.; ILY, B.L + IWNFY; 
Mar./4/98 + our walk up 
town; Italy 4/1; NYE @ R.M. 
+ R.M. 2 Dates; GL to all my 
friends IWMY + IWNFY! 




Steve Mattie 
14 Worcester Street (B) 

Kerri Ann McGovern 
"McG, McGovern" 
306 Temi Road (R) 

GT + GF; L.H., J. I., A.B. 

Hockey babes L.D.; C.K. 

The Angels; JP w/ K.R. 

Liz, rides in your car 


glowstick + Jon; IWNF all 

the GT w/ MBFs, ILY; 

Mommy, Daddy, Sisters, 

Gram + Pops, ILY + TY; 


Karen Masefield 


120 Ashtead Road (B ) 

GT w/ EJ, Lindsey, Lia, 
Court, the guys IWNFY; 
Girls Nights; UFO; Legion; 
Boston; HockeyBabes; 
K.M., L.H; Onset; Road 
Trips; Exit 7; BU; Bentley; 
GT w/ M.B., A.P. IWNF 
momobobojojo; windows; 
skittles; TY, Mom, Kel, Col, 

Robert A. Mastria 


636 Pleasant Street (R) 

US1; NHS VP; 3c's M.H.; 
Quality Time w/ L.P; TY, 
Bryan; Drive Team '99; 
Cruisin' w/ J.B.; Study 
Group Notes; Marco Polo; 
TY, Moe; GT @ UMASS; 
Spooky World; TY, Dad, 
Trip to CA, CO, NY; TY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, Al + Cris; 
TY, N.M., ILY. 

Andrew Jon Maynard 


8 Macy Street (R) 

Football 1-4; Chorus 2; 
Thanks to all for 4 great 
years. Thanks, Coach 
Buron, Coaches + players, 
I had fun. Thanks, cheer- 
leaders; Mrs. Murphy, ILY + 
miss you; Thanks, Mom 
+ Nana, ILY. 

Megan McGarry 
5 Walnut Street (B) 

GT + GF;M.L +S.M.;GL, 
Amy + Jason, ILY;GL, D.M., 
E.M., K.M., + S.B; Manny, 
you are the one who has 
always been there for me, 
TY. If it wasn't for you, I 
don't know where I would 
be. ILY w/ all my heart. 


Laura B. McGoodwin 

101 Village Gate Drive (B) 

FH 1-4; W + S Tr 1-2; FH 
gals IWNF bus rides; K.K. 
MBF, TY; GT + GF: 
YKWYA; E.M., L.G., K.A., 
A.M., E.S. IWMY + TY; 
M.R., TY for everything, 
IWNFY; K.Q. 8/13/99 ILY + 
IWNFY; Mom + Dad, TY + 
ILY; Kate, Bev, Drew, ILY! 

Sean McGovern 


37 Walter Drive (R) 

C.G.,E.M.;IWO; Park Ave; 
Hoc 1-4; Hurdlers; IWNF 
Dan, Chris, Evan, Pat, Mike, 
Rob, Chew, K.J., D.J.. + 
Everyone else; TY, Mom, 
Dad, + Dave; Goodnight; I 
win; Undercover Captain. 

Lynsey Meaney 


590 Vernon Street (B) 

Vernon; River Rave + 
Eminem; Jr. Semi; M.M.'s; 
K.S., that's my ride home; 
Cancun; NYE 2000; To all 
my friends, YKWYA, 
IWNFY; TY, Mom, Dad, + 
Alicia; K.R., ILY; To MBF 

Katie E. Monahan 
"Kate, Katester" 

20 Meeting Square Drive (B) 
GT@ Puerto Rico, Nsync + 
3DD w/ Tiff; Cruisin'; 
RiverRave; Jemima; Flow; 
Shafta, I WNF Stiltz + Myers 
+ Death of the probe! 
"Hubbadaha"; Anni, 3hr 
talks; GT@ Jordan's w/ the 
crew; ILY Mom, Dad, + 
Linny; K.B., IWNFY; GL 
Eric, Matt + '01 

Marc McGuire 


1481 Vernon Street (B) 

Hoc 1-4, Capt.;GTw/J.D., 
J.C.,C.P.,G.Y.,S.C. ) G.D., 
G.C., A.P., M.M., D.G., + 
T.K.; Em dawgs 4 life; River 
Rave 2000 w/ the crew; ILY 
+ IWNFY, Ta!GL, Jen; TY + 
ILY, Mom + Dad for every- 


Anne McLaughlin 
91 Macy Street (R) 

FH 1-3; Chatham '00; K.K. 
Speeding; L.M. GT; New 
Years '01;Y2K@P.R.;M.C 
+ P.R. dare in Civic; L.M 
Horseneck; D.J. eggs sign 
eryone! Thanks, Dad, Mom, 
Brian + Jean, ILY! 

Evan Melford 
20 Sherwood Lane (B) 

Golf 1-4; Ten 1-4; Ski 1-4; 
GT @ Iwo Jima, Nip, Z's, 
River Rave, NYE 2000, JP 
w/ the stang, Freestyler's 
nights, + OSL w/ the boys; 
GTw/GF,S.M.,D.C M C.G., 
M.D.,M.A., + P.V.,GL,boys; 
TY, Mom + Dad for every- 
thing + GL, Elise. 


Leah Milan 


42 Austin Street (B) 

Jamie Melchionne 
20 Palmieri Circle (B) 

Thankyou Mom, T.M., CM., 
+T.P.; IWNFY Nicholas; RIP 
E.B. + J.D.;MBFN.F.,J.L, 
J.G., + G.G.; Thinking of 
you always, S.B. + J.D.; 
Thank you, E.A. for being 
there for me; GL, T.H. w/ 
B.S.; GL J.G., N.F., J.Lj 
J.C.;TY, Wayne, XOXOXO 



Matthew Moore 


30 Tabway Lane (B) 

UT+ Montreal w/ Ian + Bran; 
S.P., A.D., K.P., Ca, Sully, 
Chad, Sean, K.L., Grub, 
Daly, M.M., Gurge, K.S.; 
Roger Watters; RiverRave; 
Yelle's, Bran's, Thanks 
buds; GL, Tracy, TY, Mom 
+ Dad; IWNFY, Diana. 

Elizabeth Joy Morlani 

10 Alexander Drive (B) 

TY, to MBF's: L.D., L.M., 
H.C., K.O., B.W., H.G., 
+ J.K.; TY, Mom + Dad for 
the love + patience; TY, 
Mr.P + Ms. B; Mike, GL; 
Billy, ILY; The time is gone 
the song is over, thought I'd 
something more to say. 

Kendra Morana 

"Giggles, K-Dog" 

15 Goodwin Street (B) 

IWNF all my years in H.S.; 
the BSB concert 9/3/99; TY 
to all my teachers, Ms. 
Stone + Mr. Brogna; Semi 
'99, TY to my friends + fam- 
ily; to my Mom, Dad + J0J0, 
ILY; to all my freshmen + 
the rest of my friends, my 
teachers IWMY, GL, every- 

Emily Beth Morey 

"Em, Em-Dawg" 

1845 Plymouth Street (B) 

FH 1-4;GT + GF:Ta, Lau, 
C.P., K.L, S.C., J.F., CA, 
I.R., Bran; Summer of '00 
w/J.C. + LG.ILY + IWNFY; 
River Rave '00! 3/25/00 @ 
UMASS; 4 a.m.; Dunks; 
B.M,C.F., + S.L; friends for 
life, Guire; TY + ILY, K.K.; 
TY ,Mom + Dad; GL, Dal + 


Erin E. Moura 
South Main Street (R) 

TY, Mom, Dad, Kelly, Chris, 
and Patti, for getting me 
through the very hardest 
time in my life. Without you 
I would have never had the 
strength to come back and 
try again. ILY all and IWNF 
what you have done for me. 
Goodbye, BR. 

Joseph Munise 
38 Howard Street (B) 

Shannon L. Moynihan 
10 Kathleen Road (B) 

MBF's M.L,K.S.,J.Y.,K.P. 
Gals, IWNF 10/3/2000! 
groups! the Mazda; Sum- 
mer 2000! K.B., IWNFY; 
holy handle; Englishw/M.L.; 
TY, Mom, Dad + Jen, ILY! 
GL, Peter. 

Brent Mulligan 
86 Lounsbury Drive (R) 

IWNFthe Y5days; Record- 
ing @ Rob's + Chief's; Blink 
shows; S.S.: Hanging w/ 
MXPx; Fake I.D.rockin' the 
world; Warped Tour; Old 
school ZFL; Nick's Dad; 
Fenix Tx + New Found 
Glory; "So sorry it's over"- 
Blink 182. 

Michael Mui 
40 Robin Road (B) 

Shawnie Murphy 

Mike Myers 
696 North Street (B) 



Matthew G. Noblin 
55 Woodland Drive (B) 

1 +2; YB 3+4; NHS 4; Study 
Groups...; PCC; Spain! 
Shirley Matta Dance com- 
pany; bumming around 
BSC + the Y; TY, Mom + 
Dad, Nanas + Phil, ILY, 
I WNFY Grampy; TY.Leslie, 
Ms. White+ Ms. Holt; GL, 

Susan Jean Noblin 

730 Pleasant Street (R) 

BB 1-4 CAPT. Ten 1-4 
CAPT Soc 1-3; GT W7 
MBF's @ M.C., NYE Y2K, 
Naples, 90210 nights, The 
Dew Crew, Runs w/ Kel, JP 
w/J.B.; Justin JWNFY, 4/9/ 
99, ILY; Carrie, MBF; ILY, 
Mom, Dad, + Johnny, TY; 
GL, C.S., K.S., + M.C. 

Dave Noone 


181 Walnut Street (B) 

FB 1-4; '98 Champs; BBL 
1-4; GT w/MBF, T.K.; GT 
@ JP w/ L.A.; JP party @ 
H.H.; Superbowl Parties @ 
C.A.;GTw/allmyGF + GL 
to you all; TY, Mom + Dad; 
GL, Brian + Kristi. 

Jessica L. Nadeau 

625 Oak Street (B) 

Well, it has been a gre<' 
four years. I want to thanl- 
all my friends: G.V., H.G. 
K.K..A.R., Abby, S.M.,+1 
everyone else for their suf 
port. To my parents + K. 
TY for the support, ILY all 
S.F. ILY + TY for ever 

Kristi J. O'Brien 
36 Murray Circle (R) 

Soc 1-3, BB 1-4, SB 1-4 
Capt;LK + H.HCIane,C.O, 
where is it? GT w/ K.K.L 
Girl! MBF: M.S., J.J, C.P, 
GT w/ M.M + J.D; Blue 
bomber w/H.W, N.M, L.F; 
Get lost w/ J.J; TY, K+M+J 
you're MBFS, ILY; TY, Mo 
+ Dad, ILY; GL, M + K. 


Heather Osta 


18 Wall Street (B) 

N.F., BF The Barn, NYE, 
sleepovers, Mr. Bean, Club- 
bing, GT; T.B., My Baby, 
J. P. Magic, ILY; M.L., 
GT+GF; J.M., M.N, J.L., 
Nintendo, Mom, Dad, Nana, 
Auntie, ILY, TY; Dancing 
Forever, IWNF, "I've Had 
The Time of My Life". 

Alison Paul 

"AliPaul, Amper" 

80 Brookside Drive (B) 

apt. CC; Gym; STr; MBF, 
i/I.B.; Windows w/ K.M. + 
rf.B.;A.C.; NYE '00 w/ my 
|irls; Summer 2000, Iwo 
ima + Camping; JP dance; 
^nd Chocolate; Pillows w/ 
).C. + S.M.; ILY, Ricky; 
5L, L.L + C.B.; IWNF all 
ne good times! 

Jon O'Donnell 


59 Roberts Road (B) 

Soc 1 -4; JVsuperstars w/ Z, 
Andy, Dan; ZFL; GT @ C.G. 
Iwo Jima; A.D. Golfstar; 
Alex + M.P., Derek GL w/da 
band! IWMYA; A.H. + C.A. 
@ Mobil; Limp Concert GT: 
SKI 1-4; Hi, 

B.F. + M.B.TY;TY,Mom + 
Dad, Pat ILY; GL to all mis 
amigos IWMY! 

John Ortiz-Merrill 

Kim Welcome Pacheco 

830 Judson Street (R) 

CL Capt, Track; GT @ G. Y.'s 
(Shed); JP- Mer's; Lav Zip; 
Des-TX River, Cancun; Ca, 
Ney, Ker, Grub, S.P., M.M., 
Pink, ILY; FL w/ Lu, Kait, 
Kate; Cape night swim w/ 
the memories, TY; TY, Mom, 
Dad, Kev. 

Caitlin Joyce Par low 

50 Riverview Drive (B) 

GT @ B.M., J.C.; GT w/ 
M.M. + J.D.; T.O., O.B.'s, 
M.S., TY + ILY; 10-3, FH 
gals; 10-31 @ J.C.; Bill + 
Joe, MBFS, ILY, TY; Spud, 
ILY, IWMY; Mom, Dad + 
Jill, TY + ILY. 

Arthur Pashalopoulos 

489 King Philip Street (R) 

BB (sort of); Drama 3-4; 
Thanks, Buds! YKWYA; GT 
@ Sean's Birthday; Chucks; 
Brandon's; BDP's 

Dutchland; IWNFConcerts; 
Rave; "I wanna talk to 
Sampson"; ILY, Mom + Dad! 
Thanks, Lee! We all owe 

r ~i 


Scott Peterson 

2 Meadowbrook Road (R) 

From'97-'01 nothing but GT 
with GF, IWNFY; TY, G.Y., 
B.M., I.R.,S.C.,J.W.,K.P., 
A.S.,K.S.,E.W.,N.P.,S.G. I 
J.C., D.CR.B., and every- 
one else you know who you 
are. Special thanks to Mom, 
Dad, Sis, Bro, Love Ya, 
Good Luck; Lata BR! 

Patrick Picher 

Adam Pina 
28 Rose Terrace (R) 

Christina Powers 
205 Oak Street (B) 

CG3+4, PL1-4,GT + GFin 
Dr. 4; IWNF Disney 99'; JP 
w/ M.C. awe so Peaceful; 
Hey, P.F., CM. Lobsta, 
Lobsta; Lobsta; J.S. straw- 
berries w/ sand; To the B-R 
sleepovers w/ C.F.; Mom, 
Dad, Andy + Zach, TY + 

Lisa Poirier 

885 North Main Street (R) 
MB 1-4; DM; SB 1-3; NHS; 
Mu; GT @ JP; IWNF Girls 
Nights! Voices; Red Head 
@ TC; Pixie Stix! Water- 
melon? A.C., Santa Dance; 
A.B.- River Rave; R.M.- 
QualityTime! Italy w/J.C., 
N.M. + R.S.;MBFs, IWNFY; 
TY, Mom + Dad;GLA.P. 

Scott Porto 
44 Fairbanks Road (R) 


Tina Marie Pittore 

135 South Street (R) 

GT + GF, YKWYA; JP w/ 
S.W., IWNFY; NYE '99: 
Myrtle Beach w/ C.S.; DME 
Concerts w/ Shell; Lu : 
Veggie! C.H., Turtles; K.S.. 
3 a.m.; J.C. + L.S, Firebush 
Chuck, red lights? L.M., the 
ditch; Sa, 80's ring; ILY 
Artie, Dre, Mom + Dad. 

Daniel Precourt 
303 Ramblewood Drive (R) 

Dr. P., Deep Space + The 
Dungeon; Matt, BSC w/ 
Torben; Huh?; IWNF Study 
Group w/ K.M., S.M., L.P., 
J.F. + M.N.,GT + GF;Mom 
+ Dad, TY; To all my awe- 
some freinds, YKWYA, 
IWNFY; Kate, MBF, you're 
amazing, ILY + IWNFY. 

Anthony Puleo 


383 White Street (R) 

GTw/A.S.,E.W.,J.C, K.S, 
A.S., LM..H.C, R.B., S.P., 
I.R. I K.K. I B.M.,C.C.,C.M. I 
M.J; w/ ends @ Greg's + 
Aaron's, word to your 
mother; Bubbles; Dave; 
high roller; TY, family; GL, 
class, 42. 

Barbara Quinn 

"BJ, Barb" 

54 Marrianne Drive (B) 

CG 1-4; Capt 4; AC 2-4; 
SADD 2-3; TY, Ms. Winsor 
+ Ms. White; NY w/ AC! FL 
'98; MBF:C.P., A.B., R.F., 
S.W., ST., IWNFYG; Irish 
girls do it better! TY, Gigi + 
the Girls; TY, Mom + Dad + 
Shannon + Alicia, ILYG; to 
everyone else, Good Luck. 

Pamela Rabouin 

"Pam, Pammy" 

115 Elm Street (R) 

Soc1-4;SB1-3;GT w/my 
girls; Naples '99, NYE Y2K, 
NSYNC, Parties @ Cam's, 
The Dew Crew, 90 
Nights, Fairbanks 
sleepovers; JP w/ Joe; El 
Sarah, Merry, Meg + Car- 
rie, ILY; TY, Mom, Dad, + 
Jay, ILY. 

Tyler Rhodes 

Rob Ricciardi 

"Super Rob" 

185 Grange Park(B) 

GT + GF: STr + Ski; IWNF 
MBF I.C., IWNF All of the 
hurdlers.; Top Gun blast 
offs in Parking lot.; Parking 
budd - T.M.; IWMY hearts 
on computer w/S.C; IWNF 
VB w/ M.D., M.Z., M.L.; 
IWNF the crazy stunts w/ 

Jessica Rawlins 


115 Plymouth Street (B) 

WTr + STr 1-4 Capt; Sod - 
4;GT + GF @ Girls Nights; 
4Proms; Nationals w/ Mol, 
MBF Ally, TY + GL; My boys, 
Kyle, Ry, Luth; GT @ C.A. 
9/4/00; Jay L. IWNFY; TY, 
Mom + Dad, ILY; TY, 
"brother" I kept the faith! 

Pamela M. Ring 


220 Bedford St. (B) 

It's been fun w/ MBF's; 
sharin' + makin' stories; J. Y., 
WhipCream!; M.K. @ Maui; 
D.D..T.B., J. S., Lunch chat; 
S.A., Coachin'; R.C., K.F., 
D.W., CVS Crew; To All My 
Boys + Bri "Hey, Babe"; 4 
yrs is up "GRR"; I'll luv + 
miss y'all forever. 

Brian Robinson 


28 Crapo Street (B) 

Hey! IWNF The Group, ski, 
BHA w/Tim; YMCA w/ Mel, 
frisbee; McD's crew; 
YKWYA.; Jess, GL, we will 
be in touch.; Pat, "my lovely 
brother, for you see there is 
no other. Memory so sad + 
sweet, I'll see you soon save 
me a seat." 



Desiree Elice Rose 
"Dizzy, Jumping Bean" 

51 Bramblewood Street (B) 

CL2-4;Soc1-2;GT + GFw/ 
Fab 5, Val, Lisa, Kristen, 
Erin; K when it rains; L spi- 
der woman, V tent, Spins, 
TX, up in T.Q.; 7/3! C.P. 
Casa; ILY, M.J.; NYE '99 
Facetirst; Cancun '00;GT@ 
mi casa; Pink; C.F. ILY; TY, 
Mom + Dad. 

Carolyn Lindsay Sacchetti 

19 Rowayne Park (B) 

GT + GF;MBF's Ney.K.L, 
Shan, S.C., J. F., Kim, Grub 
,Em,Lau, + Ma;JPw/G.Y.; 
GW '99 + '00; FL w/ Co!; 
IWNF Summer 2000; Bo- 
nus Nite; Lau, my twin! Fab 
4, IWNFY, TY; Ney, MBF, 
TY + ILY, Mom, Dad, + 

Ashley Blanca Rodrigues 
45 Jane's Way (B) 

CL1234, MBFs, TY for the 
loyalty + laughter! Dennis 
.always be yourself (Cute)! 
Mom + Dad I can't TY 
enough, ILY! "Life is all a 
memory, except for one 
present moment that goes 
by you so quickly that you 
hardly catch it going." 

Aaron Rovaldi 


30 Vera Drive (B) 

AC-4; Shellshocked for- 
ever; MBF's - S.M. + M.G.; 
"Gilly"; Sanitarium '00- S.M. 
+ A.R.; Pearl drums + Vic 
Sticks for life; GT w/GF, 
S.M., M.G., J.N., + H.G.; 
ILY, Mom, Dad, Abby + Jen. 

Ian Rollins 

FB1; BB1; JP @ Meri's; 
Bran's house; Greg's 
house; Y2K; GT w/ G.Y., 
S.P., J.W., V.V., A.P.; A.S., 
D.L IWNFY; Utah + Canada 
Mat + Bran; Val, GL, Love 
You; Mom ,TY, IWNFY; 
N.S.;GL, 2001. 

Jessica Rosen 


457 South Street (B) 

NHS; Ski 1-4; JP was a blast 
Girls Nights w/Mel, Dawn 
Jess; The "Group" is fori 
ever, YKWYA + you guys 
are MBF's; ILY + IWNFY 
"Never give up on the gooc 
times, living it up is a state o 
mind." TY, Mom, Dad, E. 
+ B.R., ILY. 

Marcy Ruehrwein 
258 East Street (B) 

GT + GF w/ A.G.; IWNF 
Semi w/D.P., J.B., + B.M.; 
IWNFJPw/D.P.;GL,Ash + 
M.R.;TY + ILY, Dad, Mom, 
Chris, Keith, Chandler, 
Robbin, Blake, Michael, 
Zane;TY + ILY Dan; 10/20/ 
99, 1 0:43; GT w/ Fro; I want 
to say some thing: Fine! 


Ellen Sanderson 


452 King Street (R) 

FH 1-4; Ten. 1-4; IWNF 
DMBw/J.C.,C.P„ + L.G.; 
GT w/ GF @ B.W., K.M. + 
C.A.(BB);JP@M.C.;FH + 
Tennis Chats; IWNF 10/3/ 
00; P.R. fate! Hawaii, J.C.; 
Y2K @ P.R.; GT w/ MBF, 
A.M.; GT @ concerts 
Mom, Dad, + Katie. 

Ryan Schleicher 

923 North Main Street (R) 

Soc 1-4, Capt., OCL 
Champs; BBL 1-4, Capt.; 
BB 1-4; Class Pres.; NHS; 
GT w/ GF; GT w/ the boys 
@ MV; JP @ Had's; 
Sunday's @ the Dew w/ 
P.R. + S.C.; Aerosmith w/ 
Baad; Steak dinners w/ 
Jess; GT @ Craig's; TY, 
Mom, Dad, + Jenn, ILY. 


Keri Shunstrom 
78 Cherry Street (B) 

.P.,B.M.,Nino, + YKWYA. 
» WNF weekends @ S.L., 
i.Y., Vernon, 6-Flags, yea- 
ynz- I'm your ride home 

(•Steph- GT in Rome 
\manda-w/ends @ Dunks 
romyfamily-ILY + TY;ILY, 
3teve!GL, class of 2001! 

Katelyn Sankus 


34 Ramshead Road (R) 

IWNF: GT w/ GF @ the 
Cape summer '00 w/ the 
N.G., N.Y., A.R., S.C.: We 
may not have it all together 
but together we have it all; 
GT @ K.C.'s; ladies lounge; 
time of my life. 

Rebeckah L Sergi 


1558 South Street (B) 

RS 1-4; NHS 3-4; S Tr 2; 
Jav Girls love smores;PCC; 
Cape 1999; GT + GF:N.M., 
LP., J.C., J.Y., S.M., M.L, 
Concerts '98-'00; MBF J.B., 
ILY + IWMY; GL, Amanda; 
ILY + TY, Mom, Pam, Nana 
+ Papa; ILY + IMY, Dad + 
Rainy; IWNFY, Mikey + 

Katharine A. Schavrien 

"Schav, Shafta" 
290 Laurel Street (B) 

FH 1+3; STr 1-2; WTr 1-2; 
GT + GF w/ L.W., M.L., 
S.M..T.B., A.A.;Funwayw/ 
YKWYA;RiverRave; 3DD; 
Stiltz + Myers; K.M., IWNF 
The Death of the Probe! 
GT @ Jordan's w/ the crew; 
K.B., IWNFY; ILY, Mom + 
Dad; GL, Al + Meg! 

Christine Schmuck 
15 Sunset Lane (B) 

Wr2-4; VB 2-4 Capt.4; Who 
let the Dogs out! IWNF: 
K.G., T.P., NT, J.C., L.S., 
LW.,A.D,M.M.,M.B; Tail- 
gating w/ M.M., L.S., + J.C. 
@ Metallica! Myrtle Beach 
w/ T.P! The Raptor; ILY, 
Mom + Dad; see ya, B-R, 
thanks for the memories. 

Robert M. Sharland 

76 Center Street (R) 

BBL 1-4; Hoc 2-3; M.G. + 
M.G., nights in the back- 
yard; M.G., Texas; E.W. + 
S.P., Camping; M.G., 
Thunderbird; GL, M.G., 
D.G.; Fishing trip, M.G.; 
nights at the Dairy Maid; 
TY, Dad; M.G., ILY. 

Joel M. Simpson 
1234 South Street (B) 

It's been a fun four years w/ 
D.S.,T.S.;GT @ FB, WR, 
Ski, + DR; LBC w/ A.H., 
T.S., S.K., + D.S. ; JP w/ 
The Crew + S.M. ; To MBF 
: "Good Luck, I'll Miss You." 
; SSC w/ the work crew ; 
thank you, Mom + Dad. 


Jaclyn Sly 


72 Concetta Drive (B) 

CB + MB1-4;DM + Pres4; 
Pit 1 -4; chorus 3+4; PL 1 -4; 
IWNF Disney '99! The Daily 
Grind w/C.P. + C.F.; mini- 
golfing w/ MBFs; skiing in 
NH! strawberries + sand! 
TY, G.H., V.C. + P.M.;ILY, 
Mom. Dad, + Terri; GL to all 


Amanda Hope Smith 

450 Vernon Street (B) 

w/ C.H.; Band bus rides; 
Disney w/ L.L. + K.R.; I was 
sweating like a hog! Mexico 
w/ P.F. + C.J.; Stay out of 
my aural! MBF J.L. + A.D.; 
Look! Men! TY, Mom + Dad, 
ILY; GL, K.S. 

Nickolas Smith 

Amanda Snow 
Elm Street (B) 

Bethany Ann Sousa 

19 Concetta Drive (B) 

YB 4; GT + GF through the 
years, IWNFY, YKWYA! 
Conroy*s Whale Watch; 
Jimmy Buffet Concert + 
shopping w/L.F.; Great driv- 
ing skills; GT w/ Johanna + 
Kim; Ian, ILY. MBF, IWNFY 
TY, Family; GL, Krystina; "I 
am who I am, I'll do what I 

Michael Sousa 

15 Appletree Circle (B) 

S.P., CO.; GT Summer 
2000: GL. Everyone; 
thanks. Mom and Dad. 

David Stelmach 
434 Church Street (R) 


Lindsey A. Sullivan 

34 Bobwhite Lane (B) 

Soc1;BB1;SB1; VB2-4; 
STr2-4; US 1-4; FLC 2-3; 
NHS; FLC Mexico Trip; Jav 
girls love smores; VB Pasta 
Party; Red-Head @ GW; 
GT@ STrw/N.M., R.S., + 
S.G.; J.C., LP., A.C., + all 
myfriends, IWMY; TY, Mom 
+ Dad, ILY; GL, Shan. 

Patrick Sullivan 
150 Green Street (B) 

GF@ Yellw's, Bran's; River 
Rave (I. C. @ STP); 
Skynyrd shows; TY, Lee, 
B-R, + Buds, I owe it all to 
you! Art, Sean, Ian, Greg, 
Ian, Daly, Gwire; After 
school at Shawna's; Ally- 
o: 4/5/98, IWNFYA! TY + 
ILY, Mom + Dad. 

William Suttie 

Briana N. Thielker 
"Butta, Diesel Brie, 

97 Chickering Road (R) 

Sod; WTr 3-4; CC 3; GT 
w/ the hood; GF: YKWYA; 
IWNF Coffee Table; Show- 
ing of; Real Slim Shady; 
Snickers; Adrienne + Erin, 
we are so bad; No Strings 
Attatched; 21, it's still my 
number, Clint; TY, Mom + 
Dad; GL, Cassie. 

Heather Thomas 
1062 Pleasant Street (R) 

"I reach out my hands, try to 
educate you on yourcrimes. 
I'm not a preacher, but you 
have to know your destruc- 
tion for the depletion and 
rape of this earth...l cannot 
blame you, justthis system, 
forteaching us desolation. "- 

Kimberly Thomas 
>4 Orchard Street (R) 

Stephen Thetonia 

Jamie Thompson 

180 Main Street 

Apt. A8 (B) 

Thank You, Mom +Dad; 
Bless You. Grampa; CC1- 
TY,Mr.V + Mr.S;ILY,C.T., 
M.T., J.L., + AT., TY for 
being there, K.T.; Good 
Luck, Everyone, IWNFY! 



Jeff Tripp 


200 Sherwood Lane (R) 

FB 2; BBL 1,2; Superbowl 
Champs; OA Prom '99, '00; 
River Rave '99, '00; DMB 
'00; GT + GF w/ Easton 
crew; GT @ Cape Cod; 
Court's FH +Tennis games; 
Popponesset '98; Waterville 
'99 w/ Ed B.; ILY, Mom, 
Dad, Jen, + Court. 

Nicole Tsika 


182 Spruce Street (B) 

K.G., T.P., C.S., K.F; GT + 

GFPitw/J.C. @ Metallica; 
Skip to Walmart w/ J.C., 
D.Z., C.S., K.G.; Human 
Phys + hit the hill w/ J.C.; 
Pierced w/ A.J.; Prom w/ 
D.Z.; Swedish race car on 
ice; camping w/ Brian; ILY + 
TY, Dad. 


Paul Veracka 
285 Grange Park (B) 

Motocross for life; Ski 1 -4; 
ww/ the boys, 26, 39, 50, 
96, 99, 27; @ JP w. the 
stang, dicing w/ the crew; 
paintball w/ the boys @ 
lwo + Nip w/ everyone; TY, 
family + teachers; GL to 
everyone, IWNFY! 

Valerie Vernaglia 

20 Yoke Road (B) 

CL 1-3; FAB 5, ILY; ME 
Lisa, Des, Kristen, Erin; f i 
Up In Smoke + TX w/ De J 
Special sign w/ Lisa; N> 
'98 + '99; 7/3/00 @ C.I 
The Loft w/ K.B.; Lock yc 
doors; JP w/ S.B.; Sleepi I 
in tents; IWNFY, I.R.; T | 
Mom + Mike. 


Kirsten Weinrich 

Timothy J Wenson 


635 Conant (B) 

Hey, y'all; IWNF Wr 4yrs; 
Breen by the pool in FL; GT 
in the treehouse; BHA w/ 
Brian; frisbee and b-ball w/ 
my bros; Unity, ME '98;The 
NY trip; the Bronco II and 
the system; to all my boys 
from both B + R, thanks + 
good luck. 

Dawn Marie Wheeler 

"Dawn Darling" 
20 Partridge Trail (B) 

u. 1-4, Folly Girls! GT + 

IJ3F: YKWYA; Girl's Night 

nI Jess, Jess, + Mel; 

NSYNC Concerts; NYE; 

IIP; Jess, MBF, IWMY, GL, 
LY; Pete, ILY; All my 
riends, IWNFY, ILY, GL; 
"Y for everything Mum, 
-Oad, Patrick, + Scott, ILY. 

Garry Whitfield 
86 Courtney Way (R) 

FB 1-3; Nat'l Guard w/ 
Scott, GL at Boot Camp; 
Everclear and camera; roll- 
ing over w/ Brady + Jerry, 
that was fun; Winter Place, 
Maltby's and Yelle's; 
Ozzfest w/ R.B.; A.D.; 
Deadshed; Dad and Mom, 
thank you for your support, 
to my friends, GL, 2001! 

aura Elizabeth Winsor 

"Lu, Windy" 
92 Locust Street (R) 

1-4; Mu 1-4; STr 2-4; 
r+GF, YKWYA; 10/3/00 
' my FH girls; Follies! The 
id; Disney w/ Kim; River 
ve; TJ's; Fridays w/ Sa; 
na + J.J.; Math w/ T.W. 
; Sa + Nsync; IWNF JP 
N.G.; Mom + Dad, TY + 
; Em, Chris, + Rae, GL, 

Gregory Yelle 
875 Judson Street (R) 
FB; GTw GF: Bran's 1-4, 
C.K.: B.P.; Waterford frosh 
year; My house (shed); 
River Rave: Swiss in NH: 
GF B.M.. S.C.. I.R.. S.P.. 
J.W. A.P.. J.C.; GL. S.Y.. 
S.Y.; ILY. Mom. Dad, D.Y.. 
J.Y.. B.Y.. P.Y. 

Nicole Young 
3 Beechwood Circle (B) 
Bourne vv Kait + Nik: move 
from MD to MA: GT 6 JP: 
Cancun: Stiches: GT @ the 
Cape + Kaits: IWNFY 
Lau's: July 4th: MBF. ILY + 
GL: Concerts w the girls: 
TY. Mom + Dad. ILY: Good 
Luck. Billy + Michelle. 

Michael Zeller 
20 Auburndale Heights (B) 
PCC 98: AC 2-4; RS 2-4: 
NHS: Jazz Band: AP his- 
tory: The story: the extra: 
ratings: Thoughts of the day: 
Anime; library; T.W.. B.R.. 
P.B.. M.B.. U.C.. + all. its 
been a blast: B.G.. thanks 
for being a great friend. 

Jennifer L. Young 


35 Cottage Street (B) 

CB 1-3: MB 1-3: GT+GF: 
J.B.. thank you for being 
there: Mazda: Holy Handle: 
Rock: Pool: Springer: My 
Parties: Concerts: Pigs! 
Dunkin: K.B.. IWNFY: ILY. 
Dad + Mom. TY for under- 
standing: GL. Brit: Bye. BR! 

Michael Zolga 
235 Overlook Drive (R) 
ZFL superstars: JV Soc. D. 
G. in Rm. 110: Iwo: Top 
Gun in parking lot: D. B.: 
superspike volleyball; 
Goose + Mav: football w/ 
the boys: MBF: Kevin: Rage 
concert: River Rave 2K: 
Creed concert: Biddy BB: 
GL. J. Z..T. W..+J. E. 

Deena L. Zakhary 

"Dee, Deen" 

455 Vernon Street (B)^ 

STr 99: GT+GF @JP+HPJ 
Charlie's Angel's w/ L.H - 
K.M.: IWNFthe memories. 
NYE '99; summer '99: MBF: 
IWMY: to my family +friends 
TY for being there: ILY: GL 
BR class 2001. IWNFY. 

Adam Gonyea 
60 Stonybrook Drive (B) 

G^ - GF: Karate 1-4: Y2K: Fleet w/ 
Daniels: River Rave: Deer Hollow; 
Dutchland: R.O.B.: The Spot; Dunks: 
JP: ILY. Mom. Sarah. Elizabeth. 
Audrey. + GL: TY. G.W.. S.G.. C.B.: 

Colleen Dever 
278 North Street (B) 
MBFS: Da.',- _ eesa - Kerry. ILY: 
Jose. ILY + IWNFY. GFL Chris. Ian. 
Ca, Nay. Got Cereal? Pass it Kerry's 
Trunk! GL. Bre + Bug: P4L my sanity. 
TY. Ms. Mozzone: ILY. Mom. Dad. 
Poey. IMY. Nana Summer of 2G. No 
Regrets. P4L! 1 . 

David Allen Sebastian DosReis 
1505 Old Pleasant Street (B) 
Bump. Peanut, and all you other peeps: Roadtrip. U: Mr. + Mrs. B.. M.W.. 
thanks for believing: to the boys: hack it up: to the girts, special luv: to my 
teachers, thanks + most respects: luv to ma. sis. da. + the rest "Live your 


Ed Woodbury 
69 Sully Road (R) 

GT w everyone. YKWYA: TY. Mom + 
Dad; ILY. Krissy: GT @ K.K.: Nied 
Pulbury: behind stable @ J.C.: Good 
luck to everybody: Seaport. Rhode 
Island w A.S. + R.B. 

Benjamin Baird 
120 Main Street. (B) 
"If the whole universe has no 
meaning, we should never have 
found out that if it has no mean- 
ing: just as if there were no light 
and therefore no creatures with 
eyes, we should never know it 
was dark.*-C.S. Lewis 

Nicholas Gorga 

"Nick. Pitt" 
55Cirdis Way (B)i 

Patrick M. Sullivai 

150 Green Street B 

Yelle's. Brans: Rave (I.C. @J 
Skynyrd Shows: TY. Lee. B 
Buds-I owe it to you! Art. S 
Greg. Ian. Daly. Gwire: after 
@ Shawna's: Ally-O: 
IWNFY! TY + ILY. Mom + 










^Cil*»TM*. , '» 




1 . Brendan Casey beams with pride as he holds an award. 

2. Ian Rollins and Valerie Vernaglia share a special moment at the Junior 

3. Brother and sister Mike and Kate Delgado put their learning on pause for 
a quick picture. 

4. The "Bizkits", Nicole Tsika and Christine Schmuck. 

5. Christine Schmuck and Tina Pittore share the camera lens. 

6. Having a blast at the Junior Prom, Angela Beghaus and AC Campbell 
smile broadly. 

7. Shannon MacKinnon and Holly Cruise strike a pose at their sophomore 

8. Perfecting a physics project, Kassandra Grant, Michele Holmes, 
Shannon Moynihan, Lisa Poirer make some final adjustments. 

9. Matt Noblin prepares for an in-class presentation. 

10. Giving their full attention to their artwork are Jess Nadeau and Jess 

1 1 . Adrienne Bossi will only pause for a moment. 

12. Stefanie Luskey and Krystal Kelley create heavenly delicacies in 
Culinary Arts. 

13. Erin Donahue and Tiffany Baillie do some reconnaissance work for the 
2001 yearbook. 

14. Carolyn Sacchetti and Jen Halon are best friends! 

15. Partying hard at the Senior holiday party, Renee Benoit and a friend 
share a dance. 

16. Laura King and Greg Dillon celebrate Trojan spirit. 

1 7. Geoff Churchill and Sue Noblin enjoy their Junior Prom as King and 



1 . Adrienne Bossi covers up for a 
windy day at the field. 

2. Julie Craig, Kelli Ahearn, Ellen 
Sanderson, and Anne McLauglin 
know how to look good. 

3. John Ortiz-Merril focuses on his 

4. Andy Maynard and Mr. Gary 
Costa submit themselves to the 
perils of arm wrestling. 

5. As Casey Burch looks on, DJ 
Bearse just looks plain confused. 

6. At the Junior Prom (May 12, 
2000), Samantha Desmond, Renee 
Bumpus, Lynsey Meany, and 
Shawna Chaffee enjoy the ambi- 

7. Heather Costa arrives in the 
office late with a smile. 

8. Evan Melford strikes the ball over 
the net. 

9. LisaDeLorenzocramsinorderto 
pass an English test next period. 

10. Jon O'Donnell, Gina Votruba, 
and the "class couple" Ian Carlson 
and Bethany Sousa take a moment 
to relax outside the lobby before the 
the senior holiday party. 

11. Auna Lundin writes down her 
plans for the following week. 

12. Derek Maheux and Kate Krappe 
share a special moment together at 
the junior prom. 

13. Maureen Lee and Lindsey 
Sullivan congratulate each other af- 
ter a track meet at Barnstable. 

14. Dan Cummings always works 
on his assignments. 








' J 

'n\;v > \ 

^ lySaffutJ 





r" i 











-> ~%m 







W ' 


^ * 




9 ; . i 



1 i 

> ,. 






15. Irene Gouveia, Kate Barber, 
Sarah Carr, and Ellen Sanderson 
say "Cheese" while Ryan Schleicher 
stands proud. 

16. Kristie O'Brien and Katie Bar- 
ber give each other a hug right after 
the 2000 semi formal. 

17. Chrissy Hall and Lindsay Arrighi 
smile like movie stars. 

18. Down by the water before the 
2000 Junior Prom, Monica Silva, Jill 
Buckley, Kim Pacheco, Laurie 
Grublin and Tara Kenney look radi- 

19. Brett Wright leans in as Kyle 
Marden, Dave Noon, and Joe 
Cantelli practice their lady-killer 

20. Andy Harrington lines up his 
kick hoping to get a winning goal. 

21 . Aye carumba! Desiree Rose 
and Kim Pacheco are sitting pretty 
in their hats. 

22. On the tennis court, Steve Durso 
serves up a fast one. 

23. "Raggedy" Jess Rawlins, 
"Santa" Ryan Schleicher, and 
"Andy" Jill Buckley are all dressed 
up with every where to go. 

24. Cowgirls Laura Churchill and 
Kaitlyn Campbell are all smiles at 
the senior holiday party (December 

25. Mark DaSilva, Umar "Top Gun" 
Chaudary, Mike Zolga and Jess 
Rosen chill out. 







Mr. Edward Casabian 

Mr. Frank Clasby 

Mr. Alan Cushing 

The Experience of a Lifetime 

This year, Bridgewater-Raynham has eight of its finest faculty members retiring. Mr. Ec 
Casabian, Mr. Frank Clasby, Mr. Alan Cushing, Mr. Manuel deCastro, Mr. Neil Frank, Mr 
James Harrington, Mr. Paul Moscardelli, and Ms. Diane Scheffler will all be leaving us afte 
the year is through. The yearbook was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down anc 
ask each retiring faculty member a couple of questions. Each faculty member was asked 
How many years have you worked as a teacher? How many years have you worked at B-R1 
What was your favorite thing about teaching? What will you miss most? Do you have an} 
plans for the future? What was your favorite or most memorable moment at B-R? Here art 
their responses: 

Mr. Ed Casabian 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher? I've worked as a teacher for about 35 or 36 years 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher at Bridgewater-Raynham? About 35 or 36 years. 

* What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? My favorite thing about being a teacher is the ide; 
that a teacher can really help students learn if they really want to learn. 

* What will you miss most about B-R and teaching? I will miss the kids, faculty, but mostly the spirit tha 
the students bring to the school. Whether its a football game, basketball game, or the Mr. B-R pageanl 
the students are always full of life. 

* Do you have any plans for the future that you would like to share with the yearbook? After my retiremen 
I hope to coach another year here, officiate some more games, travel, write, and possibly teach at a collegt 

* What is your most memorable or favorite moment at B-R? First off. the heat at B-R in the early fall ant 
late spring is horrible, but my most memorable moments is again connected to the student's. Being abl< 
to watch my own children come through the school and being able to witness their accomplishments ha: 
been awesome and I would not have given that up for the world. 

Mr. Frank Clasby 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher? I have worked as a teacher for 33 years. 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher at Bridgewater-Raynham? 27 years 

* What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? My favorite things about teaching would have to bi 
the opportunity of being around young people and inquisitive minds. Also, having the chance to be witl 
fellow faculty members. 

* What will you miss most about B-R and teaching? It's hard to nurture those friendships you've madt 
once your gone. 

* Do you have any plans for the future that you would like to share with the yearbook? While I've been ; 
teacher at B-R I've also been running my own computer company, and I plan to continue with that afte 
I retire. 

* What is your most memorable or favorite moment at B-R? Off the top of my head, my favorite momer 
was the last Best of the Bunch. There were about a hundred and fifty people and I saw a lot of kids wh' 
struggled during the school year. There were a lot of kids who didn't make the honor roll and were neve 
given a reward for their efforts. Seeing the smile on those students' faces and their parents' faces wa 
very memorable. 

Mr. Alan Cushing 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher? I have worked as a teacher for 35 years. 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher at Bridgewater-Raynham? 31 years. 

* What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? My favorite thing would have to be always teachin 
history, but the way that every class is different. Every year, every class, every student is different an 

* What will you miss most about B-R and teaching? Most definitely the students. 

* Do you have any plans for the future that you would like to share with the yearbook? I would love to trave 
the U.S. and all of the spots in the world that I have taught about over the years. 

* What is your most memorable or favorite moment at B-R? So many things have happened and they'v 
all molded together. Some times you'll just be sitting there and something will trigger a great memory 
Recently seeing all the parents at parent teacher night triggered memories from the days when I had th 
parents in class. 

Mr. Manuel deCastro 

' How many years have you worked as a teacher? For more than 30 years. 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher at Bridgewater-Raynham? Over 25 years. 

* What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? Working with and being around the students. 

* What will you miss most about B-R and teaching? I will miss watching kids grow up and feeling goo 
about themselves. 

* Do you have any plans for the future that you would like to share with the yearbook? I plan to return t 
New York City where my wife and I have many friends. I hope to finish my doctorate at Columbia an 
probably do some work at Union Theological Seminary, a kind of spiritual quest. Then, after a while, mov 
with my wife to South Dakota and write mystery novels. 

Mr. Manuel deCastro 


...B-R Faculty Members Retire 

Mr. Neil Frank 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher? 31 years. 

'* How many years have you worked as a teacher at Bridgewater-Raynham? All 31 years. I am an 

* What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? Making friendships with some of my students and 
seeing them years down the road, and having them tell me that I was an influence in their life. 

< * What will you miss most about B-R and teaching? I'll miss my fellow teachers quite a bit, and the bonds 
; I have made with fellow faculty. We all understand each other. "Same wavelength" It is kind of like we 
were married. 

* Do you have any plans for the future that you would like to share with the yearbook? To spend time with 
my family. To search for another passion. I need to see my guidance counselor to see what I am going 

' to do in my second adulthood. Ever since I retired from the army in 1 995 after 28 years of service teaching 

has been all I've had and now I really need to find a new passion. 
' * What is your most memorable or favorite moment at B-R? When I first started working here there was 

a bomb scare. Every teacher had to help in searching the lockers. Being a new teacher I had to do what 

I was told, but I don't know what I would have done if I had ever found the bomb. 

i Mr. James Harrington 

i* How many years have you worked as a teacher? I have worked as a teacher for 37 years. 

* How many years have you worked as a teacher at Bridgewater-Raynham? 30 years 

; * What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? My favorite thing about being a teacher would have 
'to be the high pay and extravagant benefits. 

: * What will you miss most about B-R and teaching? I will miss the friendships that I've made here at B- 
R, but I'm not going to stop teaching. 

* Do you have any plans for the future that you would like to share with the yearbook? Next year or in the 
near future I hope to teach at a private school or possibly a university. 

* What is your most memorable or favorite moment at B-R? One of the most unforgettable moments for 
,me at B-R was standing in the men's locker room and seeing Bunky Holmes in the shower. The most 
Imemorable moment for me at B-R was my first year as coach of the football team and the school won its 
first ever OCL Championship. 

Mr. Paul Moscardelli 

!* How many years have you worked as a teacher? I have worked as a teacher for 36 years. 

: * How many years have you worked as a teacher at Bridgewater-Raynham? Honestly I've worked for 

probably close to all of those years at B-R. 

* What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? My favorite thing about being a teacher is having the 
.opportunity to meet good students and hard workers. 

* What will you miss most about B-R and teaching? I am going to miss all of the good students that I've 
had and all of the faculty members that I have enjoyed so many years with. 

* Do you have any plans for the future that you would like to share with the yearbook? I am looking to 
possibly teach next year at a Catholic school. 

P What is your most memorable or favorite moment at B-R? I've met four of five students who have stood 
out from everyone else because of either their scholastic abilities, hard work, or their personalities. These 
students along with many others are what have made teaching at B-R memorable. 

Ms. Diane Scheffler 

.* How many years have you worked as a nurse? For 39 years. 

* How many years have you worked as a nurse at Bridgewater-Raynham? 30 years 

r What is your favorite thing about being a nurse? The opportunity to use nursing creatively and helping 
put the youth. 

* What will you miss most about B-R? I will miss the young energy in the school and being with my fellow 
faculty members. 

f Do you have any plans for the future that you would like to share with the yearbook? I have a lot of ideas 
that I would love to explore, like kayaking, learning French, yoga, creative writing, and painting. 

* What is your most memorable or favorite moment at B-R? My favorite events at B-R are attending the 
yearly musical. The kids do a wonderful job. Also this year I had the opportunity to chaperone the TJ 2 
robotics competition in Orlando. The participation of our B-R team with over three hundred other high 
school teams nationwide was interesting, exciting, and inspiring beyond words. I couldn't have been a part 
of this extraordinary experience without acknowledging it as a highlight of my many years here. 

On behalf of the yearbook staff, student's, and faculty, we would like to wish these teacher's our best 
in the future. Please keep in touch and enjoy whatever it is that you will be doing next year. 

Mr. Neil Frank 

Mr. James Harrington 

Mr. Paul Moscardelli 

Ms. Diane Scheffler 





Helen Blanchard Adrienne Bossi 

Jeff Bowen 

Ryan Brady 

Christopher Browr I : 

Jessica Brown Timothy Bumpus Renee Bumpus 

Michelle Byers Kaitlin Campbell I ; ; 

Sarah Carr 

Marta Ceresa 


Shawna Chaffee Allison Chandler Jamie Chipman 

Laura Churchill 

Allison Ciullo 

Kristen Claiborne 

Nicole Clapp 

Jill Coleman 

Matt Colombo 

Heather Connolly 

Heather Costa 

Julie Craig 

Jen Cunningham 

Patrick Cushing 

Lisa DeLorenzo 

Chris Dempsey Lindsey Desgrosseilliers 

imantha Desmond 

Michael Dobson 

' I John Dowd 

Katie Ellis 

We are the class of 2001 and we are the media generation. In the past few 
years we have seen the explosion of all things media-related. From e-mailing 
and e-tailing to more around-the-clock news channels than is necessary and 
everything in between. 

Way before our graduation date, however, we 
were playing Nintendo's Super Mario Bros, and 
Duck Hunt and setting up play battles with Teenage 
Mutant Ninja Turtles. Girls argued about their favor- 
ite episode of Punky Brewster from the infamous 
refrigerator episode to the "Chicklets Club." And. of 

course, they played with 

everyone's favorite dispro- 
portionate doll, Barbie. And 

don't forget snack time, 

cubbies for our jackets, and 

the half hour lunches with 

endless food trading. 
Even then summers were 

special. Laying on a towel, 

Erin Donahue (1 ) finds that 

life is a beach. Patti Follett 

(2) enjoys the sunshine, 

Krystal Kelley (3) wades in 

her pool and Shannon 

Moynihan (4) keeps on smil- 
ing even after her sand 

castle falls down. 

Our generation has had 

many milestones. While 

many of us were being born 

in 1 982 and 1 983, Sony was 

working on the compact disc 

format. Learning early life 

lessons, Karen Masefield (5) 

relaxes in the sink brushing 

her teeth. Steve Durso (6) 

works on his latest kitchen 

creation. When many of us 

were entering our "terrible 

twos" in 1984. Casey Burch 

(7) entered his kitchen trans- 
formed as a T-Rex. Apple 

computers released their 

Macintosh and hip-hop mu- 
sic went mainstream as a result of the memorable 
collaboration of Run DMC and Aerosmith on "Walk 
This Way". 
1988 saw us entering kindergarten, and also saw 







Adam Faria 

Nicole Federico Jennifer Flannery 

Jillena Furr 

Jessica Golden 

Kerri Jacques 

Peter Johnson 

Amy Kangiser 

Courtney Keane James Kellehe 

Steve Kelleher 


Megan Kenealy Kaitlyn Kerrigan 

Laura King 

Stephanie Ladu 

Kerry Lane 

Mike LeClair 

Lia Macrina 

Robert Maddock 

tl *n~wm. 




r i 

Jessica Mantia 

Anthony Martin 

cole Martorana 

Rob Mastria 


- ; 

ifjra McGoodwin 

Laurie Lenahan 

Julie Lewis 

Melissa Lincoln 




Daniel Mackinnon 

Shannon Mackinnon 

Katelyn Macmillan 

Kerri McGovern 

Garfield car window decorations (suction cup mania) soar in popularity across 
the nation. While Brett Barry (8) soars in as Superman, Mark Devincentis (9) 
knows how to get to Sesame Street thanks to pal Big Bird. In 1989, AOL 
debuted, as Courtney Keane and Peter Dinapoli (10) started a beautiful 
friendship, and the first of millions heard the now 
infamous (and slightly annoying) line, "You've got 

Getting ready for the big leagues, Craig Audette 
(11) works on his throwing arm. Always ready for 

cake and ice cream at a 

birthday party, Jill Buckley 

K _ (12) and Lindsay Arrighi 

A ^. show off their frilly summer 

dresses. Even at a young 
age, Andy Maynard (13) 
and Kim Weeks enjoyed 
playing a game of cards 
(hearts?). At school, long 
bumpy bus rides ended in 
field trips to Plymouth Plan- 
tation or the Museum of Sci- 
ence in Boston. 

Skipping ahead a few 
years to 1 993, now-classic 
video games such as 
"Doom" and "Mortal 
Kombat" were released and 

B%7^M were part of what sparked 
i ;« *M the new games renaissance 

*"32Jm of sorts in recent years. In 

/ the meantime, we were all 

V /' still more interested in play- 

ing outdoors at recess. 

1995 was the year 

that over seven million 

people were subscribing to 

online services. Only a 

year later, in 1996, amidst 

, trips to the beach and mov- 

( JHh^^ ies with friends, the volume 

^l^^A Wfl of e-mail being sent and re- 

i W '^flS ceived exceeded "snail- 

fc-SWF ti ^ mail" (the United States 

Postal Service) the first time. 

These electronic entertainmments seemed a far cry 

from the good old days when playing with our trucks, 

like Shawn Brown (14) and Greg Dillon (15) did, was 

enough entertainment for a lifetime. 









Sean McGovern 

Anne McLaughlin 

Lynsey Meaney 

Evan Melford 

Kendra Morana 

Emily Morey 

Elizabeth Morlani 

Kristi O'Brien 

Heather Osta 

Arthur Pashalopolous 

Alison Paul 

John Perry 


Rob Ricciardi Ashley Rodrigues 

Ian Rollins 

Desiree Rose 


Carolyn Sacchetti 

Ellen Sanderson 

Katelyn Sankus 

Katie Schavrien 

Katie Monahai 

Tina Pittore 

Jessica Rose I 


P^ 1 


o^ 1 


M. 1 



Ryan Schleich •*■:;. 

Michael Sousa 

Lindsey Sullivan 

Heather Thomas 

Jamie Thompson 

Paul Veracka 

Jonathan Vitrano 


Gina Votruba 

Dawn Wheeler 

Laura Winsor 

ennifer Young 

sena Zakhary 

Michael Zeller 

Only three years ago, in 1 998, the news media acted like a rabid dog when 
it launched into a frenzied whirlwind of excessive news reporting when 
President Clinton's Monica-gate erupted in headlines and now infamous video 

clips played continually. 

The past few years have seen countless tech- 
nological advances both in entertainment and else- 
where, including the advent of wireless web surfing, 
DVD, Napster, and many 
others. Now we feel out of 
touch if our cell phone bat- 
tery dies or our hard drive 
crashes while we are IM- 
ing ten friends at the same 
time. Nevercouldwehave 
dreamed while riding our 
hobby horse like Tara 
Kenney (16) or cuddling 
our Cabbage patch doll like 
Maureen Lee (17) that life 
could get any better. All of 
these things we have 
grown up with, and many 
have helped, in some way 
or another, to shape the 
people we are today as a 
whole and the moral and 
social climates that we'll 
inhabit. This is our world 
for the taking! 

As we look to the end- 
less future with eyes as wide and in awe as when we 
were little, we look to the past for the values and 
memories like giggling mischievously with our cous- 
ins like Sue and Matt Noblin (18) or, remembering a 
childhood Easter such as Amy Glavin (19), that have 
helped to mold us into the people we are today. 








n May 12, 2000, the Junior class of 2001 held our 
from at the Sheraton 'Terra in Braintree, Ma. (Dancing 
to '"Bye 'Bye Bye", "Time of Jour Life", "JMCA", 
"Boom, 'Boom, Boom", and many more of our favorites 
made it a special night. As our prom song, '"Wonderful 
'Tonight" played in the background, couples danced the 
night away mating lasting memories that will be 
forever treasured. It was a night to remember! 

1 . Brett Barry andTrin (Donahue lookjorward to an 
unforgettable night. 

2. %elly Hayes and Lia Macrina hit the dance floor. 

3. Pretty in pastels are (Danielle Jones, Lindsay Arrighi, 
Chrissy Hall, (Katie Barber, Jenn Halon, Laura (King, 
Allison Ciullo, Alison Taul, and(Renee Benoit 

4. Adrienne Bossi, 'Dawn Wheeler, Steve Barnard, Jess 
(Rosen, and Melissa Boudreau, are ready for a night full 
of fun. 

5. Mike'Kjovitz, Heather Connolly , Liz Morlani, and 
Bill Logan are ready to go to the prom. 

6. Looking forward to an unforgettable night are, 
(Holly Cruise, (Meghan Lynch, Shannon Mackinnon, 
Shawna Chaffee, andjillena Tun. 

7. Ashleigh Whitty and Trie Hill look_ forward to 
having a memorable night. 

8. Close friends, (klickjjorga, MarkDevincentis, Tvan 
Melford, Sean McQovern, Adam (Derosier, 'Dan 
Cummings, and (Pete (DeOlim an?(iously wait for the 
dancing to begin. 

9. Sharing a dance, Tarn Carbone and Qeoff Churchill 
enjoy their special moment. 

10. After a dance, J(risten Cassidy and Lindseu 
Desgrosseilliers wait for their dates to return. 

11. Tired from performing 9$ffl(jC, Steve Mattie, 
Wayne Johnson, (Bob Shar land, and Tom Belloliget 
together for a picture. 

12. Before going on the dance floor, (Kim Tacheco and 
Irene Qovieagive eachother a hug. 

13. Tat Sullivan, 'Dave ligone, Adam Qonyea, and'Tim 
%ilea, tal^e a breaf^from dancing. 

14. All decked out for their dates are T.J. Chamberlin, 
(Kyle'Thetonia, Casey Burck, John Daly, Dan Doherty, 
Dave (\[pone, (Peter Johnson, (Jeoff Churchill, Matt 
Badiali, JoeCantelli, DanMackinnnon, 'KgleMardcn, 
greg Dillon, Brett Wright, and Sean Cahill. 

15. LauraMc(Joodwin,Susan 9{pblin, Carolyn Sachetti, 
and (Kate (Krappe agree with 'Kelli Ahern, "Jou bet 
zuc're having a great time!" 


On 'Friday night, 9^pvemberl7, 2000, the semi-formal proved 
to be a tremendous success. 'Despite the fact that only 'B-% 
students could attend as a result of tlie overcrowding of the 
1999 's semi, thegym was still quite crowded. 'The evening began 
with some socializing in both gyms, but later the lights went 
down and the fun began. Slow dancing, even ziith the lights on. 
was nothing short of a calm interlude between '"Who Let the 
DogsOuti"', the traditional "OV^CA", and many other popular 
dance songs. The evening culminated with the awarding oj 'Ms. 
and 'Mr. Regional titles to Tarn Carbone and Andy Maynard. 

1 . Having the time of their lives, Tat Sullivan andRenee Benoit 
show off their dance moves. 

2. At the semi-formal, Amanda Smith, JQisten McDonough, 
Sophia 'Barros, and Dave Moseley wait for the next song to 

3. Qood friends, Tarn 'Ring, Shannon Moynihan, Matt 'Hgblin, 
Jennifer young, Tony Martin, Heather Osta, Auna Lundin, 
and Melissa Lincoln loo (^forward to daneing the night away. 
4.Ale^Hoyo, Marissa Trisco, Barrie Quarino, "Eric Warner, 
Lauren Mader, Scott Carter, and Jen Measor smile before 
entering the semi-formal. 

5. Amy Qraziano, Deanna McQillis, and Joel (Jrace lool^ 
forward to the rest of the night. 

6. Tired from all the dancing, Trifca Shaw andTara McClellan 
rest their feet. 

7. Matthew Shaw andCaitlinJahnke taf^e a brcakjrom all of 
the dancing. 

8. Chris Hamilton asfe Taula Monizfor a dance. 

9. Mr. and Ms. Regional (Andy Maynard and Tarn Carbone) 
are joined by their Court, Chris Lovell, Qreg 'Dillon, Chris 
Cjardner, Matt Oigblin, Jess 'Rawlins, Angela 'Berghaus, Jess 
Loosen, and Valerie Vernaglia. 

10. Alison Silva and Tom Belloli hold each other close as they 

11. Johanna Isenor and 'Bethany Sousa share a hug. 

12. Jamie Wilcox congratulates Andy Maynard on his -Mr. 
'Regional title. 

13. Jen 'Daly and Adam Stevenson sit out for a dance. 

14. C\(ina Martelli, Ashley Slater, Heather 'I I Yiitty, and Laura 
'ford dance to the music. 

15. Showing off their stylish flair and extraordinary dresses. 
are Amice Ayers, 'Michelle Holmes, Jill Coleman, and Leah 



f M his year's Tep 'Ratty followed suit with years past as 
JL it acted as a powerful boost in the football players 
spirits. The B-I^footb all team tookjhis extra boost 
of spirit and energy and won the Thanksgiving 'Day 
game. This win clinched both the OCL Title and 
Super 'Bowl berth for the Trojans. 

The rally was highlighted by senior spirit fol- 
lowed closely by the rest of the school. Coach Buron 
delivered his words of wisdom along with speeches 
by team managers 9{ick^Silvia and Andy fMaynard. 

Streamers and signs covered the gymnasium and 
balloons floated around while the B-% students 
cheered on their team. This superb fan support 
carried the Trojans all season and ultimately acted 
as the deciding factor in the teams late season surge. 
TheTroj an players and fans will remember the unity 
and friendships they shared while cheering on their 
Super Bowl Champion football team. 

1. Tri-Captain J(yCe 'Mar den delivers his victory speech 
to the crowd. 

2. Andy 'Maynard fires up the Trojan fans. 

3. The sophomore fan section looks on as the Trojan 
football team makes its entrance. 

4. Trojan seniors lineup after Being introduced. 

5. Who says the freshmen don't have spirit? 

6. The juniors lookpver and cheer on the senior players. 

7. Speaking in admiration of his team, Coach 'Dan 
Buron promises another victory. 

8. The band beats out a song to get the crowd going. 

9. Tom Sheehan shows his pride in a more unique way, 
as a gorilla! 

10. 9lours of hard work went into this sign showing 
senior pride. 

11. 9{ickSilvia pumps up B-H^for the Thanksgiving 

12. The cheerleaders and jootbalt players pump up the 
crowd zvith their charisma. 

13. These juniors are all dressed up to show their pride. 

14. Craig Audettc, Jess LRewlins, Tetelohnson, Shazvti 
Brown, Dan 'Mc'Kinnon, Derek Maheu^ 'Jtyan 
Schleicher, 'Joe Cantelli, 'Val Vcrnaglia, and Lisa 
'McClaren display their superior school spirit. 

15. The much an ticipa ted grand finale to the 'Pep '-Rally! 


1 . Tom Higginbotham stands ready for action. 

2. Showing her school spirit, Barbara Quinn 
twirls her flag. 

3. Band members Karyl Dunham, Matt Shaw, 
and Leanne Lortie play a song at halftime. 

4. B-R supporters cheer as they take the lead. 

5. Boston University's Nickerson Field is the 
home of another Trojan SuperBowl victory. 

6. "Richie is everyone's hero." 

7. Will Morey breaks a tackle for a huge gain. 

8. Trojan seniors Kyle Marden, John Dowd, Andy 
Maynard, Dave Noone, Tim Killea, and Mike 
LeClair hold the prestigious SuperBowl trophy. 

9. Using bruit force, Kyle Marden opens the hole 
for the running back. 

1 0. Tom Higginbotham and Matt Lyford follow the 

1 1 . Dave Noone defends a pass in the end zone 
and saves a touchdown. 

12. Enthusiasticfanscheeron the mighty Trojans. 

13. Quarterback Ryan Post sprints out into the 
open field. 

14. Krystal Kelley and Jen Halon cheer on the 
players from the sidelines. 






_ I Superbowl 

Who would have thought that a handful 
of seniors and a supporting cast of juniors 
would win a Division 1 Super Bowl Title? 
On December 2, 2000, B-R went to the 
Super Bowl for the fourth time in five years. 
Facing what was supposed to be a far 
superiorfootball team in Waltham, theTrojan 
defense shut down the powerful Waltham 
offense. John Dowd scampered 8-yardsto 
paydirt for the only score of the game, while 
Kyle Marden, Will Morey, Tim Killea and 
Dave Noone were making excellent plays 
to keep the Waltham offense out of the end 
zone. The Trojans came out of this Super 
Bowl victorious, 7-0. Anyone who watched 
this team play this year will surely 
"remember these Trojans" for playing with 
a lion's heart. 




The Senior Oioliday (Party was held on Tuesday, 
(December 12, 2000. 'Everyone hadagreat time singing, 
dancing, and ■participating in karaoke numbers. Se- 
niors arrived costumed as the traditional Santa Clause, 
the Dippe Chicks, and even a raggedy old man. These 
costumes all won prizes along with many others. 

Overall the holiday party was a very successful and 
enjoyable evening. It is a <B-%. tradition that should 
contimuefor many years to come. 

1. (Dorothy from The 'Wizard of Oz (Lia Macrina) gives 
the crowd a special performance, while Stef Lusky looks 

2. Jamie Wilco^ and Colleen T)ever share a laugh at the 

3. Mark'Devincentis, as the "milkmaid", stands with his 
three cows, Sean McQovern, Evan Melford, and Dan 

4. Steve (Durso, Qreg 'Dillon, and Derek Maheu?tgather 
together to show Andy Ulalmilton their costumes. 

5. (Daum Wheeler and Jess Qolden have a blast singing 
along to the songs. 

6. Tourists, Anna Lundin and Tony Martin, look for 
something to take a picture of. 

7. Cruella deVille (Merry Carney) shares a dance with 
Arthur 'Pashalopoulos. 

8. Liz Morlanni and Heather Connolly move to the music. 

9. 'Before leaving the Holiday Tarty Adam (Derosier, 
Rebecca Sergi, Auna Lundin, 'Dwayne Bearse, Jeff Bowen, 
'Kerri McQovern, Johanna Isenor, Jill Buckley, Tete 
'DeOlim, Evan Melford, and Jennttalon watch the enter- 

10. "Adam and Eve" (Bethany Sousa and Ian Carlson) 
escape the garden of Eden. 

11. Mike LeClair watches his friends dance in the middle 
of the crowd. 

12. %risten Cassidy and Brett Wright dance together. 

13. Laura Churchill, %aitlin Campbell, and 'Tiicole young 
rela^ after dancing to the "J.M.CA." 

14. Singing the music from "Top Qun" arcDwayneBearse , 
Mike Zolga, %pb Ricciardi, and 'Umar Chaudary. 

15. Bizkit Chicks (Christine Schmuck OQisten Qorman, 
and Jamie Chipman)get into the 'Holiday spirit bij eating 


candy canes. 


Class of 2001 Superlatives Jj 

Most Likely to Succeed: 
Chrissy Hall and Matt Black 

'ass Clowns: Matt Badiali and Jill Buckley 
Most Michevious: 
Arthur Pashalopous, Caitlyn Parlow, 
and Shannon MacKinnon 

Most Athletic: 
John Dowd and Jessica Rawlins 

Most School Spirit: Katie Barber, 
Andy Maynard,and Kelli Ahearn 


Mike LeClair and 

Kim Pacheco 

Most Talkative: 

Ellen Sanderson 

and Peter DiNapoli 




Ian Carlson 




Friendliest: Ryan Schliecher 
and Pam Carbone 


Most Flirtatious: 
Pam Ring and Ian Rollins 

est Dancers: Tim Killea and Heather Osta 


Lia Macrina 

Matt Noblin 

Class Musicians: 
Aaron Rovaldi 
and Jackie Sly 

sss Artists: Jeff Bowen and Lisa DeLorenzo 

\ ^^ ^** 

El " *~ 




_-^rf ' ' 

rm i 


Best Friends: 
Jen Halon and Irene Gouveia 







i ^* 


^^ '^r 


■> ' 









^w "T" - ^•.^B 

, ^ 



k M v 

» *^fl i 




The underclassmen are the foundation of the future, forever fresh 
and young, and continually "replaced" each year. Freshman anxi- 
eties of senior beatings and getting lost diminish as the years go on. 
They are replaced with the sopohomore fears of PSAT's and the 
dreaded MCAS. Hours of driver's ed and road lessons delay dreams 
of licenses, fast cars, and cruising with friends. As juniors, licenses 
are finally obtained, the prom creeps up, and forays into adulthood 
begin Many get first jobs and cars, taking the SAT's determine your 
future. Senior year is fast approching, juniors; are you ready? 

1. Before eating lunch, Staci James, Danica Copeland, Lori- 
Anne Demoura, Michelle Almada, Jen Daly, Meghan Jones, 
Sean Cronin, Jen Cote, and Jon Carr smile for a picture. 

2. Jeff O'Connel and Christopher Coy-man take a break study, 
after all their hard work. 

3. Rachel Ladd, Caitlyn White, Kara Silvia, Molly Lawton, and Jill 
Asack show off how much their friendship means to them. 

4. Members of the Freshman Class group together at the 2000 

5. Ian Curry tries to decide what to buy for lunch. 

6. Showing off their wild side are Jen Measor and Barrie Guarino. 

7. Colleen Welch practices before the big meet. 

8. Short stop, Julie Innocenzi prepares for the next batter. 

9. Craig Murray carries the javelin onto the field. 

10. In Art class, Ryan Bowdoin puts the finishing touches on his 

1 1 . Daniel Buckley hesitates on going to his next class. 

12. Diligently working on his math work is, CJ Pennington. 

13. Christopher Duerden concentrates on his class work. 

1 4. Aaron Pacheco strides to the finish of the Cross Country trail. 



m ■ " 

James Acone Jr Jesse Agger Brian Anderson Craig Andrea Denisse Baez Andrea Bagas Amanda Balza 

Jli Ukl *m ^^ M DM H 

Sophia Barros Matthew Barthel Matthew Beane Ryan Beaudoin Joseph Belloli Nicholas Bennett Matthew Bern I 

■Hi **m iwi 

Stacy Berard Nicole Berghelli Kyle Bergquist Nichole Berman Jessica Berry Louis Bianchini Bryan Bissonn I 

• v ■ 

Jessica Blackden James Blake Iv David Blanchette Michael Brennan Jacqueline Bryant Louis Buccella Casey Buczt 

Jessica Burke Richard Burns Jr. Melanie Byam James Cadigan Laura Calderc*;.. 


Josh Randall quietly reads today's 
top stories. 

Brendan Callahan Patrick Callahan Daniel Campbell 


sco Carrasco Andrew Carson Matthew Cayer Michael Champagne Sarah Chappell 

Sean Daly struggles to put away his 
ie Chiljean Jennifer Chiocca Stephen Christofi Kayla Ciliberto Allison Clark books before the bell rinas 


■el Coburn John Collins Matthew Combra Mary Condon Erin Connerty Jonathan Connors Michael Cooney 

Ihew Copp Breanna Corr Sarah Correia Christopher Corrigan Adam Cournoyer Eric Cox Michael Cronin 

■ Crossman Scott Curley II Christine Currie Rachael Dacey Sean Daley Meghan Daniels Corey Dann 


David Dean Laura Dempsey Michelle Desalliers Stephen Brian Desley Nicholas 

Desgrosseilliers DeVincenzo 



Helen DeYoung Walter DiCesare Lauren DiMarzio Adam DiVincenzo Kyle Dooley Meghan Driscoll Lindsey Duck ft.-; 

fo 3 


_ I ll W' 

Kathleen Dunham Kelly Dunne Eric Dupre Joseph Dupuis Sean Earle Ashley Edson BrendonElit 




Kristopher Elsmore John Esposito Hope Faria Meghan Feeley Cheryl Ferreira Eric Ferreira Brian Figgi 

Amanda Filipek Glenn Fleenor J. Collin Florence Mark Folkins Lauren Francey James Freyermuth Jonathan Frif 

iDlKHHHi^H ■■■■ I^I^H 


Philip Furtado Joshua Galloway Katelyn Gavin Sean Gerrish Nicholas Gioi. 



Whilewaitingtoseeherguidancecoun- -»,-., ~ ou ... , _ ._ „ 

selor. Amanda Marr fills out a form. Crystal Glockner Ahshia Gonsalves Christopher Rachel Gorman Emily Gou 



Freshman - Class of 2004 


_ .. _ . ... , . _ , , _ , ., . ,, Jacob Hagman looks away while Ms. 

:na Grodecki Megan Guinazzo Michael Gulusha Daniel Hagerstrom Jacob Hagman ... .. , . ., ,, 

3 » » Velardi explains the problem. 

inanda Hall Colleen Hallisey Christopher Hamilton Justin Hancock Curtis Harrington Matthew Hashem Ashley Hatch 


pi Hathaway Meagen Heath Danielle Heckbert Jaime Heffernan Megan Hennessey Ryan Hennessy Meagan Hess 



Idert Higgins Alexander Hill Jacquelyn Hinds Brittany Hocking Ryan Homer Kristina Hoyo Jennifer Hubley 

hosa Hughes Rachel Jacobs Kaitlin Jasper Kenneth Johnson Jamie Johnston Christopher Joyce Danielle Kearns 


» . j •- r^ » 


r -^ 

Matthew Kellogg Amanda Kenn Patrick Kennedy Rebecca Kennedy Gavin Killea Kaitlyn Kilroy Brittany K' 

Joseph Kirby Jennifer Knight Jennifer Korzeniowski Diana Kostas Daniel LaBouliere Mark LaFrance Sean Lamor 

Jennifer Langner Jeanne Larson Michael Lawrence Patrick Leahy Regan Lenane Kristen Leon 

Zachariah Levesque Julie Lima Tracey Lincoln Allison Lindsey Curtis Lingerfelt Joshua Linhorst Nathan Lov 

Jennifer Lyford Kevin MacDermott Joseph MacDonald 


Corey Mc 

ShowingoffherartisticabilityisLauren Matthew Mahoney Michelle Mahoney William Manning Bethany Marion 

Amanda I' >. 


nanda Martelli Matthew Kristen McDonough Thomas McElaney Laura McElroy 

After the lunch bell, Sophia Barros, Kristen 
eanna McGillis Gregory McGovern Jeffrey McGovern Mary-Jill McGrath Jennifer McGuire McDonough, and Lindsey Duckworth hurry 

back to class. 

Ichael McGuire Kevin McMullen Elise Melford Alex Moberg Matthew Modica Kallie Montagano Tracy Moore 

chael Morlani John Morrison Erin Morrissey William Morton Joseph Mullaney Richard Mullett Jacquelyn Murphy 

William Myles Saba Nessralla Andrew Newby Ashley Nichols Brittney Nichols Keith Nicholson Udoka Nwosu 

■athan O'Brien Brian O'Connell Jason O'Haver Nicholas O'Neil Autumn Ossai Kristina Otero Frank Pacheco 


Deanna Packer 

Kristen Panton Brian Paula Thomas Peachey Derrick Perkins 

Shanna Pilotte Kristen Pina Lauren Pincolini Amanda Poirier Liana Ponte 


Meagan Quarterley Casey Quinn Joshua Randall Nicholas Rando Molly Riordan Scott Roberts April Robicha 

Kenneth Robison Stephen Robison Daniel Roland 


Kyle Ross Eddi Jo Rothman 


Sumon Roy Michael Ruehrl 

Niccole Ruuska Kaitlyn Saba Donald Santos Jr Gregory Schnare Michael Schr 

Jamie Johnson concentrates on her 
keyboarding assignment. 

Evan Scott Stephen Sesin Erika Shaw Alexander Shea Allison Shoc*T: r . 


;ten Sieger Nicholas Sietins Christopher Silva Timothy Silva Kristin Simmons 


Despite his injury, Jim Freyermouth 
Jessica Sircar Ashley Slavin Christopher Smerz Alexander Smith ets t0 c | ass on t j me 

Ban Sousa Katherine Spada Graham Spector Hayley St. George Erin Stack Brianne Striggles Kevin Sullivan 


wbk Sullivan Gregory Swale Joshua Sweeney Chris Szymczuk Jr Lisa Takahama Samuel Tarr Nicholas Tate 

lbs Taxiera Simon Teles Jr Cassandra Thielker Christina Thomas Eleni Thompson Patrick Timmons Holly Uvanitte 


Kelly Vanaken Lauren Veracka Julie Walsh Scott Warner Matthew Weineck Jennifer Welsh Ross Went 

Justin Whidden Ryan White Kerry Whittaker Catherine Whooley Erica Whynot Jennifer Wigley Shaun W 

Nicole Wilde Elyse Wilsey Jonathan Wilson Emily Winsor Crystal Wood Jessi Wood Michael V o 

Larura Yafrate Stephen Yelle John Young William Young Jr Angela Zutaut 

1. Mark Folkins write] 
diligently in English 

2. At the basketball 
game, cheerleaders 
Laura Churchill and 
Amanda Clapp encoi 
age the Trojan squad 

3. On the track, Mike 
Haggerty shows his 
endurance as he pull 
into second place. 



1 . In preparation for a physics test, 
Kristen Cassidy, Derek Maheux. and 
Casey Burch look over their notes. 
2. Before heading off to class, 
Cassandra Hill grabs the necessary 

3. With painted faces, Lisa Dicresentis, Ashley Rodrigues, Laura Churchill, and 
Kaitlyn Campbell show their Trojan sprirt. 

4. There goes another swish for Carrie Simmons. 

5. After lunch, Laura McGoodwin, Ellen Sanderson, Liz Hardy, Allison Paul. 
Michele Byers, and Laura Winsor are all smiles. 

6. Michele Holmes, Lisa DeLorenzo, Leah Milan, and Liz Morlani attend the 
Photography Club meeting in Mr. Phaneuf's room. 

7. Senior Girls' Winter Track captains for 2001 , Kate Delgado, Jess Rawlins, 
and Pam Carbone are cool, calm, and collected right before an OCL meet. 


Andrew Aiello Jason Akstin Ghayath Al-Obaidi Patrick Allen 

Andrew Amaral Kenneth Anderson Theodoro 



Wayne Audette Paul Augustine Mario Azevedo Dana Baggs Justin Baillie Joseph Balboni Peter Balbor | 

a * n 


Amanda Barker John Bascon Kevin Beaudoin Christopher Begley Denise Bentley Christopher Benvie Joseph Be> -•'■■ 

Sandra Berry Russell Best II Amie Bettencourt Kylie Biela Marissa Black Cory Blanchard Heather Blanc 

Megan Blanchard Jeffrey Booker Lisa Bostrom Jeffrey Bradshaw Ryanne Bracfc ' 

As the bell rings. Chris Duerden 

gathers his books. Jonathan Bragg Molly Brassard Shaena Breese Mark Brezinski Benjamin Bre r 


Sophomores - Class of 2003 

tlin Brides Rachel Brocato Kyle Brown Justin Bruhl Nicholas Bulgaris 

iter Burgess 

Rob Letendre is on the mark as he 
Kelli Burke Elizabeth Burt Nicole Butts Scott Byam prepares to run. 

I^ssa Cabral Kevin Calabrese Rachael Calise Christopher Campbell Ashley Caparell Jenna Capozzi Karen Carlson 


■ ssa Carney Melissa Casey Christopher Chambers Katelyn Chappell Jennifer Chaves Timothy Chiappini Katherine Chiocca 

;l Chipman Shawn Churchill Amanda Clapp Donna Clark Bernard Cobb Jr Elizabeth Colburn Clint Cooper 

3th Correia Laura Courcy Ashley Coury Christopher Coyman Jessie Cruise Camille Curry Brigid Dailey 


David Danforth Fatima DaSilva Daniel Davies Jr Ashley DeForge Sara DeLeo Craig Derocher RyanDesrosi< 

Jillian Diliddo Eric DiMarzio Christina Doris Michael Driscoll Christopher Duerden Karyl Dunham Daniel Di 

Mm %*%> mm ~~* usm m n mm 

Staci Durso Brian Dwyer Sheena Eaton Andrew Ebbs Ryan Emerick Jennifer Engelhardt BrianneFariA 

Bethany Farias Heather Feldman Vianka Feliciano Gregory Feroli Jr Ryan Fisher Bridget Flynn Kristin Folle 

Stephanie Fontes Adrea Forman John Foster Jr Serene Fraihat Kristen Frana> r - : 

Jon Stairs heads off to class. 

Kyla Frates Alysa Freni Sabrina Gambill Kelly Gardner Nicole Gelin;/ 



nee George Christopher Gilbody Shannon Gobin Cristian Gomez Elisabeth Gonyea 



Before heading to hertable, Lindsey 
ia Gorga Jennifer Govain Julie Govain Timothy Gracia Jr Thomas Greco Venuti buys a Powerade. 

[el Greely Nicholas Green Jonathon Grein Laura Guilfoy Andrea Gummow Timothy Hall Christina Hamilton 


m hm \ m ST 

■ey Hanney Alexander Hanson Kyla Harrington Gregory Hartford Rachel Hauck Thomas Hennessey Nicholas Herrick 


Allison Howe Andrea Hubacheck Julie Innocenzi Gretchen Isenor Caitlin Jahnke Megan James 




Uankins Allison Jeannette Daniel Johnson Whitney Kaye Brittany Kearney Meredith Kellogg Stacy Kenn 


.' I 

r-. K i ' v 


Elyzabeth Kenney Nicole Kimball Erica King Eric Kirchick Kimberly Knight Christopher Kolentsas Matt Lan 

Holly Laubinger Adam Lavoie Chrystal Lawson James Lecesse Robert Letendre Martin Libby Eric Line 

Jacqueline Lopes Danny Lopez Justin Lovell Daniel Lucchetti Kevin Luis Craig Lunday Justin Lrl 

Mark Lyman Ashley Machado Daniel Mackey Joshua Magee Caroline Mailloux Heather Mann 

Tracie Mare Alexandra Mastria Joseph McBride Elise McCann KyleMcC ! 



Ben Katz and Kristen Francoeur gaze 

into each other's eyes at the semi- Michael McCormack Sara McElroy Joseph McGaughey Dillon McGovern Lauren Mc« 



Sophomores - Class of20V3 

anne McGuire Sean McHardy Erin McNamara Nichole Medeiros Carrie Melcher 

Jacqulene Rhilinger, Holly Smith, 
,nnis Mitchell Kimberly Mitchell Paula Moniz Kimberly Morast Derek Morey Wayne Audette, and Sarah Prime 

share a smile. 

rinon Morrissey Robin Morse David Moseley Peter Moynihan Jr Kristin Mullaney Jason Munise Matthew Munise 

nes Murray Sophia Myers Marcus Narciso Jason Nee James Nelson Jeffrey Nelson Steven Nelson 

|ren Nichols Brian Noone Scott Norris Caitlin O'Connor Brian O'Connor Jr. Paul Oliari Justin O'Neill 

|>n Pacheco Jessica Panek Thomas Parenteau Kimberly Paris Andrea Paul Matthew Peabody Timothy Pearson 


Ian Penn Jaren Perewitz Renee Perkins Matthew Perrault 

Adam Perry Michael Petrino Derek Ph le' 

Erica Pinto Michael Pistone Jennifer Pizzutti Anthony Porazzo Makia Powell Joseph Powers Steven Pr jd 

Robert Prime Sarah Prime Stephen Prisco Joshua Prouty Michelle Quinn Jeffrey Ramadan Melissa Riwn 

Steven Rebolo Jason Reid Jacqulene Rhilinger Christina Ricciardi Jacqueline Robak Dennis Rodrigues III Maximilian 1 1 

Adam Ronayne Danielle Rose Evan Roy Amanda Ryan Lindsay 


Diligently working on homework is 
Julianne Whittemore. 

Sarah Salamon Robert Sanderson Aharon Sarafian Sherry Saunders Shawna Sc 




ISophomores - Class of 2003 


Brett Scott 

Bryan Sharland Cherilyn Sharland Christopher Sietins 

Rob Prime, Erika Pinto, Julianne 
Whittmore, and Tom Hennessey showed 
their dance moves at the semi. 

Gristle Smith Holly Smith Jennifer Smith Kimberly Smith Krista Smith Krystina Sousa Richard Sperrazza 

fitndon Springer Natthinee Srisathith 

Chelsey St. Martin Stephanie St. Martin Jonathan Stairs 

Merry Stone Christopher Sullivan 

Jlian Sullivan Joanna Sullivan 

Anna Takahama 

Joshua Tanes Jesse Tebbetts Andrea Thompson Rebecca Torres 

Ita Tremouliaris Kayleena Tunewicz Matthew Turner Derik VanDyke Lindsey Venuti Wendy Warniment Evan Webb 


Michael Wiggins Reema Zaiter 


Sophomores - Class of 2003 

1 . Pat Sullivan, Anne McLaughlin, Tim Killea, Dan Precourt, Mike LeClair and 
Bill Eburn are amused by the teacher's philosophy. 

2. After filling their stomachs, Kyle Brown and Dennis Rodrigues head to class. 

3. Working on his algebra, Eric Iverson still has time to get his picture taken. 

4. Students of Ms. Shadley's Spanish class smile for the camera. 

5. Ben Bascon, Ashley Rodrigues, John Dowd, Jess Rawlins and Joe Cantelli 
await the opening of the school store. 

6. Kirsten Weinrich puts the finishing touches on yet another work for her 

7. Science Olympiad President Melissa Boudreau studies Boston Harborwhile 
on afield trip. 


i~s:r '.'; 

'•' : e 



= 5.5.-C-.; 


Danielle Anaclci Jennifer Anderson Matthew AndaJ 


. =- -=•=:' Lindsay Ayers Richard Barra Anthony 

E = - 

te Bfuckman Daniel Buckley Kyle Bui 

'.' = - 

* I ^ 

erone Meqan u 

Joseph Cannon Gregory Caron John Can! 


juniors - Class of 2002 

ley Carson Scott Carter Megan Cayer 


Brian Chappell 

leen Christofi Daniel Clark Megan Cole Amy Coleman 

" ^*»*-^ 

rTFT 'Vsr-^V* 

Cathy Silva smiles as her teammate 
Amanda Collins runs for a victory. 

IhanConnerty Nathan Conrad Gerard Conroy Andrew Cook Danica Copeland Jennifer Cote Sean Cronin 

\* rv 

lael Crotty Ian Curry James Cyr Meghan Daily Jennifer Daly Louis D'Amarino Amy Danielczyk 

Daniels Colin Davey Curtis Davidson 


Matthew Day Ian Delahanty Todd Derbyshire Sarah Diamond 

h Doherty Stephen DohertyJr Joanna Douillette Keri Dufault Julie Duhamel Kristen Dupre Erik Edson 


Stephanie Ellis Jason Emord Amanda Enos Alison Erbeck Jenelle Esters Amy Farnham Robert Ferri: 

Jessica Fix Richard Florence Laura Ford Rachel Forman Paul Francey Marc Freitas Amy Freyermi 

j< i i i 

Deanna Fruzzetti Matthew Furtado Tory Furtado Erin Gale William Gambill Ryan Gardiner Lynda Garn 

Renee Gaudette Patrick Gomes William Goodell Jr Nicole Gourdin Rachel Gourdin Justin Govonlu Ryan Graci».: 

^P ^5 

Christopher Grant Patrick Greenhalge Edward Grenham Michelle Grover 


Good friends. Craig Murray. Kara Silvia. 
Meg Jones. Keri Dufault. Kate Daniels. 
Molly Lawton. Jill Asack. and Laura Miller 
ring in the new year. 

Keith Haggerty 

Amanda Hall Danielle Hannemann Kristina Hanney 




Hayden Stephanie Heavey Thomas Dale Higgins Katharine Hil 

Higginbotham III 


i p 

■, .... . 

Kristen Dupre and Brandon Fuller 
i;andra Hilts Stephan Hinxman Craig Hirtle Rachel Hoyo Christine Hubert enjoy the semi formal. 


Ih Hulshof Rebekah Hunt Jennifer lamele Melissa Ignagni Kristin Inglis Eric Iverson Andrew Jaffe 

lei James Shannon Jasper Ronnie Javete Matthew Johnson Calvin Jones Meghann Jones Sean Jones 

■e Jose Joanne Joseph Michael Keith Erin Kelleher Maura Kelley Michael Kilfoyle Kevin Kresser 

— ^m^ _ ^^— — . 


m LaCasse Rachel Ladd Kacie Lamontagne Jennifer Larson Katherine Larson Amy Lauper Molly Lawton 


Mark Lemmo Jesse Libby Katelyn Lopresti Leanne Lortie Elizabeth Lucchetti Jeffrey Mallett Gail Malom 

Ryan Mandeville Jonathan Marcotte Amos Mare Nina Martelli Peter Mason Theresa Masselli Lauren M 

Kevin McAuliffe Matthew McCabe Lisa McLaren Jennifer Measor Stephen Menice Andrew Merriam Courtney Mi« : 


William Mills Sally Modercin Rory Modica Ana Moniz Michael Moran Jeffrey Morin Thomas M 


Sherrie Mulholland Craig Murray Paul Narciso Jonathan Neil Corinn NelS' 

Mike Spagone sprints to a victory. Efjn Ne|son JasQn NJcho|s Brendan - Brien JN| aBrJen Manso| Qca 


Juniors - Class of 2002 


3l O'Connell Nicholas Ortanos Christopher Nicholas Palmieri Clifton Pennington 


<*~ n ^l 


J /■ "* 

^ ^ 


Y.M ' Mr li 


}elle Pereira Scott Pillsbury Nicole Pincolini Eric Pittard Ryan Post Enolish class 

Crystal Rosenfield smiles during 

tin Praino Nicole Price Patrick Prince Marisa Prisco Wendy Proctor Stephen Protz Alicia Quinn 

Bac Rashada Eric Reese Christopher Rego Julie Reichert Jason Resendes Michael Resmini Matthew Roland 

p Rosenfield Michael Sawler Jr Brian Sawyer Jennifer Sharland Dennis Sharpe Lynda Shaw Matthew Shaw 


| Sheehan Thomas Sheehan Justin Sherwood Anastasia Shin Angela Shinko Allyson Silva Cathy Silva 





Cw RW 

Jonathan Silva Joseph Silva Monica Silva Kara Silvia Chad Simmons Christine Smith Luther Smi 

Shannon Smith Tanya Smith Michael Spagone Nutthapon Srisathith Adam Stevenson Andrea Stoughton Christian Sul 

Katelyn Sypher Kyle Sypher Megan Tangaro Jackson Tarr Amanda Thetonia Taylor Thompson Kelly Tiernc| 



Sandra Torres Gena Tremouliaris Michael Veracka Courtney Vespa Lynn Walsh Eric Warner Colleen Wei 

Sara Whidden Caitlin White Rachel Whitman Jonathan Whitney Ashleigh Wh 


Luther Smith and John Bascon are 

just hanqinq around Heather Whitty Patricia Wholley Kathleen Whynock Brenda Wilson James Worst" | 

1 . Quarterback Ryan Post huddles the offense in preparation for another 


2. Heading to class are Mark Batastini, Jen lamele, Anne Bruckman, Jen Zolga, 
Kate Taxiera, and Tricia Wholley. 

3. Andy Furey stretches himself out for maximum performance. 

4. No competition can outrun these outstanding track runners. 

5. Mr. Lennon shows complete concentration during the Superbowl game. 

6. John Dooley concentrates during rehearsals for "Guys and Dolls". 

7. Friends forever, Julie Craig, Carrie Simmons, Ellen Sanderson, and Pam 
Rabouin enjoy the moment. 



No matter what team they played or where the event was held, 
B-R athletes shined. The B-R Sports program has taught us 
discipline and has given students the opportunity to develop their 
athletic prowess. This year, like many of the previous, the Trojan 
teams proved to be mighty in the Old Colony League. With 
continuing effort and team work, the future Trojan teams look to 
follow in the previous footsteps. 

1 . The Girls' Field Hockey Team will always remember PlayDay 
in Sandwich. 

2. Mike McGoogan throws the first pitch of the season. 

3. The Varsity Cheerleaders cheer on their senior class at the 
Pep Rally. 

4. The Wrestling Team warms up before a big meet. 

5. Pam Rabouin uses all her power to reach the plate. 

6. Senior Golfers, Evan Melford, Adam Derosier, Brendan Casey, 
and Dave Stelmach rest in between holes. 

7. Junior tracker passes off in the relay. 

8. Blake Cannon shoots the winning goal. 

9. Matt Black smashes his ball into the opponents side. 

10. Erin Nelson serves the ball to the next court. 

11. Pat Cushing jumps the hurdle to claim a victory for the 

12. Craig Audette anticipates the next play. 

13. Carrie Simmons goes down for a block. 

14. Football players get a pep talk from Mr. Buron. 


Coming into the 2000 season, the Trojans were 
supposed to be the underdog of the OCL. Led by 
seniors Tim Killea, Dave Noone, Mike LeClair, John 
Dowd, Kyle Marden, and Head Coach Mr. Dan Buron, 
the Trojans went 9-3 overall. Inspired by the theme 
"Remember The Trojans", B-R went undefeated in 
OCL play and earned a berth in the Division 1 Super 
Bowl against Waltham. The defense, led by Tim Killea, 
Kyle Marden, and Tom Higginbotham played spec- 
tacular in key games against Barnstable, Taunton, and 
Silver Lake. The offense led by Rich Florence, John 
Dowd, Luther Smith, and Ryan Post, proved to be 
unstoppable in the last 7 games. Next years team 
looks prime to repeat with 15 returning starters. 

1. Using his speed and agility, Tim Killea rushes 
the ball. 

2. Ryan Post gets ready to hand the ball off. 

3. Mike LeClair takes action in the game. 

4. During a timeout, the defense grabs some water 
and words from Coach Buron. 

5. The offense awaits the play, calling from Coach 

6. Coach Buron gives some words of wisdom. 

7. Luther Smith leaps onto Kach Nwosu after 
scoring a touchdown. 



8. Team 2000-1 st row; Tim Killea, Kyle Marden 
John Dowd, Mike LeClair, Dave Noone;2nd row- 
Tom Higginbotham, Peter Mason, Ryan Post 
Rich Florence, Luther Smith, Kevin O'Brien, Scott 
Carter;3rd row- Lou D'Amarino, Tom Morrissey, 
Kach Nwosu, Ben Bascon, Kyle Buckley, Will 
Morey, Matt Lyford; 4th row- Dillon McGovern, 
Ben Katz, Matt Peabody, Mike Fitzpatrick, Greg 
Ferolli, Steve Prisco, Lee Beane;5th row-John 
Freyermuth, NickBulgaris, Pat Allen, Tom Greco, 
Clint Cooper, Nick Sylvia;6th row- Coach Dan 
Buron, Rob Letendre, Tom Parenteau, Chris 
Kolentsas, Peter Moynihan, and Woody Barra. 

9. Tom Higginbotham kicks off to start the game. 

10. John Dowd blocks his opponent. 

1 1 . Luther Smith goes up to block a punt with the help 
of Kevin O'Brien. 

12. David Noone makes a big sack on the QB. 

13. Rich Florence has the determination to keep 

14. Matt Lyford watches the referee call a penalty 
after his effort in the play. 


1. Meghan Kennealy winds up and fires a shot. 

2. Ellen Sanderson and Laura Winsor get ready for the 

3. Cait Parlow recieves a pass from her teammate. 

4. Kate Krappe fires a shot from the corner. 

5. Melissa Boudreau stands in defense of her goal. 

6. Laura McGoodwin and Laurie Grublin discuss their 
victory after the game. 

7. Team gathers together on a time-out during the game as 
Coach Casabian pumps them up. 

8. Team 2000: First row: Sara Clifford. Laura Winsor, Ellen 
Sanderson, Jen Cote. Michelle Byers. Chrissy Hall, 
Stephanie St. Martin. Michelle Almada. Kerry Dufault; 
Second row: Caitlyn Parlow. Emily Morey, Melissa Boudreau, 
Vanessa Carney, Meghan Daily, Jill Asack, Amy Freyermuth, 
Laureane Demoura, Rachel Ladd, Kate Krappe: Back row: 
Coach Casabian, Laura McGoodwin. Jess Golden, Cait 
White. Shannon Moynihan. Kate Daniels. Meghan Kennealy. 
Staci Durso. Jen Haynes. Maura Kelley. 

9. Chrissy Hall defends her opponent. 

10. Cait White looks on as the Trojans charge down the 

1 1 . Shannon Moynihan gets by a defender and heads for 
the goal. 

12. Melissa Boudreau stick handles around a defender as 
Amy Freyermuth looks on. 

1 3. Rachael Ladd takes one for the team. 

14. Emily Morey covers her opponent. 


Field Hockey 

" I am so psyched, 

I am so psyched, 

Can't stop us now, 

Can't stop us now, 

We are so good, 

We are so good, 

We'll show ya how, 

We'll show ya how... 

Say I "I" 

Am "Am" 

So "So" 



I am so psyched, 

I am so psyched, 

1... 2. ..3. ..Score together, 

Win together, Go Trojans 


Lady Trojans Secure Tournament Berth! 

Despite three early season setbacks, the Trojans 

Varsity Field Hockey team, led by Coach Casabian 

and captains Michelle Byers and Chrissy Hall, secured 

a tournament berth for the first time in three years. 

Plagued with nagging injuries, the team relied on great 

bench strength and contributions from all members to 

work their way to a winning season. Unselfish play, 

team unity, and a sense of pride and tenacity were 

characteristics displayed by all as the season 

progressed. The offensive charge was led by Chrissy 

Hall, Cait White, Ellen Sanderson, Kate Krappe, and 

Sarah Clifford. An outstanding defense included 

inspired play from Michelle Byers, Cait Parlow, Rachael 

Ladd, Shannon Moynihan, Meg Daily, and Emily Morey. 

The defense was anchored by the solid goalkeeping of 

Jen Cote. Other seniors displaying leadership and 

solid play were Laura Winsor, Melissa Boudreau, Jess 

Golden, Megan Kennealy, and Laura McGoodwin. 

The team finished the regular season winning four of 

their last 6 games to achieve their goal of Tournament 

play. The Lady Trojans ended their season with an 

overall record of 10-8- 2. 


The 2000 Boy's Soccer team had a successful season by 
qualifying forthe state tournament and just narrowly missing 
the league title. Each player on the team possessed a 
fervent attitude for the game, which is the most important 
quality that helped them win and do so well. The team 
played together and displayed exceptional unity. Everyone 
could relate to one another and that is what helped the 
Trojans do so well. With so many athletes on the team, there 
was plenty of endurance and fire power, which helped in 
outrunning many of theiropponents. Next year, there will be 
many returning starters, which means that the Trojans 
should have another strong year. 

1. Dan MacKinnon gets ready to kick the winning goal. 

2. Hustling hard, Brett Wright prepares for Trojan victory. 
3. Steve Durso taps the ball away from the defense. 
4. With quick moves, Peter DeOlim dribbles up field. 
5. Team 2000- 1st row; Brett Wright, Mark Freitas, Ryan 
Schleicher, Andy Hamilton, Paul Oliari, Peter DeOlim-2nd 
row; Brandon Springer, Matt Johnson, Mike Zolga, Steve 
Durso, Dan Mackinnon, Dan Cummings, Andy Harrington, 
Mike Delgado-3rd row; Chris Duerden, Paul Narciso, Jon 
Neil, Andy Merrium, Jason Emord, Chris Klump, Kevin 
McAuliffe, Blake Cannon, Billy Goodell, Joe Powers, Matt 
Rolland, Coach George Pacheco. 

Boys' Soccer 


Kick the ball 
to the outside 

-Coach Pacheco 

6. Co-Captain Andy Hamilton fights 
for position. 

7. Some members of the Boy's 
team help fix the net before the 
start of the game. 

8.Junior phenomenon Chris Klump 
eyes the defense, preparing to 



Leave it to the ladies... 

The Girls' Soccer team had a great season, once again 
winning the Old Colony League Championship, led by 
captains Laura King, Alyson Innocenzi, keeper Katie Barber 
and the returning seniors Jill Buckley, Pam Rabouin, Sarah 
Carr, Hadley Hanson, and Jess Rawlins. 

This year's Girls' team was seeded 3rd in the state, but 
suffered a hard loss to Marshfield in the second round of the 
state tournament. Everyone looks forward to next year and 
good luck to the girls of the 2002 team. 

1. Jess Rawlins tries to defend her opponent as Sophia Myers 
looks on. 

2. Hadley Hanson works on ball skills during warm-ups. 

3. Pam Rabouin trys to use her head against two defenders. 

4. Team 2000: First row: Laura King, Katie Barber, Alyson 
Innocenzi; 2nd row: Sophia Myers, Monica Silva, Pam Rabouin, 
Jess Rawlins, Jill Buckley, Hadley Hanson, Ana Moniz; 3rd row: 
Coach Heslin, Sarah Carr, Caitlin O'Leary, Laura Ford, Holly 
Laubinger, Kristen Whittington, Sarah McElroy, Carrie Simmons, 
Meg Connerty, Kim Morast, Katie Chiocca, Ashley Slater, and 
Amanda Perry. 

5. Alyson Innocenzi breaks up her opponents rush as Jess Rawlins 
looks to help. 

6. Pam Rabouin and Carrie Simmons stretch out before an 
important game. 

7. Carrie Simmons laces up her cleats and prepares for another 
Trojan victory 

8. After a hard first half, the Girls' team gets in focus for the rest of 
the game. 133 



Training for these individuals officially began on August 24.2000. 
On Sunday morning, September 10th. they participated in an 
annual road race in Brockton. This proved to be an indicator of the 
team's future success. 

Everyday the team practiced diligently, giving it 1 1 0% especially 
at the now infamous sandpits located on the Bridgewater State 
College campus. From road runs to track workouts, the team 
learned quickly that their legs could take them anywhere. Showing 
good sportsmanship, they had impressive showings against 
Barnstable, North Quincy. and Taunton. On October 6th. captain 
Geoff Churchill led the team after Coach Joe LeMarr left to 
participate in the Olympic games in Sydney. Australia. 

On Columbus Day, they ran in freezing weather in Grafton, MA. 
These mile runners showed tremendous determination at both the 
OCL meet in Silver Lake on October 24th and at the South Shore 
Principles in Easton on October 29th. After the class A meet in 
Boston on November 1 1th, the season was officially over. 

To celebrate, they had a party at the Stoneforge Restaurant in 
Raynham. In the end, it was evident that the team would never be 
the same again. 

1 . Rob Sanderson shows that practice makes perfect. 

2. With several runners behind him. Bill Gambill strides towards the finish 

3. Captain Geoff Churchill battles his way up a steep incline. 

4. Sophomore sensation Tim Chiappini leaves Falmouth in the dust. 

5. Team 2000-1 st row: Aaron Pacheco. Tim Chiappini. Geoff Churchill. Greg 
Dillon. Bill Gambil; 2nd row; Dan Rolland. Mike Haggerty. Rob Sanderson. 
Mike Spagone, and Pat Leahy. 

Boys' Cross Country 



-Geoff Churchill 
captain '01 

6. Dan Rolland's rollin'down the 
pathway to victory. 

7. Showng endurance. Mike Haggerty 
leaves several runners behind. 

8. Pat Leahy sprints closer to the finish 



" The faster 

P r- ■ - 
f ^ 

you run, 

the faster 


you're done." 

B J 

"Kristen Cassidy 
manager '01 

Girls' Cross Country 

This year's team made 2000 an exciting and unforgetable 
season. With hard work from each team member, team unity 
was at its best. The team raced through rough terrain and 
sometimes inclement weather. Nevertheless, they were 
extremely successful. Under the leadership of team cap- 
tains Pam Carbone and Allison Paul, this dedicated team 
ran well against the likes of Barnstable, Silver Lake and 
Taunton. They literally ran over the river and through the 
woods on some courses. Coach Paul Urban, Jr. was 
impressed with his team's tremendous effort and sports- 
manship. Next year's team will be incredible with more than 
half of its runners plannning to return. 

Hustling as hard as she can up the hill, Molly Lawton leads the 

2. Denise Bentley keeps running as Coach Urban cheers her to victory 
against Falmouth. 

3. Sue Noblin is cool, calm and collected as she runs at a steady pace. 

4. Team 2000:1st: Radha Sinha, Molly Lawton, Pam Carbone, Sue Noblin, 
Cathy Silva, Rachel Blanchette 2nd: Elise Melford, Kristin White, Christina 
Ricciardi, Denise Bentley. Kristen Francoeur, Kerry Whittaker, 3rd: Kyle 
Dooley, Ashley Edson, Ashley Slavin, Laura Yafrate, Sarah Diamond, and 
Coach Urban 

5. Pam Carbone paces herself as she approaches the finish line. 

6. Kyle Dooley shows her outstanding effort as she conquers a rocky hill. 

7. Elise Melford makes running three miles look like a piece of cake. 

8. Proving that there is no "I" in "TEAM", Rachel Blanchette and Sarah 
Diamond breeze past the competition. 


The golf team won its first OCL championship in twenty-nine 
years. It was the first OCL title for coach George Pimental. 
The team was led by senior co-captains Brendan Casey and 
Adam Derosier. Other key contributors include Evan Melford, 
Dave Stelmach, Corey Blanchard, Mark Folkins, Derek 
Phillipe, Dan 0"Connell, Steve Protz, Chris Rego, manager/ 
player Rob Ferris, and captain-elect of 2001 , Greg Caron. 
The team suffered an early defeat to Barnstable that all but 
destroyed any hopes that the seniors had. After the defeat 
the team rallied around its senior leadership to win the next 
ten matches. Due to a late season upset (Silver Lake 
defeated Barnstable) the team had its chance to capture 
sole possession of first place with a crucial win at Silver 
Lake. Thanks to Greg Caron's clutch performance the 
victory fell upon the Trojans by one stroke. The stage was set 
for a final showdown with Barnstable for the OCL crown. 
Barnstable arrived at Olde Scotland Links in complete 
confidence. The chance of a Trojan upset was slim to none 
and most everyone knew this except the eight Trojan golfers 
who refused to settle for second best for the twenty-eighth 
year. With several players shooting just above par the Red 
Raiders fell to the Trojans by five strokes and the OCL 
championship went home with the Trojans that night. 
The seniors of the team would like to wish Coach Pimental, 
captain-elect Greg Caron, and the rest of the Trojan squad 
good luck in 2001. The seniors would also like to thank 
Coach Pimental. 





1. Dan O'Connell keeps a keen eye on his ballflight after 
making a shot. 

2. Cory Blanchard seems more concerned with posing than 
watching his shot. 

3. Greg Caron analyzes the lay of the course. 

4. Clenching his teeth in suspense, Chris Rego monitors his 

5. Dave Stelmach, also known as "The Hammer," patiently 
watches his putt. 

6. BR's finest hitting the links. 

7. Entrenched in a sandtrap. Matt Cahill completes his 

8. Top row: Mark Folkins, Brendan Casey, Adam Derosier, 
Chris Rego, Evan Melford, Dennis Rodriguez, John Foster, 
Greg Caron, Rob Ferris, and Cory Blanchard; 

Bottom row: Jeff Bradshaw, Dave Stelmach, Matt Cahill, Dan 
O'Connell, Steve Protz, Derek Phillipe, and Dan Luchetti. 

9. Adam Derosier remembers," straight back; straight through." 

10. Evan Melford abhors right-to-left breaks. 

11. Pictured are heroes of the trojan war, Captains Adam 
Derosier(left) and Brendan Casey. 

12. "It's all about weight transfer." Steve Protz thinks after an 
approach shot is made. 

13. Mark Folkins showing us his short game is as good as his 

14. Evan Melford proving "It's all in the hips." 


Year 2001 was another amazing year for the B-R 
wrestling team. They won the Old Colony League title 
for the second consecutive year. Led by captains Ian 
Carlson, Dan Doherty, John Dowd, and Dave Gilrein, 
with the help of juniors Lee Beane, Rob LeRoux, and 
other teammates, the Trojans were unstoppable. 
With the hard work, dedication, perserverance, and 
talent that will come with next year's wrestlers, the 
team is sure to bring home another well-earned title. 

1 . Dave Gilrein pins for another victory. 

2. Ian Carlson puts his opponent in a tight hold. 

3. Dan Doherty practices a throwing technique on Rob LeRoux. 

4. Mike Zella attempts to roll his opponent over. 

5. Team 2001 : Front Row: T. Hennessy, R. LeRoux, D. Doherty, 
T. Killea, M. Kenealy, J. Dowd, I. Carlson, D. Gilrein, B. Mills, R. 
Gracia. Middle Row: C. Lunday, M. Petrino, L. D'Amarino, R. 
Mandeville, M. Pratti, L. Beane, M. Zella, C. Harrington, A. Killea, 
C. Arrighi, S. Sessin, R. White. Top Row: M. Burke, A. Robison, A. 
Levoy, D. Danforth, L. Freyermuth, D. Mitchell, J. Freyermuth, B. 
Katz, A. Televasia, J. O'Brien, Stump, Fitz, Mr.Holmes. Not pic- 
tured: F. Pacheco 

6. Senior wrestlers flex for manager, Megan Kenealy. 

7. The team huddles for a pep talk before the meet. 

8. Ryan Gracia traps his opponent in a difficult move. 

^d ,|k'. ^^- 


" Six minutes 

of PAIN, 

for one 

moment of 







This year's 2001 Trojan's Cheerleading team was 
led by captains Kelli Ahearn, Irene Gouveia and Kim 
Pacheco, and coaches Barbara and Kristy Lomba. 
The team hosted the Old Colony League competition, 
where they placed second. They also qualified for the 
state competition. Other members of the Varsity team 
were Jenn Halon, Kristie Berg, Kristen Andrutis, Lauren 
Mader, Lisa McClairen, Amanda Clapp, Amanda Smith, 
Nicole Ruuska, Sarah Chappel, Sophia Barros, Laura 
Churchill, and Ashley Rodrigues. 

1 . Irene Gouveia leads the team in a cheer. 

2. The team shows off one of their new routines at the 
pep rally. 

3. Lauren Mader, Laura Churchill, Ashley Rodrigues, 
and Kristen Andrutis take a break from cheering. 

4. The team stays together to keep warm at the game. 

5. The team has a blast entertaining the crowd at half 

6. Sarah Chappelle and Colleen Hallesey on their way 
back down after rooting for the Trojans. 

7. Renee Benoit is caught after performing her routine. 

8. Jen Halon swings her partner. 


On Friday evening, January 19, 2001, the team recap- 
tured their OCL title from Silver Lake. Captained by Geoff 
Churchill and Mike Delgado, these individuals proved that 
there was strength in numbers. The meets were held at the 
Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. Training for the team 
commenced on November 27, 2000. Each day they prac- 
ticed diligently. On December 1 1 , 2000, the team had their 
first victory of the season over Taunton. These athletes also 
had an impressive showing at the OCL meet on February 4, 

Geoff Churchill excelled in the 2-mile event while Mike 
Delgado broke new records in the high jump and hurdles. 
Jon Vitrano did an outstanding job in the 600 meter event. 

1 . Andy Furey and Rob Sanderson stride around the track for the 1 ,000 
meter event. 

2. Mark Battistini leaps over the hurdles with ease. 

3. Jon Vitrano brings in another victory for the Trojans while Pete Balboni 
follows him up. 

4. Captain Geoff Churchill strides his way around the track and through 
the finish line. 

5. Team 2001- 1st row: Andy Cook, Scott Carter, Pat Cushing, Rob 
Riccardi, Mike Haggerty, Ian Rawlins, Geoff Churchill, Andy Furey, Jon 
Vitrano, Mike Delgado, Ricky Powers. 2nd row: Mark Anderson, Will 
Morey, Ryan Hennesy, Andy Jaffee, Kyle Berquist, Nick Tat, Luther 
Smith, Tim Chiappini, BenBreznar, Jay Weigold, John Paul Morrison. 3rd 
row: Kach Nwosu, Chris Coyman, Clint Cooper, Matt Copp, Kevin 
Kressar, Chris Hamilton, Mike Spagone, Dean Guasconi, Rob Sanderson, 
Pete Balboni, Mike Resmini, Chris Benve. 4th row: Dan O'Connell, Ryan 
Post, Tom Hiqqinbotham, Kevin O'Brien, Kevin Murphy, Todd Derbyshire, 

Boys' Winter Track 



Bill Gambill, Kach Nwosu, David 
Grant, Mike Champaign, Steve 
Yelle, Greg Feroli, Steve McKinnon, 
Jeff Romadad, Kyle Brown, and 
Mark Battastini. 

6. All-Star Mike Delgado hurdles 
his way to a victory. 

7. B-R runners run together to gain 
a victory. 

8. Rob Ricciardi flys through the air 
to beat his opponents. 

"The body 
what the 


-Team '01 

Girls ' Winter Track 

Trying to keep the OCL championship, the Girls' Winter 
Track Team unfortunately lost one meet to rivals, Silver 
Lake. The Trojans led by captains Kate Delgado, Jess 
Rawlins and Pam Carbone, tried their hardest to achieve all 
of Coach Delgados' expectations. Main contributors to the 
team were Jen Zolga, Jess Rawlins, Molly Lawton, Pam 
Carbone, and Kim Pacheco. The Lady Trojans ended a 
successful season placing 2nd overall in the OCL. 

1. Elise Moltan jumps with ease. 

2. Kim Pacheco aims and fires away to win the shot put 

3. Molly Lawton strides to another victory. 

4. Team 2000: 1st row: Kate Delgado; 2nd row: Kim Pacecho, Jess 
Rawlins, Chrissy Hall, Pam Carbone; 3rd row: Heather Blanchard, 
Kylie Biela, Sophie Myers, Barrie Guarino, Jen Measor, Molly Lawton, 
Cathy Silva, Jen Zolga, Anne Bruckman, Megan Hess, Lyndsey 
Lyssard; 4th row: Elyse Melford, Brianna Corr, Brigid Daily, Kyla 
Harrington, Holly Laubinger, Krysten Whittington, Christina Ricciardi, 
Kristin Francoeur, Elise McCann, Liz Burt, Tracey Moore, Autumn 
Ossai; 5th row: Briana Thielker, Cassie Thielker, Jackie Murphy, 
Joanna Justice, Jackie Bryant, Ashley Edison, Laura Yafrate, Sarah 
Soloman, Christina Doris, Sabrina Gambill, Denise Bentley, Ryanne 
Bradshaw, and Caitlin O'Leary. 

5. Sophomore stars, Denise Bentley and Brigid Daily cruise to the 
finish line. 

6. Warming up to win, the B-R track team jogs around the track. 

7. Seniors, Chrissy Hall, Kate Delgado. Jess Rawlins and Pam 
Carbone take a break from running. 

8. Effortlessly, Christina Doris flys through the air to another victory 



1. With incredible hang time, Matt Badiali nails a 

2. Showing exceptional court awareness, Matt Badiali 
looks to make a pass. 

3. Craig Audette releases a three ball from the corner. 

4. Point guard Ryan Schleicher prepares to set up the 

5. Greg Dillon swishes another free throw. 

6. Brett Wright hustles to grab a loose ball. 

7. Coach Larry Fisher huddles his team together and 
explains to them that defense is the key. 

8. 1 st row: Chris Lovell, Ryan Schleicher, Matt Badiali, 
Craig Audette, Greg Hiltz, Greg Dillon, Brett Wright; 
2nd row: Coach Larry Fisher, Sean Cronin, Jon Neil, 
Ian Delahanty, Matt Cahill, Chad Simmonds, Dan 
Clark, Kevin McAuliffe, Matt Agiar. 

9. With deadly accuracy, Matt Cahill drains another 

10. Greg Hiltz clears out the paint as he goes for 
another rebound. 

1 1 . Co-Captions Craig Audette and Matt Badiali pose 
for a kodak moment. 

12. Team manager Nick Silvia entertains the Trojan 
crowd during his halftime show. 

13. Craig Audette sinks another free throw. 

14. Chris Lovell slices through the lane and lays it in. 


" They're a 
very nice team 
with a lot of 
nice players" 

Coach Larry Fisher 

Boys' Basketball 

Boy's Basketball comes close... 

The 2000-2001 Boy's Basketball team had an 
outstanding season. Dubbed by many to be the 
cellar dwelling OCL team, the Trojans competed 
hard all year to set up an OCL Championship 
game. At home versus Silver Lake, a team the 
Trojans defeated earlier in the season, B-R had 
their hands full. They fought tough throughout the 
game and came up just a little short in the end. Led 
by senior co-captains Craig Audette and Matt 
Badiali along with seniors Brett Wright, Chris 
Lovell, Ryan Schleicher, Greg Dillon, and Greg 
Hiltz, the Trojans had plenty of leadership and 
talent. The Trojans also had one of the top scorers 
in Massachusetts, junior Matt Cahill. Throughout 
the year, the Trojans played hard and proved 
many people wrong as they finished with a regular 
season record of 14-4. Congratulations to 
everyone who played on the team. 


1. Meghan Driscoll shoots to put the Trojans in the 

2. Katie Barber shoots her free throw. 

3. Kim Morast makes her way down the court. 

4. Mr. Walker and Mr. Cunniff watch the girl's have 
another victory. 

6. Katie Barber tries to help out Allison Howe. 

7. Carrie Simmons, Laura King, and Katie Barber 
discuss the game. 

8. Kim Morast, Carrie Simmons, Laura King, Ashley 
Slater, Sue Noblin, Meghan Driscoll, Katie Barber, 
Allison Howe, Julie Innocenzi, Monica Silva, Coach 

9. Laura King tries to get possesion of the ball. 

10. Ashley Slater and Julie Innocenzi both block the 

1 1 . Katie Barber is one of the best players on the team. 

12. Laura King shoots for the winning basket. 

13. Ashley Slater and Meghan Driscoll reach high up 
for the ball. 

1 4. Carrie Simmons tries to keep the other team from 



they stand, 

they fall." 

Girls' Basketball 

Girl's Basketball gives it their best... 

The Girl's Basketball team gave it their all in the 
2000-2001 season. Led by senior tri-captains 
Katie Barber, Laura King, and Sue Noblin, the girls 
had a tremendous season. Through their ups and 
downs these Lady Trojans kept their heads high 
and enjoyed a 1 2- 8 regular season record. Going 
into the tournament as a 12 seed, the girls 
unfortunately losttheirfirst round game. Freshman 
Meghan Driscoll stepped up to the varsity level to 
give the girls' team some height down on the low 
post. With great crowd support and a deep desire 
to win, the girls' team competed for the OCL title for 
much of the season. Up until the last few weeks of 
the regular season, the girls were in first place in 
the league. Even though the team will lose three 
quality senior guards, next year's girls' team looks 
just as good with more good guard play and a tall 
presence inside. ^ 5 




This year, the Trojan hockey team came up a little short 
with an overall record of 6-12-2. The season looked 
promising before it started because it was led by senior 
captains Marc Mcguire and John Daly, and assistant 
captain, junior Craig Murray. The Trojans also got leader- 
ship from seniors Joe Cantelli, Sean Mcgovern, and 
Shawn Brown. Junior goalie C.J. Pennington was also a 
major contribution to the team. Coach Marc Jones was a 
little upset, stating, "It is hard to play in this league with only 
7 upperclassmen. We had a lot of young guys who needed 
to step up and play, which they did, but this league is so 
tough that you need more". This years team was a young 
team, so next year looks like a tournament bid. Good luck 

| . Before the game starts, coach Marc Jones gives a few pointers. 

3. Ooh, say, can you see their shaved heads. 

4. Senior defenseman, Shawn Brown, skates the puck up the ice looking to pass 
to a open teammate. 

5. 1st row- Chris Chambers, Dan Chipman, Billy Manning, John Daly, Craig 
Murray, Marc Mcguire, Joe Cantelli, Scott Curly, CJ. Pennington. Top row- 
Coach Dan Geary, Coach David Patrick, Paul Augistine, Dan Colbern, Jason 
Akstin, Chris Joyce, Greg Hartford, John Grein, Shawn Brown. Kevin Sullivan, 
Sean Mcgovern, John Foster, Costa Tremelarous, Bobby Smith, Head Coach 
Mark Jones. 

6. Senior defenseman Joe Cantelli gets ready to fire the puck off the glass and 
out of the zone. 

7. Craig Murray and Sean Mcgovern congratulate Marc Mcguire after he scores 
another goal. 
8. Senior captain John Daly forechecks the offensive zone. 



, *5L RAN* 


"Go back to the 
schoolyard and 
do cartwheels if 
you just want to 

No! I want to be 

a champion!." 


Surpassing their own expectations, the girls gym- 
nastics team finished the season with six wins and four 
losses. B-R placed third in the Pilgrim Conference. 
The team was led by Co-Captains Leah Milan and 
Aimee Ayers. Other important contributes to the B-R 
gymnastics program were freshman Becky Kennedy 
and sophomore Staci Duke. 

1 . Coach Tim O' Leary tapes Leah Milan's ankle before a big 

2. Freshman Becky Kennedy performs a flawless front walk- 
over on the beam. 

3. Allison Chandler looks for the perfect landing position. 

4. Front row: Capt. Aimee Ayers, Alison Paul, Allison Chan- 
dler, Capt. Leah Milan, 2nd Row: Amanda Smith, Katie Hiltz, 
Jill Diliddo, Staci Durso, Heather Mann, Lauren Pincolini. Back 
Row: Coach Tim O'Leary , Becky Kennedy, Laura Dempsey, 
Asst. Coach Nancy Nault. 

5. Alison Paul steadies herself on the balance beam. 

6. Leah Milan gets great height during this wolf jump. 

7. Deep in concentration, Aimee Ayers prepares for a spec- 
tacular dismount. 

8. Staci Durso swings between the bar with great ease. 



■ ' I 


Boys' Tennis does it again... 

Five out of the seven starters from last seasons 
championship team will be returning to defend their 
title. One of those five spots will be most likely filled 
by the new German exchange student. Chris Klump. 
The team will be led by senior tri-captains Greg Dillon. 
Brendan Casey, and Steve Durso. Leading contribu- 
tions to the team this year will include seniors Dave 
Stelmach. Evan Melford. junior Dan Clark, and sopho- 
more Mike Driscol. We look forward to another OCL 
Title come this spring. 

1 . With his eyes set on the perfect spot, Dave 
Stelmach puts the ball there. 

2. Brendan Casey holds his racket high after defeat- 
ing yet another opponent. 

3. Showing off his great serve. Steve Durso knocks 
in an ace. 

4. Brendan Casey. Greg Dillon, and Steve Durso 
warm up before their big match. 

5. Evan Melford prepares to slam the ball. 

6. Charging the net, Greg Dillon uses his soft hands 
to hit a winner. 

Boys' Tennis 

does it 


7. Matt Black serves with 
exceptional form. 

8. Full out, Mike Dobson 
gives it everything he's 


" This year's 

girls' team 

should be a 

real smash" 



Girls' Tennis 

Team Smashes Oponents 

Last season the B-R girls tennis team finished second in 
the OCL standings. With an overall record of 13-3 and a 
league record of 11-3, the girls team proved successful 
under the new leadership of coach Robert Mastria. The 
team was led by the first doubles team and captains Katie 
Simmons and Katie Powers. 

This year's team looks promising with senior leader- 
ship coming from: Sue Noblin, Ellen Sanderson, Danielle 
Jones, and Merry Carney. Other key players include 
Carrie Simmons, Kara Silvia, and Meg Jones. With this 
core of players the Trojans look to take the OCL Title in this 
coming season. Go Trojans! 

1 . Susan Noblin watches as her cross court shot nicks the line. 

2. Seniors Danielle Jones and Merrideth Carney warm up for their 
doubles match. 

3. With perfect form, Carrie Simmons crushes a forehand. 

4. Katie Simmons, 2nd row: Danielle Jones, Sue Noblin. Merry 
Carney, Ellen Sanderson, 3rd row: Coach Mastria, Kara Silvia, 
Meg Jones, Carrie Simmons, Anne Bruckman, Erin Nelson, Katie 
Powers, and Heather Jones. 

5. Kara Silvia winds up for a backhand winner. 

6. Running forward, Ellen Sanderson digs the ball and saves an 
opponent winner. 

7. Anne Bruckman laces a forehand winner. 

8. Showing her superhuman strength, Meg Jones wins another 


Trojan Effort Immeasurable 

After a missed post-season berth by one game, the 2001 
Trojans hope to overcome last year's missed opportunities. 
After a tough luck season, the baseball team's fate in the 
tournament came down to one game. It was an encounter 
with the number one team in Eastern Mass., New Bedford. 
It was a hard fought battle, with the Trojans leading through- 
out the game, but they came up short of the win in the end. 

This year's team has high hopes with tri-captains leading 
the way. Craig Audette, Mike Mcgoogan, and Ryan Schleicher 
look to take the Trojans back to the top. With solid depth of 
experienced seniors, this year's squad looks to give Coach 
Mr. John Kearney, his first OCL title 

1 . The B-R Trojans huddle up to talk about strategy before a 

2. After hitting another home run, Bob Maddock is congratu- 
lated at the plate by Craig Audette. 

3. Using his brand new glove, Steve Thetonia makes the 
play look easy. 

4. Team 2000-sitting; Steve Barnard, Sean Donahue, Derek 
Chaffee, Adam Crossman, Jeff Korske, Orestis Tiliakos, 
Brett Nowlin, Steve Marcott, Ryan Dooley-Standing; Rich 
Florence, Ian Delahanty, Bob Maddock, Steve Thetonia, 
Mike Mcgoogan, Craig Audette, Ryan Schleicher, Shawn 
Brown, Brian Sawyer, Steve Landry, Nick Sylvia, Coach 
John Kearney. 


"What are you 

Spread out!" 

-Coach John Kearney 

5. Mike McGoogan winds 
up and delivers a pitch to the 

6. Ian Delahanty fields a 
ground ball planningto throw 
it to first base. 

7. Craig Audette uses his 
strong arm to throw to first 




" We've got a 

great bunch 

of girls. 

I look 

forward to 

this year! 1 


■Coach Corozza 


The Lady Trojans race to the South Sectional Finals 

The B-R lady Trojans softball team had an 
outstanding 2000 season. With the dedication of coach 
Carozza and coach Sylvia, the team was very well prepared 
for the season. The team played in the South Sectional 
Finals and lost a tough luck game to Brockton. The teams 
trip to the finals was its first in school history. Led by seniors 
Danielle Dangoia, Tara Bradshaw, and Lisa Carrozza, the 
team had an outstanding year. 

The 2001 Trojan team looks to repeat last years 
performance with a good core of returning players. This 
years team will look up to Kristi O'Brien, Kerri Jacques, and 
Chrissy Hall to lead the way. The team looks forward with 
great anticipation to a new and exciting spring of 2001 
softball season. 

1 . Jackie Julius flings a hard fastball for a strike. 

2. Calmly, Julie Innocenzi throws out a runner at first. 

3. Chrissy Hall leaps into the air over Lisa Carrozza to make 
a spectacular play. 

4. Pam Rabouin scoops up a slow roller using super 

5. The B-R softball team shares a laugh after a solid win. 

6. Caitlin Parlow frames an outside pitch. 

7. With an amazing slide, Chrissy Hall is called safe at 
second base. 

8. Kerri Jacques gets down in her ready position. 



Another Run at the Title 

Last year's Boy's Spring Track team had a successful 
season placing second in the OCL League. The team was 
led by speedy seniors Ryan Morin, Jon Hartford, Jay Leclerc, 
and Darnell Kuykendall. The seniors showed strong leader- 
ship as they just missed winning the title. 

Mike Delgado had an outstanding season winning the 
OCL and class title in the 100 M hurdles. Geoff Churchill 
also had an excellent season placing second in the two-mile 
in the OCL League. 

These two runners along with many other seniors will be 
leading the way as the 2001 Trojans make a strong push for 
first place this year. 

1 . Craig Murray prepares to win his event. 

2. Michael Spagone hustles to the finish line. 

3. Luther Smith shares a couple of words at practice with Tom 

4. With an incredible leap, Rob Ricciardi clears the pole. 

5. Team 2000: bottom row: Mike Anderson, Mike Delgado, Geoff 
Churchill, Andy Furey, John Dowd, Nick DeJoseph, James Gray, 
Andy Harrington, Pat Cushing, Sean McGovern, Mike Haggerty, 
Matt Noblin; 2nd row: Coach Delgado, Brian Berry, Greg Hartford, 
Craig Murray, Mike Malone, Eric Mulholland, Adam Howe, Jason 
LeClerc, Darnell Kuykendall, Jon Hartford, Ryan Morin, Dan Belcher, 
John Oros, Dan Cummings, Jon Vitrano, Mike Resmini and Chris 
Kolentsas ; 3rd row: Rob Letendre, Marc Anderson, Dan O'Connell, 

Boys' Spring Track 

Matt Day, Andrew Jaffee, Brian 
Praino, Bill Gambill, Eric Linihan, 
Kevin Kresser, Adam 
Stevenson, Marc Batistini, Kyle 
Brown, Luther Smith, Tom 
Higginbotham, Jay Wygal, 
Shawn Churchill, Rob Ricciardi, 
Ben Bresno, Chris Durden, Scott 
Carter, Marc Lemmo, Andy 
Cook, Mike Spagone, Clint Coo- 
per, Matt Sanderson, John 
Grein, Tim Chiappini, and Pat 

6. Mike Resmini hurdles his 
way to a first place finish. 

7. With brute strength, John 
Dowd throws over the competi- 

8. Geoff Churchill receives the 
handoff from Adam Howe. 



*S 4> I 




-Jess Rawlins 

Girls' Spring Track 

Girls Sprint to Another OCL Title 
Girls Spring Track had yet another successful year winning their 
3rd OCL Title. The team had several outstanding accomplish- 
ments, led by captains Cheryl Cote, Shannon Jackson, Elise 
Pelletier, and Corrine Clifford. Shannon Jackson had a tremen- 
dous season breaking several school records and gaining a state 
title in the 100 meter hurdles. The girls 4 x 100 team of Elise 
Pelletier, Jessica Rawlins, Kristin Whittington, and Shannon Jack- 
son were simply unstoppable. Next years team looks very 
promising with a number of returning underclassmen. The team 
will be led by their core of excellent seniors and a whole lot of team 

1 . Barrie Guarino and Jess Rawlins take things a little slow after a grueling 

2. Jen Measor and Nicole Price enjoy another day at track practice. 

3. With tremendous speed, Molly Lawton finishes the race in first place. 

4 . Team 2000: 1 st row: Alison Paul. Pam Carbone, Kate Delgado. Stephany Thomas, Cheryl Cote, 
Corrine Clifford, Shannon Jackson, Leslie Guasconi. Kate Krappe. Laura Wmsor, Kristen Cassidy; 
2nd row: Jill Asack, Sophie Myers. Kim Pacheco. Laura Churchill, Jess Rawlins. Julie Caputo. 
Maureen Lee. Jill Buckley. Allison Chandler. Jen Measor, Christine Smith, Kristin Franceour; 3rd 
row: Kaitlin White. Amy Freyermouth. Kate Daniels, Jen Daly. Laureane DeMoura, Michelle 
Almeida, Jen Zolga, Meg Connerty, Molly Lawton, Cathy Silva, Joanna Douillette, Deena Zakhary, 
Kate Taxiera, Tricia Wholley, Michelle Beshansky. Mary Chambers, Elyse Roberts. Nicole Price: 4th 
row: Megan Tangaro, Colleen Welch. Britney Kearney, Kyhe Biela. Kristen Whittington, Lindsey 
Venuti, Christina Doris, Elise McCann. Kristin White, Christina Ricciardi, Denise Bentley, Sarah 
Solomon. Lizzy Burt, Meredith Kellogg. Kristin Follett, Lindsay Saba. Sara Mcelroy. Jackie 
Lopes. Kristin OConnell. Sabrina Gambill, Ryanne Bradshaw. 

5. No matter what comes in the way, the girls team sticks together. 

6. Kristen O'Donnell leaps her way to a first place finish. 

7. Some of the senior girls gather for a picture. 


-"•■ / 




B-R's extracurricular activities provide something for everyone. 
Future scientists can enjoy Science Olympiad and U.S. First. If 
you have a lot of school spirit, try cheerleading or color guard. For 
the musically inclined there is band and chorus. No matter what 
you try you can always find your place in the BR's after school 

1. Members of the chorus loosen up their throats before they 
begin to sing. 

2. Jessica Golden concentrates on her sketch. 

3. Liz Hardy and Nicole Grosso smile before they hit the stage. 

4. Jen Young, Michelle Holmes, Shannon Moynihan, and Melissa 
Lincoln smile after typing up senior blurbs. 

5. Jackie Sly, Mr. Hyman, and Lisa Poirier smile before the 
halftime show. 

6. Jackie Murphy hits a high note. 

7. Heather Connolly diligently paints her picture. 

8. John Reckord defends his boomilever from Mike O'Neil with 
the Gluemaster 5000. 

9. Members of the Science Olympiad raise funds with a great 
bake sale. 

1 0. While in Mexico, the Foreign Language Club stops to observe 
the beautiful scenery. 

11. Megan Callan and Allyson Wright smile before hitting the 

12. Members of the B-R ski club are heading up the mountain. 

1 3. Erin Nelson and Nicole Pincolini take a rest after a strenuous 
downhill run. 

14. Jessie Witcherand Ryan Dooley practice theirlinesfor'Crazy 
for You." 


■ I v 

Crazy for You 

In April of 2000, BR's Raynwater Players delivered 
another all- star production to sold-out audiences. 
This show featured a directorial debut by long-time 
producer Ms. Lisa White who was joined by 
choreographer Ms. Kelley Moore, musical director 
Ms. Janice Issa-Wright, and set designer Mr. James 
G.H. Moore. Accompanying them were the talents 
of producers Ms. Melanie Steeves and Ms. Heather 
Welch. Raynwater dancers mastered the art of 
complicated tap routines in songs like "I've Got 
Rhythm" and "Slap That Bass." The vocal stylings 
of the incomparable Lia Macrina stuck a chord with 
the audience with ballads like "Someone to Watch 
Over Me." When the final curtain had closed, both 
the audience and the cast looked forward to another 
blockbuster performance next year. 

1. Sarah Hooper adjusts the 
buttons on her cousin Laura 
Winsor's dress as Laura 
warms up her voice. 

2. Polly Baker (Lia Macrina) 
and Bobby Child (Matt 
Noblin) dance the night away 
as the cast of "Crazy for You" 
looks on. 

3. The Follies Girls pose for 
a picture at the cast party. 

4. Bela (Matt Furtado) and 
"Bela" (Matt Noblin) discuss 
girl problems over a drink. 

5. Bobby Child (Matt Noblin) 
cant be bothered now as he 
and the Follies Girls "take a 
message" during their final 
dress rehearsal. 

6. Leads Matt Noblin and 
Lia Macrina tap their dancin' 
feet underthe warm mid-day 
sun in Deadrock. Nevada. 

7. The Cowboy Trio of Jesse 
Witcher. Brad Clarke, and 
Eddie Bennett serve up faux 
pas and soup du jour at Chez 
Lank's Saloon. 




i i 









The Marching Band has 
had yet another incred- 
ible year! Under the di- 
rection of Mr. Gary 
Hyman, director, Ms. 
Gigi Caple, co-instruc- 
tor, and Mr. Paul Maloof , 
percussion instructor, 
they performed selec- 
tions from Grease dur- 
ing halftime to the de- 
light of spectators 
across the South Shore. 
This year the band 
marched at the 
Somerset Musictown 
Festival, the Abington 
Jamboree, the MICCA 
Competition in 

Norwood, the 

Weymouth Jamboree, 
and of course, UMass 
Band Day. They also 
thrilled crowds at the 
Memorial Day Parade. 4 
The band concluded a spectacular season with an 
appearance at the Super Bowl. They did a phe- 
nomenal job! 

1 . Drum major Lisa Poirier leads the band to a perfect 

2. In precise formation, the marching band shows off to 
the crowd on Thanksgiving. 

3. The band keeps warm between pep songs. 

4. Mike Wood concentrates on the cadence as the 
drum line marches off the field. 

5. Eric DiMarzio waits patiently to take the field. 

6. Bernie Cobb and Mike Pistone watch the game from 
the sidelines. 

7. The drum line keeps the band on the beat. 

8. Only slightly distracted by the anticipation of turkey, 
the band gives an intense performance on Thanksgiv- 

Marchim Band 


9. Caitlin Jahnke performs at the Super Bowl. 

10. Brother and sister team Abby and Aaron Rovaldi 


ilttd ** i 


work well together. 

1 1 . The clarinet section marches backward perfectly in 

1 2. Leanne Lortie takes "spread, tilt, and wail" to a new 

13. The drum line scurries to get ready for the show. 

14. Bernie Cobb and Mike Pistone lead the band onto 
the field. 




i • 




6 7 

The B-R concert band has grown in both size and sound 
over the past four years. They have been challenged with 
collge level music and proved that they can face up to the 
challenge. Audiences were awed with their wonderful 
performances at the winter, spring and prism concert. Once 
again, they have had a productive and entertaining year. 

1 . The trumpets play holiday music with enthusiasm. 

2. Mr. Hyman and the band stand to receive applause after 








an excellent convert. 

3. Leanne Lortie and Makia 
Powell congratulate each 
other on a great perfor- 

4. Rob Cautillo and Steve 
Nelson stand after a great 

5. Mr. Hyman acknowledges 
the flute section, 

6. Melanie Byam stands 
while the audience ap- 

7. Mr. Hyman, Angela 
Berghaus, and Bridget Flynn 
are all smiles after a great 

8. Freshman, Kerri 
Whittaker and Jackie 
Murphy after their first per- 

9. The clarinet section shows 
their stuff at their first con- 

1 0. Mr. Hyman conducts the 
band during this year's win- 
ter concert. 

1 1 . Mrs. Niles plays the pi- 
ano for "White Christmas." 

12. Members of the Concert Band get in their ready position. 

13. 1st row: Jackie sly, Matt Shaw, Angela Berghaus, 
Leanne Lortie, Makia Powell, Krista Smith, Cheri Sharland, 
Laura Guilfoy; 2nd row: Andrea Stoughton, Allison Janette, 
Caitlin Jahnke, Bridget Flynn C.C. Curry, Karen Carlson, 
Terri Sly, Kathleen Reid, Andrea Thompson, Mr. Hyman; 3rd 
row: Andrea Bagas, Amanda Smith, Mary Chambers, Omar 
Zeid. Liz Burt, Liz Colburn, Teresa Messeli, Megan Magill, 
Lauren DiMarzio, Amy Bettencourt; 3rd row: Charlene 
Christofi, Kathy Dunham, Meagan Quarterly, Melissa Rebelo, 
Molly Riordan, Melanie Byam, Ryan Riley, Justin Hancock, 
Rob Ellenburg; 5th row: Justin Lovell, Kyle McCarthy, Bernie 
Cobb, Josh Magee, Andrew Campbell, Lisa Poirier, Mike 
Zeller, Eric DiMarzio; 6th row: Kyle Bergquist, Jeff Mallot, 
Kevin McMullen, Marc Lefrance, Nick Tate, Mike Morlani, 
Evan Biela, Jesse Witcher; 7th row: Mike Murphy, Carol 
Dunham, Bryan Sharland, Colin Florence, James Acone, 
Michelle Mahoney, Jeff Nelson, Steve Christofi, Jon Bragg, 
Steve Nelson, Jason Munise; 8th row: Mark Lyman, Abby 
Rovaldi, Brian Lyman, Dave Dean, Josh Randall; back row: 

Concert Band 

Shawn Mulligan, Brian Sawyer, Aaron Rovaldi, Mike Wood, 

Pat Lee, Jon Wilson, and Kevin Murphy. 

14. Erin Kelliher plays the bells during the winter concert. 



Under the direction of Mr. Gary 
Hyman, the chorus reached new 
heights. During this past year they 
recruited from both Bridgewater and 
Raynham middle schools, sang for 
the elderly, and even sang songs in 
different languages. Our chorus had 
different concerts like the Winter con- 
cert, Prism Concert, and the Spring 
concert. This is indeed a talented 

1. The men of the B-R chorus boom 
during the winter Concert. 

2. April Robichaud relaxes between songs. 

3. The B-R Chorus learns how to "enun- 
ciate, articulate, and exaggerate." 

4. Hard work pays off at the first concert, 
Kate Roza, Lizzie Burt sing out. 

5. Practice makes perfect! 

6. Everyone stay on the downbeat! 

7. The altos during Fermata, 

8. Mr. Hyman leads everyone through another hit song 



This year the B-R Color Guard performed songs from the 
musical Grease. Through long hours of practice and endless 
support from their instructor Gigi Caple, the squad unfailingly 
brought the crowd to its feet. Led by Captains Barbara Quinn 


Weieht Room 

At Bridgewater-Raynham's weight room (also known 
as "The Sweat Box" during the summer) all are welcome. 
The dedicated Mr. Lennon helps young men and women 
help themselves, while having a good time in the pro- 
cess. From outside the doors, the weight room is a place 
of blasting classic rock tunes, clanging weights and 
hearty laughs, but inside lies much more. 

Inside, one can see the fruits of hard work, dedication 
and perseverance. Mr. Lennon stresses athleticism 
opposed to body building. Students work to improve their 
strength, agility, muscle tone, and stamina. They not 
only help themselves but are also taught to help each 

Those who learn from Mr. Lennon further their knowl- 
edge to underclassmen, showing them exercise tech- 
nique and form. Each student eagerly congratulates 
their peers when they achieve their personal best. The 
weight room is a place of serious hard work, memories, 
laughs and friendship. 

1. Dillon McGovern shows 
that he can squat with the 
best of them! 

2. B-R's studs. ..Theodore 
Athanasiou, NickBulgaris, 
Eric Linahan, Chris 
Kolentsas, Rick 
Sperrazza, Danya Lopez, 
Lou D'Amarino, Dino 
Guasconi, DerikVanDyke, 
NickOrfanos, Mr. Lennon, 
Tim Cronin, Eric Warner, 
Ryan Mandeville, Dillon 
McGovern, Joe Kirby, 
Colin Florence (Mr. Mills). 

3. Danny Lopez pumps 
iron everyday after school. 

4. Mr. Mills completes a 
set of cleans before wres- 
tling practice. 

5. Don't mess with Nick 

6. Derik VanDyke shows 
some leg! 

7. Students crowd around 
Mr. Lennon while he bench 
presses 315 lbs. 


8. Tim Cronin shows off his amazing jump-roping ability. 

9. Nick Orfanos watches Tim Cronin pump some iron. 

10. Eric Linahan spots Eric Warner benching a quick set 
of 235 lbs. 

1 1 . Theo builds his calves while Tim Cronin hops 

12. Nick Ofanos and Lou D'Amarino watch Dino 
Guasconi show off his triceps. 

13. Rick Sperrazza helps Chris Kolentsas feverishly rack 




B-R's Science Olympiad, led 
by Coach Ms. Anania, Presi- 
dent Melissa Boudreau, and 
Vice-President Kathy Hill had 
a very strong season this 
year. Leadership played a 
large role in the increased 
numbers of medals won at 
the league meets. Some of 
the events and winners were 
"Chem Lab (Melissa 
Boudreau and Matt Furtado), 
"Water Quality" (Caroline 
Mailloux and Kathy Hill), 
"Rocks and Minerals" (Jeff 
Mallett and Brian Praino), 
"Practical Data Gathering" 
(Mark DiBenedetto and Sean 
Daley), "Boomilever" ( John 
Reckord and Steve Praino), 
and "Scrambler" (Melissa 
Boudreau and friends). 

The team has expanded 
the season to include trips to 
Blue Hills, Boston Harbor, 
and hopefully Six Flags. 
We're going to miss you 
Melissa and Mark, It was fun! 

*»' - J 


1. Brian Praino supports Sean Daley in his success in the 
Dynamic Planet event. 

2. John Reckord and Steven Praino enjoy winning 3rd place in the 
boomilever event. 

3. Katharine Hill and John Reckord work diligently on the boomilever. 

4. John Reckord holds a glue gun to Mike O'Neil to defend his 
sacred boomilever. 

5. After spending the entire day in school working on the boomilever, 
Steven Praino regrets waking up that day. 

6. After a successful meet, Katharine Hill and John Reckord show 
their enthuiasm. 

7. Veteran Captain (From the 1998 & 1999 seasons), Jimmy 
Moore;. Tony Martin, Captain Melissa Boudreau, Casey Burch, 
Jess Rosen, Umar Chaudry, and Mike Anderson enjoy their 
victory together. 

8. Mike Spagone is proud to show off his well-earned medal. 

9. Mike O'Neil and Steven Praino share a laugh while working. 

10. Mike Spagone takes home the bronze. 

1 1 . Katharine Hill and John Reckord stare down the competition. 

12. Ms. Anania leads the Science Olympiad to another victory. 

Science Olympiad 

1 3. Mike O'Neil, Mike Greely, Eric Reese, Brain Praino, Katharine 
Hill, Steven Praino, Mike Spagone, and John Reckord celebrate 
after winning. 

1 4. John Reckord puts on the finishing touches on the boomilever. 


In its 6th year, team TJ 2 has accomplished so much in such a short 
period of time. TJ 2 (Trojan Johnson & Johnson) is team number 88 
which is part of the nationwide F.I.R.S.T. Program (For Inspiration and 
Recognition of Science and Technology). 

Under the leadership of Ms. Calef, B-R students cooperate with 
one another and share special moments. Each year, the team works 
diligently. They spend many hours in order to build the annual robot. 
The competitions are held in New Jersey in mid March (Mid Atlantic 
Competition) and Orlando, Florida (National Competition). Each year 
team TJ 2 hopes to return with a trophy commending their excellence 

; villi i .1 



11 i f)y 








and team work. 

Like anything in this world, to get something one has to work for it. 
Sure, the team is successful in every way, however, each member of 
this acknowledged team pulls his own weight. In September, the 
members are asked to join a subgroup, students can choose among 




The art group works with Mr. Phaneuf every Monday to plan and 
make tie-dies T-shirts. Also on Mondays, students can work with Ms. 
Sargent on the literary group compiling the bimonthly newsletter. Ms. 
Hall assists interested members in working for the chairman's award 
which this year was a video. The video was produced by some 
members of the Bridgewater Cable TV Studio. Ms. Calef helped this 
team out after Michael Kulibaba, 22, unfortunately passed away this 
past November. Mr. Folan worked with a group who was responsible 
for keeping track of the total of each member's total hours of work. 
Ms. Bridges was responsible for handling the funds raised by the 

This year the team raised a substantial amount of money. In 
September, they conducted a car wash. On March 8th the team was 
helped by the Papa Gino's at Campus Plaza in Bridgewater, raked in 
well over $300 (20% of Papa Gino's profit). In addition, the team had 
a candy bar sale before getting ready for New Jersey and Florida. 

The team fared well at both competitions. However, the team 
couldn't have done it without the help from all the engineers at (J & 
J co.) DePuy Codman, located in Raynham. Last season, the team 
voted on officials. Jenn Flannery was voted president, Chris Flynn 
was elected vice president, and Ashley Carson was treasurer. The 
student board consisted of Mike Murphy, Auna Lundin, Rebecka 
Hunt, Todd Derbyshire, Chris Ortiz, Caitlyn Jahnke, and Amy Aiello. 

Anyone interested should con- 
sider joining the team soon. All 
are welcomed and encouraged 
to succeed. FormoreonTJ 2 goto: 
www.tj2. techie. com. 

1. Ms. Calef is all smiles after the 
team has won another prestigious 

2. TJ 2 has been recognized for its 
bright colors since 1996 thanks to 
Mr. Phaneuf. 

3. The 2000 robot had to transport 
the balls into the goal. 

4. In April 2000 the team proudly 
represented B-R at Epcot Center. 

5. Team TJ 2 stares down the com- 

6. In New Jersey, Ms. Bridges and 
Ms. Hall discuss the competition at 
Rutgers University. 

7. Ashley Carson, Mr. Morrison, 
and Scott Porto drive the robot. 

8. The competition gets fierce, but 
TJ 2 always has support. 

9. Caitlyn Jahnke and Rob Mastria 
preview the 2001 robot. 

1 0. Every action is documented by 
the team. 

11. Team 2001. 

12. Tom Calef, and John Ferreira 
enjoy the sunshine. 

13. Delicious!!! 

14. We're proud of our Logo... 



1. Amanda Smith reads her 
poetry to Creative Writing 
Club members. 

2. Julie Lewis, Lauren Perry, 
and Omar Zeid listen to 
other's ideas. 

3. Ashley Carson overcomes 
writer's block. 

4. Creative Writing members 
OmarZeid, Julie Lewis, Matt 
Kellogg, Amanda Hope 
Smith, Joe McBride, 
Meredith Kellog, and Lauren 
Perry enjoy the camarade- 
rie of the club. 

5. Kate Roza helps Jo 
McBride brainstorm. 

6. Shannon Moynihan, 
Johanna Isenor, and Kerri 
McGovern take the time to 
check over each page 

7. Eric Hill edits the Senior 

8. Craig Audette and Shawn 
Brown go out on assignment 
to get information for the 
sports pages. 

9. Choosing which pictures 
to use can be stressful, but 

This year, Room 235 was once again the heart and 
soul of B-R. Under the guidance of Ms. McGuire, stu- 
dents were able to work on several publications. 

Unitas 2001: Time of Our Lives was put together by 
an entire new group of students. Preparations began on 
September 6, 2000. As the weeks passed by, the pages 
finally began to take shape. From the candid shots to 
the unforgettable baby pictures, this book has every- 
thing that is B-R. 

Once again the Regional Sound entered another 
impressive year. Mike Haggerty and Eric Hill were 
coeditors. Here, students have their chance to ask 
others for advice, say what's on their mind, or report on 
recent sporting events. 

Amanda Smith and Catherine Hathaway founded the 
new Creative Writing Club which held meetings every 
Tuesday after school. Here, students could express 
their emotions fully in either short stories or poems. 
These pieces were shared with the B-R community in 


Asylum, the new literary magazine. 


not to Katie Monahan. 

10. Erin Donahue and Lindsey Desgrosseilliers carefully 
crop each individual snapshot. 

1 1 . Bethany Sousa, Jen Young, and Melissa Lincoln focus 
on getting the job done. 

12. Typing senior messages takes nearly forever. 

13. Katie Monahan organizes the baby pages and the 

14. Mike Haggerty and Jason Nichols type in senior blurbs. 


1. Director Lisa White and 
Choreographer Kelley Moore 
smile for the camera as play 
rehearsal begins. 

2. Nathan Detroit (Eddie 
Bennett) and Hot Box Dancer 
Tory Furtado show each other 
how much they care. 

3. Harry the Horse (Peter 
DiNapoli) tries to talk Hot Box 
DancerMimi (Laura Winsor) into 
his getaway car, his Buick. 

4. Friends Liz Hardy and Tory 
Furtado pay Laura Winsor a visit 
as she takes attendance at 

5. Seniors NikkiClapp and Jen 
Flannery rest their tired legs after 
a hard day of Hot Box Dancing. 

6. Lia Macrina shines as Miss 

7. General Cartwright (Aimee 
B. Ayers) grins as she attempts 
to save the souls of the cast and 

8. Hot Box Dancers Laura 
Winsor, Liz Hardy, Nikki Clapp, 
and Tory Furtado show off their 
newly-acquired minks. 

9. Assistant to the director Jen 
Grunin contemplates the 
staging while prompting lines 
during rehearsal. 

Luck was a lady for the cast and crew of this years 
musical production of Guys and Dolls, on March 29, 30, 
and 31. Returning in the vital positions of Director, 
Choreographer, Music Director, and Producer were the 
talents of Ms. Lisa White, Ms. Kelley Moore, Ms. Janice 
Issa-Wright, and Ms. Melanie Steeves, respectively. 
Making a comeback as Set Designer for the first time in 
two years was the ever-ready, ever-capable, ever- 
creative Mr. Jack Phaneuf , assisted by his team of skilled 
students and parents. New to the cast of characters this 
year is Ms. Jen Grunin, who filled the demanding role of 
assistant to the director with poise and grace. 

Guys and Dolls is sure to follow in the tradition of 
remarkable shows by the Raynwater Players. Leading 
the all-star cast of over 40 students are the outstanding 
voices of seniors Matt Noblin (Sky Masterson), Eddie 
Bennett (Nathan Detroit), and Lia Macrina (Miss 
Adelaide). Making her debut on the B-R stage as 
leading lady Sarah Brown is freshman Emily Goudreau, 

Guvs and Dolls 

a versatile and talented actress. The Raynwater Players 
wish good luck to each of their fifteen seniors that will 
graduate this year. Several of these students plan to 
pursue careers in the theater. 


10. The "guys" gather for a photo as they await their "dolls." 

1 1 . Sergeant Sarah Brown trades in her cold shoulder towards 
Sky Masterson (Matt Noblin) for freshman Emily Goudreau's 
warm smile. 

1 2. Jesse Witcher removes his hat out of respect for Janice, the 
music director, as she enters the building. 

1 3. Arvide (Brendan O'Brien) examines the finer points of dramatic 

1 4. The gangster finally gets the girl. 


The Ski Club, despite many cancellations, 
had one of it's best years of skiing and riding 
ever. The skiers and riders of B-R enjoyed 
showing off their talent on the slopes of big 
mountains like Sunday River, Cannon Mtn.. 
Okemo. Attitash. and Waterville Valley. The 
2001 ski season was a fun time for all. 

1 . At the end of the day. Steve Doherty. Mr. 
Heaslip, and Dan O'Connell compare their 
adventures on the slopes. 

2. Evan Melford, Kara Silvia. Meg Jones, and 
James Kelleher head over the West Basin 
for another run. 

3. Club advisors Mr. Moscardelli and Mr. 
Heaslip pause to enjoy the scenery at Sun- 
day River in Maine. 

4. Here's the Ski Club dreaming of moguls 
and packed powder. 

5. Alii Erbeck, Meg Callahan, and Ally Wright 
wait in line for the next available chair to take 
them to the top. 


Ski Club 

Student Activities 

Student Advisory 

st Row: Jill Asack, Renee Benoit; 

:nd Row: Jess Fix, Jess Rawlins, Molly Lawton. 

• '/ 

:hool Council 

kss Rawlins, Mr. Mclntyre, Jill Asack. 





leshmen Class Officers 

Row: Mr. David Patrick, Megan Hennessey, 
■ phia Barrows; 
jid Row: Amanda Martelli, Megan Driscoll. 

Senior Class Officers 

1st Row: President, Ryan Schleicher; Kate 


2nd Row: Andy Hamilton, Craig Audette, Mr. 

Paul Folan. 

Junior Class Officers 

1st Row: John Carr, Molly Lawton 

2nd Row: Steve Protz, Andy Merriam, Jeff Sylvia 

Sophomore Class Officers 

1st Row: Paula Moniz, Lindsey Venuti, Dan 

Mackey, Holly Laubinger; 

2nd Row: Mrs. Barbara Norman, Mrs. Barbara 




Student Activities 

Student Council (right) 

1st Row: Liz Lucchetti. Jill Asack, Renee Benoit: 

2nd Row: Emily Morey. Jess Fix, Jess Rawlins, Kate 


3rd Row: Anne McLaughlin. Dan Doherty. Kyle Marden, 

and Molly Lawton. 

Peer Leaders (right) 

1st Row: Angie Berghaus. Christina Powers, Catherine 

Furtado, Terri Sly. Karyl Dunham. Jen Haynes; 

2nd Row: Bryan Sharland. Kathleen Reid. Cheri Sharland. 

Vanessa Carney. Caroline Mailleux. Liz Colburn 

3rd Row: Ms. Perry. Karen Carlson. Kristina Hanney. Amy 

Freyermuth. Caitlin Jahnke. Meredith Kellogg, and Ms. 


Renaissance (left) 

1st Row: Adam Gonyea. Dan Mackinnon. Kate Krappe 

Andy Hamilton, Emily Morey, Laura Winsor. Marlyn Lopez 

2nd Row: Stephen Yelle. Katelyn Lopresti, Michelle 

Byers. Jess Fix. Colleen Welch. Caroline Mailloux. Ryanne 

Bradshaw, Julie Innocenzi, Holly Smith; 

3rd Row: Kathy Hill. Matthew Capp, Chris Hamilton, Dar 

Moore. Brendon Ellis, Josh Webber, Josh Cutting, Autumr 

Ossai, Liz Colburn: 

4th Row: Keith Haggerty, Jennifer Chiocca, Nicole Price 

Tom Sheehan. Brendan O'Brien. Jon Silva, and Jer 


Peer Mediators (left) 

1 st Row: Marisol Ocasio, Catherine Hathaway, Erik Edson 
2nd Row: Angela Berghaus. Siobhen Boston, Jennife 
Calderone. Adrienne Bossi, Sarah Al-Obaidi; 
3rd Row: Ms. Gill-Bass. Omar Zeid, Bryan Sharland 
Caroline Mailloux. Emily Morey. and Ms. Perry. 


Unitas (right) 

1st Row: Mike Haggerty, Chris Klump, Bethany Sousa, 

Johanna Isenor; 

2nd Row: Kendra Morana, Eric Hill, Jason Nichols, 

Shannon Moynihan, Jen Young; 

3rd Row: Ms. McGuire, Jen Imelle, Jen Meizer, Kerry 

McGovern, Melissa Lincoln; 

4th Row: Sarah Al-Obaidi, Anne Bruckman, Mike Anderson, 

Lindsey Desgrosseilliers, Erin Donahue, Casey Burch. 

Regional Sound (right) 

1st Row: Dan Doherty, Mike Haggerty, Lou D'Amarino; 

2nd Row: Ms. McGuire, Andrea Forman, Ashley 

Rodrigues, Laura Churchill; 

3rd Row: Sara Al-Obaidi, Adrienne Bossi, Casey Burch, 

Pat Cushing; 

4th Row: Katie Hiltz, Angela Berghaus, Eric Hill, Mike 

Zeller, Keith Haggerty. 

National Honor Society (left) 

1st Row: Nicole Martorana, Nicole Clapp, Angela Berghaus, Robbie 

Mastria, Matt Black, Julie Caputo, Dan Doherty, Jennifer Cunningham; 

2nd Row: Patti Follett, Tim Wenson, Jess Rosen, Tony Martin, 

Lindsey Sullivan, Pam Rabouin, Ellen Sanderson, Ryan Schleicher, 

Craig Audette, Mrs. Calef 

3rd Row: Jess Rawlins, John Vitrano, Paul Veraka, Andrew Campbell, 

Rebekah Sergi, Kassandra Grant, Adrienne Bossi, Lisa Poirier, Jenn 

Flannery, Brendan Casey, Laura King 

4th Row: Lindsey Arrighi, Chrissy Hall, Pam Carbone, Alison Cuillo, 

Danielle Jones, Amanda Smith, Matt Fereira, Jackie Sly, Melissa 

Boudreau, Umar Chaduary, Greg Dillon, Tina Pittore 

Row five: Brad Cole, Nick Gorga, Katelyn Sankus, Alison Paul, 

Michelle Byers, Liz Hardy, Karen Masefield, Laura Windsor, James 

Gray, Mike Zeller, Brett Barry 

Creative Writing Club (left) 

1st Row: Lauren Perry, Amanda Smith, Leane Lortie; 

2nd Row: Rachel Blanchette, Julie Lewis, Kathy Hill, Ms. 


3rd Row: Pat Lee, Kate Roza, Cathrine Hathaway, Mike 


4thRow: Meredith Kellogg, OmarZeid, Matthew Kellogg. 


Student Activities 

Science Olympiad (right) 

1st Row: Mark DiBenedetto, Melissa Boudreau, Jimmy 

Moore, Mike Greely, Mike Spagone; 

2nd Row: Eric Reese, John Reckord, Caroline Mailloux, 

Matt Furtado, Jeff Mallet; 

3rd Row: Steve Praino, Kathy Hill, Brian Praino, Tanya 

Smith, Mike O'Neil, Mrs. Anania. 

Modern World Affairs Club (right) 

1 st Row: Kristen Mullaney, Staci Durso, Holly Laubinger, 

Laura Ford, Heather Whitty, Nina Martelli, Lauren 

Maxwell, Colleen Welch, Laura Winsor; 

2nd Row: Lindsey Venuti, Kim Morast, Matt Moseley, 

Ellen Sanderson, Molly Lawton, Michelle Byers, Rob 

Cautillo, Meahan Connerty; 

3rd Row: Danielle Jones, Lindsay Arrighi, Elizabeth 

Luchetti, Jen Calderone, Jill Asack, Chris Flynn; 

4th Row: Anne Bruckman, Allison Ciullo, Matt Johnson, 

Lou D'Amarino, Kyle McCarthy, Mr. Sylvia. 

Foreign Language Club (left) 

1st Row: Emily Windsor, Laura Windsor, Jen Zall, 

Caroline Mailloux, Sherry Sanders, Jen Smith, Cassie 


2nd Row: Ms.Hickey, Anastasia Shin, Alex Mastria, 

Ryanne Bradshaw, Katelyn Chappell, Cristen O'Donnell,, 

Sarah Prime, Ms. Gonyer; 

3rd Row: Lynn Walsh, Theresa Masselli, Stephanie St. 

Martin, Paula Moniz, Allie Jeanette, Megan Blanchard, 

Radha Sinha. 

Tomorrows Teachers (left) 

1st Row: Jen Calderone 

2nd Row: Katherine Hill, Caroline Mailloux; 

3re Row: Vanessa Carney, Stephanie Heavey, Katie 



Math Team (right) 

1st Row: Dave Govonlu, Liz Hardy, Matt Black, Alison 
Cuillo, Jim Gray, Dan Doherty; 

2nd Row: Makia Powell, Sarah Solomon, Meg Blanchard, 
Krista Smith, Cathy Silva, Kate Larson, Matt Shaw; 
3rd row: Paul Moscardelli, Jeff Nelson, Steve Doherty, 
Steve Nelson. 

Diversity Club (left) 

1st Row: Julie Reichert, Siobhan Boston, Marisol Ocasio, 

Ms. Gill-Bass; 

2nd Row: Joanne Joseph, Shante Lyman, Lupe Hegron, 

Chris Lovell. 

Art Club (right) 

1 st Row: OmarZeid, HeatherThomas, Stephanie Souza, 
Lauren Perry, April Robichaud, Kat Chuckran, Bryan 
Sharland, Anastasia Shin, Catherine Hathaway; 
2nd Row: Liz Morlani, Lisa DeLorenzo, Jen Zall, Gina 
Tremouliaris, Danielle Hanneman, Tanya Smith, Abby 
Rovaldi, Kirsten Weinrich, Adrienne Bossi, Kathy Hill; 
3rd Row: Liessel Schwenzfeier, Drew Kerrigan, Matt 
Kellogg, Mike Zeller, Tim Wenson, Scott Marr, Aaron 
Rovaldi, Reema Zaiter, Ms. Brown. 

Gay-Straight Alliance (left) 

1 st Row: Kristen Pina, Aimee Bettencourt, Laura Guilfoy, 

Bryan Sharland, Kirsten Weinrich; 

2nd Row: Stephanie Heavey, Ms. Brown. Ms. Svelnis, 

Catherine Hathaway, Reema Zaiter. 


Student Activities 

Jazz Band (right) 

1st Row: Josh Magee, Bryan Sharland, Eric DiMarzio; 

2nd Row: Bob Ellenberg, Andrew Campbell; 

3rd Row: Jeff Nelson, Jesse Witcher, Karyl Dunham, 

Bernie Cobb; 

4th Row: Steve Nelson, Evan Biela, Kevin McMullen, Mark 


5th Row: Aaron Rovaldi, Omar Zeid. 


Chorus (left) 

1 st: Denise Baez, April Robichaud, Kate Roza, Colleen Martinez. 
Johanna Cahill, Rebecca Tucker, CharleenChristofi, Mike Wood, 
Pat Lee, Brian Lyman, Eric Dimarzio, Jesse Witcher; 
2nd row: Lauren Lentini, Shanna Pilotte, Nikki Fruzzetti, Amie 
Bettencourt.JulianneWhittemore, Heather Osta, Megan Kenealy, 
Krystina Souza, Laurie Lenahan, Kim Thomas, Omar Zeid, John 

3rd row: Christina Tripolone, Amanda Collins, Lori Moberg, 
Angela Prisco, Rachel Hoyo, Melissa Rebelo, Kristina Hoyo, 
Jessica Berry, Crystal Glockner, Katie Sypher, Erin Kelleher; 
4th row: Mr. Hyman, Lauren Perry, Sara Deleo, Terri Sly, 
Catharine Furtardo, Jackie Sly, Christina Powers, Stephanie 
Heavey, Lizzie Burt, Lauren Doherty. 

Marching Band (right) 

1 st Row: Kirsten Weinrich, Jackie Sly, Lisa Poirier, Pat Lee, Mike 

Wood, Aaron Rovaldi, Abby Rovaldi, Jon Wilson, Stephanie 


2nd Row: Aimee Bettencourt, Matt Shaw, Caitlin Jahnke, Angela 

Berghaus, Cheri Sharland, Leanne Lortie, Kathleen Reid, Kate 


3rd Row: Laura Guilfoy, Charleen Christofi, Theresa Masselli, 

Lauren DiMarzio, Amanda Smith, Karyl Dunham, Krista Smith; 

4th Row: Bryan Sharland, Josh Magee, Dernie Cobb, Justin 

Lovell, Eric DiMarzio, Kacie Lamontagne; 

5th Row: Christian Powers, Jon Bragg, Jason Munise, Evan 

Biela, Mike Morlani, Jesse Witcher, Andrea Thompson; 

6th Row: Barbra Quinn, Steve Chrisofi, Liz Burt, Mr. Hyman. 

O @ 8 

Drama Class (left) 

1 st Row: Aimee Ayers, Lindsey Meaney, Stephanie Ladue, John 

Silva, Tom Sheehan, Brendan O'Brien, Sarah Price, Ashleigh 


2nd Row: Kim Dzialo, Kelli Ahearn, Holly Abrahamson, Heather 

Whitty, Nikki Price, Jason Nee, Lauren Perry; 

3rd Row: Christine Shmuck, Megan Kenealy, Kendra Morana, 

Laurie Lenahan, Joel Simpson, Christina Powers, Catherine 


4th Row: Johanna Isenor, Deena Zakhary, DJ Bearse, Kerry 

McGovern, Rachel Whitman, Erik Edson, John Dooley 

5th Row: Kate McKenney, Robert Riccardi, Adam Derosier, 

Joanna Cahill, Lynda Garrity, Amanda Hall; 

6th Row: Tim Killea, Kevin O'Brien, Adam Gonyea, Chad Farley, 

Matt Moore, Ian Carlson, Shannon MacKinnon, Arthur 

Pashalopolous, Lia Macrina (not pictured). 


609 South Street West 
Raynham, MA 02767 

(508) 697-7630 

Raynham Oil Change, Inc. 

"Try us for a change .'' 



Martin Newfield 
High Mucky-Muck 

(508) 822-3168 
Fax: (S08) 821-5887 i james biltcliffe 


to the Class of 2001 

Colletti's Market 

North Main Street 


The Biltcliffe Family 

The Barros Family 

Karen Ferreira 

R. Hinds 

Joe Kirby 

Ursula Garfield & Larry Spector 

Charlie Lopresti 

Linda McCann 

Ralph Noblin 

Marcy Ruehrwein 

The Salamon Family 


The McGovern Family 
The Sergi Family 


Raynham National Pet 

*Yv>» Route 44, Raynham 

*+* 421 New State Highway 

Behind Friendly's 

•Tropical Fish 

•Exotic Birds 

•Small Animals 


•Quality Supplies from Every Major Manufacturer, lams, 


•Specialty Dog & Cat Foods 

•All Major Credit Cards Accepted 



Consulting Engineers 



4 First Street, P.O. Box 539 

Bridgewater MA 02324 

Phone (508) 279-0655 

Fax (508) 279-1463 

P.O. Box 445 

Portsmouth NH 03802 

Phone ( 603) 749-7452 

Fax (603) 749-7475 


''* :' ' 


TS •**; 



I N 

' --